The surface is integrated (clean) line cut

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Electric spark of silk of don't go yet the workpiece surface quality after line cut, want to be measured with exterior surface roughness not only, and consider the limitation such as degenerative layer even, reason puts forward exterior conformity (SI=Surface Integrity, interpret is " exterior integrality " ) concept. Introduction of company of Er of rice of article department summer passes configuration SI on machine tool of its line cut (or CC) the circumstance that pulse power source will come to to implement cut of exterior conformity line. One, is this new characteristic after all have the aid of why will content come true? This is have the aid of circuit board comes to a new power source electron of implementation, on the machine tool that assembles it the ROBOFIL1020 set that produces after May 1996, of this machine tool name change by ROBOFIL1020 from now on for ROBOFIL1020SI series. This electroanalysises instead (the change that the purpose of box of AE) power source machines the material in the process to pledge place arises in the light of discharge therefore in order to achieve exterior conformity (SI=Surface Integrity) action and set. 2, what is meant by exterior conformity (or clean cut -- CC=Clean Cut) ? The physical appearance that there is a lot of between discharge treatment process causes qualitative to material surface layer to generation is destroyed or be changed, destroy even, rough machining suffers influence layer to be able to be as deep as surface layer the following 30 μ M. This suffers an effect now can send to list a few main and bad disastrous outcome inside the layer: Qualitative component of wire of Redeposit Of Wire Metal of the cavitation in cobalt of Micro-cracking chap Cobalt Depletion is again deposit cobalt of layer Recast Of Melted Cobalt melts again water of casting layer Water Corrosion is eroded not integrated the evil consequence of the undesirable face that cross 1.

Because suffer an effect,the undesirable physical characteristic inside the layer will bring about workpiece to material deteriorates character or shorten model (knife) have life. 2.

If hard alloy drift and mould do not have exterior conformity action to will bring about exterior easy disintegrate and influence to arrive fight grind coefficient and make wear and tear greatens, model (knife) provide life to shorten. Graph 1 hard alloy: The carbonization tungsten that contains 6% cobaltic elements 3, why to plant is physical phenomenon integrated to the surface is there undesirable effect? This matter of arrange with of each district of Ceng Xiangquan ball of company of Xia Mier science and technology, define and pledge to material exterior conformity produces a variety of ingredients of undesirable action in process of treatment of discharge of cent separate out. The result is as follows: · overheat damages the fuel factor that drama of internal to material in discharge process temperature rises, this will bring about local sex stress and interstitial generation · to erode effect to look from chemical viewpoint, water is to any metals one kind provides the solvent · that erodes action to have electroanalysis reaction process passes the meeting when interpose is electro-hydraulic to cause a few chemistry to react when electric current, produce simple character of material of undesirable action · character to material consequently all sorts of different capable person are qualitative reach to hot, water electroanalysis etc meet the response that collects action to have different rate, especially the undesirable effect that the alloy material with jumbly component suffers will be bigger. Above avery kind of is undesirable of physics, chemical phenomenon is important and it is to act well, each other concerns couplet. If just go finding hang out the white flag,low onefold and undesirable phenomenon arrives the limit (for example: Electroanalysis process effect) will not be reliable means of settlement. Company of science and technology of summerly rice Er grew circuit of this one new SI power source, to this one global have a headache the problem offers a means of settlement. To the research and development of material simple character, company of science and technology of summerly rice Er and coact of STELLRAM of manufacturer of Swiss hard alloy develop new technology. The AE that manufacturer of some machine tools offers (electroanalysis instead) power source box, it is partial ground solved a phenomenon only (electrode - chemical reaction) problem, the box of SI power source of company of science and technology of summerly rice Er offerred complete means of settlement. Box of this one power source was obtained at the same time electroanalysis instead the result that reachs exterior conformity and offer list of comprehensive processing technique condition. Hard alloy treatment: Suffer influence layer fact to be the result that all sorts of different physics and place of chemical phenomenon union bring about. 4, the character that what report circuit of SI power source has? Scintilla of discharge energy discharge contains a large number of energy deliver a large number of heat energy to enter material qualitative interior, can be all round metallic purify dot the element of metal of dissolve of be in harmony with many generation, because this is below uninterrupted heat and cooling water interact,material internal stress arose. Material pledges how chap is caused erode the material purify quantity with customary rate and the scale that accept influence layer ply to be improved accordingly a lot of, also can achieve same result in order to use less machine program. Conversely, cobaltic element (the action that acts cohere group agent inside carbonization tungsten) suffer electrode - chemistry attack will be empty change, criterion grain of crystallization of element of carbonization tungsten other will no longer solid cohere polymerization of essence is together. 5, the efficiency of circuit of SI(CC) power source and are there those major attributes? All concerning the electron at SI character effect all classics checks circuit board and inspect the standard that is the same as a machine tool to configure installation to rise. Box of SI(CC) power source can use a list of new processing technique condition, a to hard alloy material treatment of result nothing is more... than of SI(CC) . The treatment to all hard alloy from ply 0~100mm, the effect of SI can be achieved at least Ra0.

The exterior surface roughness of 25 μ M, this is standard configuration. 6, does SI(CC) have He Hao to be in? Exterior conformity effect machines discharge scintilla all sorts of qualitative to material surface layer in the process to produce undesirable action to drop lowermost limit. Improve exterior surface roughness to have from the processing technique condition with thick 0~100mm. Treatment speed is accelerated should obtain identical exterior surface roughness will be able to use the kind that reduces treatment number to achieve, make speed promotes and make its surface also achieves integrated result. Use line means 0.

Precision of geometry of example of 25mm treatment hard alloy improves workpiece parallelism (or flatness) win improvement. CNC Milling