Astral annulus treatment uses odd screw compressor the design of special type hob

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1 foreword replaces piston compressor with screw type compressor is the inevitable tendency that motivation develops with air compressor. Cent is screw type compressor double screw and odd screw two kinds. A pair of rotor of double screw compressor are a pair of helical gear essentially, belong to planar clench the teeth, at present main support introduces its tooth form, the numerical control grinding machine that is used at rotor finish machining counts an import completely. Because homebred double screw is at present empty,the function of press and abroad have certain difference, because this imported double screw compressor to hold the dominant position of home market, not only the price is high, maintenance and fittings are supplied not seasonable also, this kind of state will produce adverse effect to the safety of national economy. Screw type compressor is on national defence army, the domain application such as empty wither refrigeration is wide. The specifications of if navy is right empty press is having firm demand: Submarine should use high-pressured air to rise to the ability after water eduction surface, and submarine noise is caught easily by hostile sonar greatly, because this requirement compressor has vibration small, noise low, dependability is good, energy-saving wait for an advantage. American navy is opposite after existing of all kinds empty press had strict proof, think because odd screw compressor has afore-mentioned advantages, can satisfy the submarine requirement to high-powered compressor completely. But rotor of odd screw compressor is dimensional clench the teeth deputy, the development that its gnaw the research that agrees theory reachs processing technique is more difficult than double screw compressor, after a few country such as day, beauty is introducing French patent, at present abroad can be produced only, basically use at air compressor, air conditioning compressor and craft compressor to wait. Odd screw compressor is the high-grade compressor that our country fails exclusively to introduce up to now is planted. Our country from on 70 time begin the century to undertake tackling key problem to the development of odd screw compressor, development work got division of former state committee of science and technology, national defence is versed in appoint the support that reachs relevant ministry, province, gained certain headway, but have not solve high accuracy special machine tool and star annulus the crucial technology such as treatment, the odd screw compressor of development still is needed in the respect such as life and specific power consumption improve further. 2 stars annulus in compressor of tooth form odd screw by have 6 alveolar screw (worm) with the bit that has 11 a tooth-like part of anything annulus (worm wheel) the clench the teeth that forms deputy it is a pair of special high accuracy annulus essentially face worm deputy. Its special place depends on: The appearance of screw is not annulus face however columnar face (the external form that perhaps says screw and common and columnar worm are identical, and its tooth form and annulus face worm are identical) . Traditional tooth form because when deputy job of annulus face worm, there is two contacts line on a tine of worm wheel (one goes up in generatrix or generatrix, another wraps the) on face of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy in 2, because this researcher thinks generally the clench the teeth of odd screw compressor deputy also be double line contact. New tooth form 20 years ago (compare abroad about early 10 years of) , the author discovers to there is 3 contacts line at the same time on a tine of astral annulus, the tooth flank of astral annulus by generatrix (or bus) 3, face of 2 bags sth resembling a net 4, special 5 3 parts comprise shape face (1) seeing a picture. Special shape face also calls the 3rd job the area. The occurrence of area of the 3rd work makes the area of effective dirty tooth flank of astral annulus enlarged 5 times, the life of astral annulus also is lengthened accordingly multiple. The author calls astral annulus the tooth form of this kind of new discovery " new tooth form " . W1 -- astral annulus angular velocity; W2 -- screw angular velocity; 1.

Astral annulus 2.

Screw 3.

Bus 4.

Include range of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy 2 times 5.

Area of the 2nd work pursues 13 stars annulus this kind of designs astral annulus new tooth form of hob is raising clench the teeth the advantage of deputy sealed function and working life respect is very apparent, but the processing technique that still must solve it. Does the meeting when the hob that designs with convention processes this kind of new tooth form produce: of the following problem? Wait Bao wraps up oil of Qian of Ao of La of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of the dusk that spend instrument to return the change of ° of?0 of firewood of litter Can τ , be in however already deep in narrow knife chamfer, blade is ground such before knife face is the precision that the tooth form that astral annulus processes after the; ② hob that comes true hard is ground again and facewidth will produce ③ of unallowed change; to shovel grinding work foreword assures hard. To solve odd screw compressor astral annulus new dentiform machines a problem, the author developed a kind of special hob. Astral annulus calculates the hob rolling cut that short hob structure should use an imagination when the cutting surplus of each edge, the cutting surplus that discovers blade of hob left tip pivot counts micron only. If the Zun Duan take out hob, the teeth shape error that produces from this will be very small. When be being designed accordingly hob cut short, structure of this kind of short hob reduced the production difficulty of hob not only, and reduced cutting force. The design that rolls bit divides the hob with short cut 4 paragraphs, are its main is advantage: ? Male of サ of heart of divide evenly of cliff of heart of saute of  of Su of clump of Pai   spends inclined Su a bit Lei   mu it is OK that male of heir department aing concubine of an emperor spends Lin of offspringing award of Shan of school   to say ② of? of Hu of graph of ズ of plating  graceful heart use conveniently 6, shorten edge for the 1/6 that grows formerly, reduced cutting greatly not only those who assured cutting process is force, smooth, and the role before before the change of nearly 30 ° is reduced for 5 ° ~ 6 ° , because this is OK reasonable below the premise that assures to machine the effect choose changeless before horn, reduced the production difficulty of hob significantly; After ③ razor blade is ground again, usable repair the method that trouble end panel or adds spacer between end panel to hold razor blade the proper place in cutter hub, grind again for many times because of what this realizes hob. 4 economic effects undertake with the short hob of the design solid cut an experiment, does the result prove: ?  of discharge of a small tinkling bell the Tang Dynasty litter takes  of ⑺  sincering feeling to need dark blue of duty of さ male shovel holds Mian of dirty glow of an ancient wind instrument high to fight prostitute of Ba of  of Xi of  of Bu of bail of  celestial being oh グ knocks at  of caries of  of Zhui establish season oh?0% of bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase of ッ Biao  . Quantity of actual measurement platoon is more advanced than international the level is high 1% above. On this foundation, will the facewidth of astral annulus by original left, right age equal instead differs partly facewidth, invented " compressor of energy-saving and macrobian odd screw " . The wide tine star such as the blame that compressor of energy-saving and macrobian odd screw machines through applying this kind of special hob annulus, advanced level photograph compares its function and international, specific power consumption is reduced 0.

5kw/m3 · Min-1, cubage efficiency raises 5% above, astral annulus life raises 10% above, make on its industrialization got department of science and technology the support of fund of innovation of science and technology of medium and small businesses, the function of the product and technical level got the height of many academician evaluates ministry of science and technology the welcome with the user. At present this product already seriation casts person batch ox to produce, the product is annual but section phone number is spent. The star of roll flute of emery wheel of screw of the reoccupy after 5 epilogue and abroad are machined with profile modeling mill annulus treatment craft photograph is compared, craft of astral annulus rolling cut has efficiency the advantage with tall, low cost. At present force essence machine masters design of this kind of special hob and the enterprise of production technology exclusively as home, be in to enlarge our country further the basic research of odd screw compressor, engineering technology reachs the advantage of the respect such as its tooling to make new effort. CNC Milling