Use at treatment large dish kind type of VLC 1200 convert produces a center

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Dust mark VLC series added new model – to be used at treatment large dish kind type of VLC 1200 convert produces a center. This type can install clip to undertake to the large work under diametical 1200 Mm complete set constitutes treatment, the – of machine tool of large work treatment that replaced a tradition thereby rotates type lathe. Act on with craft compositive the tenet that replaces workpiece travel, VLC series is existing 500, 630, 800 and 1200 model the machine tool shortened workpiece await and carry time between onefold craft, still can reduce transhipment of through cargo at the same time time and cover an area of an area. Because use this series machine tool hind, the machine tool amount of need decreases, thereby workpiece buffer and the area that workpiece prepares to need also decrease accordingly. As a result of VLC series flexible tall, craft is reliable, so special apply to big in the workpiece treatment of small lot. Craft is compositive: Car, auger, boring, mill, grind and gear hobbing – comes true inside one machine completely. VLC 1200 machine tool adopts stable turning platform. The synchronous electric machinery that the working main shaft that expects up and down by oneself configures direct drive (need not) of transmission main shaft, power is high (110 KW) , torque is big (11 000 Nm) . Because introduced direct drive, go up in machine tool platform so can collect is controlled in couples and the technology with synchronous performance very high demand (like grinding or) of gear hobbing craft. Pass compositive A axis and B axis, can come true respectively boil inclined tine and grind inclined chamfer treatment. Additional, this series machine tool can gain outstanding face through the main shaft of direct drive bright and clean spend and inferior machining error (if get,bore hole precision tall) . This and photograph of transmission main shaft are compared is one large dominant position. Because use transmission main shaft when, to reduce the oscillatory need when transmission configuration balances component. To can make of VLC 1200 machine tool flexible the play that gets utmost, aimakeke provides the knife library that deposits 160 cutting tool for the user. The knife clip inside the machine tool regards single position as the system compositive inside B axis. The lathe tool of contraposition installed main shaft of a milling inside tool carrier, when needing so, can expand configure axis of a Y, can use a lot of different cutting tool thereby. "The 6 knives that use a convention or 8 knives knife tower, the limitation that regular meeting of the classics when processing great work is interfered. Because process big norms work when, workpiece and the cutting tool that photograph adjacent installs often have interference. Aimakeke configures knife of knife of one each motor-car according to need main shaft of a clip, milling and the device that change a knife. Inside the knife clip that the bit that takes out from inside knife library, emery wheel, milling cutter and lathe tool can change to differ directly. " Stefan Anders of manager of project of VLC 1200 type says. The another advantage of this machine tool is advocate machine and change a knife to undertake at the same time. Workpiece still adds man-hour inside the machine tool, jockey and but change the cutting tool that processes next work inside knife library. The greatest weight of the onefold cutting tool that can deposit inside knife library is 60 Kg. Heavier cutting tool but a device that change a knife puts have the aid of into knife library directly inside. When whole process pitch time reduces 80 % to process large work, from A to Z whole process pitch time is having decisive value. "When processing large work, the cost that purchases blank of a wool solely already cost thousands of euro, so whole process handling time is hour or 35 hours of 170 action of great importance. Use VLC 1200 machine tool and have the aid of is different those who machine craft is compositive can reduce the whole process pitch time of this kind of large work 80 % , the redound cycle that invests so is very short. " all without exception of Mr Stefan Anders introduced the advantage with compositive craft proudly. Pitch time and photograph of traditional production facilities compare the whole process of workpiece to shorten greatly. For the work that machine tool of much to those original need stage processes, intermediate idle time decreases greatly. "When the transmission cell that processes crawler bulldozer on VLC 1200 machine tool, machine photograph comparing with conventional device, the idle time of workpiece reduces 80 % . " explanation of Mr Stefan Anders says. The another advantage that has assorted machining on a machine tool is to be able to reduce storehouse usable floor area. The bracket of an Europe standard needs when 1 meter workpiece deposits a diameter. When using different machine tool to process this kind of work, the semi-manufactured goods after every machine tool is machined must deposit temporarily, so every machine tool must take up the storehouse position of a bracket. Sometimes workpiece deposits the area that occupies temporarily often is all treatment machine tool installed surface accumulates 2 to 3 times. This is the cost factor that often is ignored! Use VLC 1200 machine tool to add man-hour criterion otherwise, because a lot of workpiece can be installed by,the combination after clip is machined. Additionally means of this kind of treatment also simplified greatly the content of material flows. In conventional treatment method, need to ship work a machine tool from a machine tool, next again clamp treatment, when using VLC 1200 machine tool to machine, simply holds clip can complete set constitutes treatment. This also produced beneficial effect to time of transhipment of through cargo of course. When using VLC machine tool to machine, need not be opposite again 3, 4 machine tools have transhipment of through cargo, and only right transhipment of through cargo of a machine tool can. "Batch is smaller, the effect since time of transhipment of through cargo is bigger. When treatment batch has 10 work only, it is to want to have transhipment of through cargo to 3 3 machine tools, still have transhipment of through cargo to a machine tool only, true it may be said has great difference. " explanation of Mr Stefan Anders says. CNC Milling