Detect surplus intelligence changes milling the ITNC530 of 04 edition software

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Circularly 25 (outline catenary) with the loop 14 (outline) use at treatment jointly open mode and enclosed outline. The surplus that increases newly detects make milling machines circularly more intelligence: The horny point that milling cutter cannot reach in treatment rough machining only and round horn place - do not need to move along whole outline. New parameter: ?  18- thick milling cutter: The knife name that TNC uses when thick mill outline or knife name. The calculation of milling cutter diameter that uses before TNC basis wants the outline place of treatment. Next, TNC moves cutting tool corresponding position. If did not carry out rough machining, input " 0 " . Numerical control system machines outline with current cutting tool as far as possible. Q446- surplus: TNC does not machine the ply of the smallest surplus of outline. Acquiescent value: 0.

01mmQ447- join is apart from: Two need half essence to add the largest space between place, inside this distance cutting tool is machining motion of outline of depth position edge, without the motion that retreat a knife. Q448- method lengthens: In outline start and terminal position, cutting tool method extends this length. TNC always extends cutting tool way at outline direction along parallel. CNC Milling