Program of software of vitreous cut system

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The athletic control clamping apparatus of vitreous cut system has open mode structure, use handy, function rich, dependability is advanced characteristic, can be in so short-term inside, development goes to satisfy function to ask already, can reduce the system of cost substantially again. In system of conventional numerical control, normally need professional handiwork edits G code, perhaps use Mastercam to wait professional very powerful plot tool generates G code, g code is the treatment instruction that the system can identify exclusively, this raised very tall requirement to operating personnel. Give out versatility to leave strong, sexual price compares expensive system, we were analysed compare all sorts of general plot tools at present, the decision is on the foundation of the G code of compatible tradition, increase the DXF file with at present strong versatility (AutoCAD) with PLT (AutoCAD, CoreDraw) the primitive data that the file processes as cut, solved a client to use the embarrassment of G code thereby. CNC Milling