Hill Qi campstool overcomes the vertical MC that can reduce abrade process and lowers the price

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Gram of hill Qi campstool is in what 25 ~ held 28 days in April 2007 " mould processing technique was exhibited 2007 (INTERMOLD2007) " (Tokyo has bright international exhibition center) on, exhibited to be able to improve the exterior quality of metallic mould, the vertical machining center that lowered the price again at the same time (MC) " VERTICALCENTERNEXUS510C-II " . Through contractible treatment feed span, make cutting tool high speed rotational undertake cutting, improved the exterior quality of the mould. Can reduce the workload of abrade working procedure after cutting. Include NC unit inside, price control is in the low price of 18.3 million yen. The NC device of buy is what this company interior makes inside " MAZATROLMATRIX " . The unit of the smallest set with X axis, Y axis, Z mobile axis is 0.

1 μ M, compare with the photograph of 1 μ M previously, it is its 1/10 only. Additional, when still increasing to be machined in 3 dimension curved surface also but high speed fills smoothly the function of episode line, narrowed the treatment span to workpiece. Below the circumstance that holds lesser cost in treatment span, cutting time can be lengthened. Accordingly, the main shaft of will rotational cutting tool (cutter spindle) rotate speed raises 10 thousand 5000rpm, undertake high speed cutting to workpiece. From this, improving exterior quality while, handling time control was in compare only previously " the rate that appreciably raises " (this company) . Through improving the exterior quality of the mould, the working procedure after can reducing cutting -- the exercise of abrade working procedure, reduced cost thereby. The efficiency that waits through the result is being produced in the generalization of design and spare parts, quantity spends respect put in time and energy, reduced the cost of machine tool itself. Accordingly, this machine will serve as abound the global type of price competition ability, in the sale on each markets. Treatment object workpiece is: The component of the large metal mould such as the metallic mould of car assembly and home appliance product and bushing. The dimension of object workpiece is 1300 × 550mm the following. CNC Milling