Solder process quality control

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Influence white automobile body solders the main factor of quality has stuff deviation of design of working status, clamping apparatus, communication or parcel received, solder parameter and solder splatter etc, be aimed at these a few main factors, need makes significant step be improved in the round respectively solder process quality control. Below current market environment, product competition basically depends on quality and service two respects, accordingly, limited company of Ma Zida car will be Chang'an Ford surely 2009 " quality is outstanding year " , each each workshops, technology segment are passed actively a series of method of improvement in quality and measure, make the product has stronger market competition ability and higher customer satisfaction to spend. To solder outfit workshop, our quality job is main with a view to 3 respects: Quality system control, process quality control, product pledges the quantity is controlled. The article basically discusses solder to hold a workshop in actual production " process quality is controlled " . The influence solders the main factor of process quality solders to make one of 4 old technology as automobile body, it is the foundation of automobile body size control, the safeguard of structural intensity, solder the stand or fall of process quality is attached most importance to especially should, each respect influencing factor also needs to pay close attention to mainly quite. For instance, in us welding torch of the Ceng Yin in producing a course actually solders billabong, spare parts is built receive undesirable waited for an element to cause the defect such as empty solder, weak solder, its potential high risk makes we realise adequately solder quality pilot is pressing gender and necessity. Normally the circumstance falls, the factor that affects quality of white automobile body has a lot of, use fishbone to analyse a way, we combine solder to install the actual production process of the workshop, respectively to person, machine, makings, law, annulus the reason of each respects made detailed count, undertake an analysis to each link with scientific method, adopt relevant measure to try to be controlled effectively, with realizing expectant product quality, make sure final production gives eligible white automobile body. The graph is shown 1 times for me the company solders graph of fishbone of process quality analysis. Graph graph of fishbone of control of quality of process of 1 solder outfit pursues through fishbone, combinative job undertakes an analysis actually, can know, influence white automobile body solders the main factor of quality has stuff deviation of design of working status, clamping apparatus, communication or parcel received, solder parameter and solder splatter etc, be aimed at these a few main factors, we made significant step be improved in the round respectively solder process quality is controlled (if express place,show) . Solder the process quality control that control of quality of process of process improvement in quality holds a workshop to solder, two the most important key is nodded even if " solder intensity is controlled " and " automobile body size control " . The following namely with these two special for exemple introduction its process quality is controlled. 1.

Solder intensity control and examine on automobile body of each component solder to basically rely on spot welding, spot welding solders in automobile body the effect with rising very main in quality, its quality qualification was opposite the function impact such as truckload and safe, intensity, exterior is very big, solder especially the safeguard of intensity is right truckload and safe the port with having very principal. In addition, other solder method, wait like MIG solder, laser beam welding, its solder quality as much important. It is with some model exemple, chang'an Ford horse introduced system of German BOS 6000 from workshop of the outfit that amount to solder, can be opposite this model is all solder robot and solder dot undertake real time monitoring, already can every solder nods monitoring solder parameter, splatter size, solder quality, OK still monitoring solders frequency of the wear out condition of robot electrode head, burnish is inferior. In addition, the course is produced in solder deliver a child in, to appearance the segment that undertakes intensity examines is very important also. Spot welding examines the method basically has nondestructive to check (Non-Destructive) with ruinous examination (Destructive) two kinds of means, nondestructive examination includes prize check, ultrasonic to examine etc, ruinous examination includes examination of Teardown spot welding and laser beam welding / analysis of MIG solder metallographic. Solder of Nextpage my company installs a few kinds when the workshop uses at present to examine basically the measure is as follows: (1) nondestructive examination: Check of prize check prize basically is product line each labour right but the quality inspection step that prize solder orders. Use tool is cold chisel, hammer, frequency second it is 5 times / class. Can discover relatively simple weld defects normally, the solder that be like empty, weak solder. (2) nondestructive examination: Ultrasonic ultrasonic pledges in ability of metal of dot of solder be detectinged in when transmission, the change that solder orders in-house organization is met to the transmission of ultrasonic the influence with certain generation, through sufferring the exploration of influence degree and state to ultrasonic, can understand solder to nod function and in-house blemish, software picture (see a picture 2) the transmission case that can show ultrasonic in real time, if have unusual, explain solder nods interior to have drawback, for instance: Wave crest chases class to had reduced delay (relatively level off) , explain this solder selects phenomenon of existence low thermosol, wave crest chases class to had been reduced steep (abrupter) , explain this solder selects phenomenon of existence overheat dissolve. Graph 2 ultrasonic detect (3) ruinous examination: Teardown Teardown passes manual carve, pneumatic carve, report carve and hammer to wait destroy all solder dot, welding line to soldering quality undertakes examining. The examination frequency that assigns assembly and white automobile body second for in January. The graph is shown 3 times check for Teardown spot welding, graph 4 for Teardown laser beam welding / analysis of MIG solder metallographic. Laser beam welding of 4 Teardown of plan of inspection of spot welding of graph 3 Teardown / MIG solder metallographic is analysed (eligible MIG solder paragraph) 2.

The workmanship of automobile body of car of automobile body size control is a very complex process, normally by hundreds of model face complex, ply is differ punch or cast a part, after through a few functions differ tool clamping apparatus locates, solder and become; In the meantime, solder process or a kind mutiple level architecture, a few small parts are soldered to make minute of assembly first, cent assembly becomes next worker worker again spare parts. The link intermediate is accordingly numerous, influencing factor is much also, cause automobile body deviation to be controlled hard. But if use,detect scientificly reach analytic method, the deviation of automobile body dimension can get be controllinged effectively not only, can decrease continuously. My company solder holds a workshop for effective monitoring truckload dimension, prevent follow-up worker worker appear assemble difficulty, match undesirable wait for a problem, used advanced Germany ZEISS 3D is measured and Swiss Leica wireless CMM 3D measures a technology, to tool clamping apparatus, cent assembly can accomplish fixed monitoring to assembly, adopt the monitoring measure of SPC, make every measure a place OK measure data to generate I-MR automatically to dominate a picture in workshop website according to the history (see a picture 5) will produce early-warning, achieve seasonable discovery problem, surround an issue ahead of schedule, make improve product of qualification of measure, output. Graph 5 I-MR controls taking one with another of graph last word, chang'an Ford horse amounts to solder to hold the process quality control of the workshop oneself, wait for quality of Ford whole world to control a medium through analysis of PCF, Teardown, metallographic, FPA and CTQ monitoring, use SPC, I-MR, Special Report and website to dog in real time wait for means, rose not only truckload CTQ (cost, time and quality) expression, the product quality that ensured safety of each model white automobile body, essence is accurate, stable effectively still. Pass the improvement in quality that each each entire company workshops, technology segment have, my company quality managed the job to have apparent promotion, the competition ability of product and enterprise will get buildup effectively. CNC Milling