Tubal material shapes new technology efficiency is taller

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Increase devotedly ceaselessly as building, communication, municipal facilities, all sorts of new-style structures tubal material are ceaseless emerge in large numbers. Provider of product line tubal material machines demand in the light of different tubal capable person, development goes to shape newly technology, not only manufacturing efficiency rises considerably, the function of itself tubal material also is showing improvement. Xinxinnadi jams the product line of material of canal of PP-R 3 layer that contains Bo fine to enhance intermediate layer give technical limited company to roll out a kind of custom-built new-style canal recently material project solution, provide material with the PP-R 3 layer that contains fibre glass to enhance the layer intermediate at production. Material of this kind of canal is the building uses the traditional flue that carries cold, hot water the substitute of path and wholesome conduit. Tubal material by two polypropylene random copolymer is outer have 10%-20% with fill (quality portion is counted) the polypropylene of short fibre glass all gets together the intermediate layer that content makes is formed. Three-layer provides material the standard of each ply distributings to change between 25/50/25 % and 33/33/33 % . Increase with fibre glass by Wu Cai, its are main the advantage is stability amount of model of tall, drawing is large, with traditional canal material photograph is compared, those who reduced tubal ability is fore-and-aft expand rate, when carrying hot water especially, can reduce the deflection of conduit. When producing material of this kind of canal, xinxinnadi squeezes a technical company to recommend use the squeezing that comprises by extruder of two odd screw to give assorted device. Although use at squeeze a lining and outer extruder to contain groove feed in raw material paragraph the treatment that matchs stock 30D is unit, but with the flowing treatment unit that provides length to be 25D only at the extruder that squeezes an intermediate layer, interior used special wear-resisting safeguard, in order to get used to the wearability demand of the polypropylene that treatment contains fibre glass. Two extruder distribute the alternating current machine of stock maintenance-free, and the screw structure that designs technically can the requirement that capitally satisfies this to use an occasion, control a system to make two extruder synchronism works through a microprocessor, the operation is very so convenient. The stability of material of canal of PP-R 3 layer that contains Bo fine to enhance intermediate layer is taller, hot water of comfortable Wu Leng is carried. Answer the head of strong pattern of core of helix of three-layer of IRIS 25-3 Coex that synthesis place uses is applicable all norms tubal material at 16-250 Mm, can adjust conveniently different layer is thick distributing. This model head provides material model head for the IRIS series via real textual research, structure of helix distributinging flow path and flow path are designed via optimizing. Besides but fast, outside undertaking clearing conveniently, IRIS model head still has pressure amplitude small, cut stress low and be stationed in the outstanding advantage that takes time weak point. Accordingly, this model head can make fuse-element implementation optimal distributing, achieve dinky ply public errand. The heating element of special high fever in nose can make sure wall tubal material is absolutely smooth. This kind of product line still has a special place, use the downstream device that amounts to 63mm to provide material at the diameter namely. The tubal material under 32mm is in commonly full Shui Yuzhong is cooling, recommend when diameter tubal material is bigger use gush to drench cooling. Realize these two kinds of cooling way to leave complementary unit with, this product line is special designed bath of alterable water refrigeration. According to production the circumstance can drench from gush water bath turns full water bath into refrigeration, commutation process is OK special and easy implementation. By drawing belt is made be in charge of material to pass cut opportunity with the speed of 25m/min, enter tilt workbench, the provides material birth rate of diametical 32-250mm amounts to 15m/min. High-powered multilayer multiple tube material shapes, welder makes a Mailafeier is a PEXALPEX of the name multilayer supplier of production equipment of multiple tube material. This Sweden company was rolled out recently for its the new-style aluminium of form a complete set of PCL product line shapes and solder equipment. The product photograph that goes up with current market is compared, should solder equipment has Mailafeier plant layout time is short, solder good, place requires control performance safeguard workload to wait for a characteristic less. Calibration, shape, solder and compress equipment installation to be on workbench of 3 module type. Equipment undertook calibration on module beforehand before consign, shorten thereby assemble time, decrease to extend the possibility that produces amlposition as time. All equipment are become by the steeliness of aluminium or special processing, prevent combustion. The following process set in module: The machine that cut a margin and odd makings cut off machine, shape and solder and reduce process. The machine that cut a margin will be aluminous cut place to need width, by special into makings guide plate will aluminous the lock is decided, prevent side direction exercise, oriented device has an adjustment to adjust aluminium OK and subtly the position. Yi Wuan of cut cutting tool is installed, needs maintenance works few. Odd makings cut off machine it is to install the stand-alone equipment on workbench. By new-style cut machine will redundant makings cut paragraphs small, won't produce mincing material block phenomenon. Cut cutting tool can change quickly. Capstan is direct and compositive in workbench, make product line length more compact thereby, won't produce deflection at the same time. Shape the aluminium that workbench can add up to middling tubal material to use with Wu Fu already, also can machine copper and not steel, can shape a few kinds expect a ply. Level is started in production, the inner tube that operates personnel for expecting oriented device simplified inserts the job, can smooth reliable ground makes tracheal material. Workbench of Mai Lafei Er also can undertake TIG solders or laser solders. To soldering at TIG, can offer change of old electrode change quickly system. Soldering in the process, use provide material ground contact without what brush contact to will shape, systematic maintenance-free, without wear away, without electric arc, without dust. The camera that monitor is secured before solder contact the after of and rather than. Use monitor to be able to inspect those who control butt joint side to solder through eye clearly. Reducing facility is workbench most after a component, have one is opened and close orgnaization, starting level easy at feed tubal capable person. In moire canal machine " farad benefit " the speed of farad benefit is unapproachable. Recently, UNICOR is proud its UC125 calls moire canal the trade " farad benefit " . The manufacturing rate that UC125 ripple provides double wall of engine production 110mm can be as high as 30 M/min. The UC125 ripple of UNICOR company is in charge of machines and tools to have extremely high birth rate, the manufacturing rate that nominal norms provides for the double wall of 110mm can achieve 30m/min. At present the ripple on the market provides the average rate of machine (same tubal way) it is 18m/min about, main application protects canal and drainpipe at all sorts of cable. The Gao Sheng of UNICOR UC 125 produces speed benefit to be improved at the technology of cooling system and module. Ancient bronze mirror is spent at the high speed of UC 125, the moire canal machine that manufacturer tubal material can replace two average rate with an UC 125, can reduce manpower, the sources of energy and equipment to maintain cost considerably. In addition, still decreased to wear away amount, and wear away change rate is rapidder, if optimized the curvilinear appearance of the entrance and exit module, in order to satisfy higher inflexible demand; Lengthened by component of another drawing of patterns shape piece part of drawing of patterns. To module of a complete set of changed to also undertake improvement. Can change quickly now individual module, with at other name norms. The module group that makes collar for a horse contain 82 pairs of module needs 30min to be able to change entirely only by two operations personnel. CNC Milling