Improve treatment efficiency: Reduce treatment process, have compound treatment

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Increasing treatment efficiency respect, reduce treatment process, have compound treatment, also be to raise the step with treatment very significant efficiency. Reduce treatment process I am when the communication of person of the same trade that is the same as a lot of production enterprises, the 3 gist element that discovers they can pay attention to cutting quite normally () of deepness of cutting speed, feed, cutting, and sufficient to reducing treatment working procedure to did not give however attention. Actually, reduce treatment regular meeting of working procedure classics is more more effective than raising cutting parameter. For instance, fixed position sells aperture is a kind of the commonnest element in machining, the metropolis in a lot of spare partses is encountered. The technological process that I see major plant uses opening of bore with a reamer of → of bore → reaming will complete the treatment of this one element. The diameter that sells aperture itself because of some is not big, a few users feel to use hard metal is not very actual to increasing the import of cutting speed, still use high-speed steel broach to be engaged in bore, have reaming and opening of bore with a reamer again next. But because the tigidity of high-speed steel broach is bad (the 1/3) that the Yang model quantity of high-speed steel is hard alloy only, it produces the out of round of aperture particularly easily when undertaking bore to spend, we must increase a reaming working procedure, the reason that because error answer is mirrorred,stops in case causes aperture of bore with a reamer to cannot achieve product quality to ask. And the tigidity of hard alloy is better, add now a few structures that optimize treatment quality, often can discharge reaming this one working procedure. Right graph is the contrast of bit of their SE of integral hard alloy that offers by Kennadi and circularity of bore of broach of common high-speed steel. In this contrast, the circularity of high-speed steel broach achieves 20 Dai , and the circularity of the SE broach that regards integral hard alloy as broach is former 1/5 only. According to this comparative result, we can consider completely to discharge reaming this one working procedure, in some kind of circumstance, can replace the aperture of bore with a reamer with not high demand even (for example is making the) when making the whorl bottom outlet that is used at extruding tap. Present hard data is direct milling also is the effective method that reduces treatment process. I serve in Waerte during, the Shanghai Shenmo mould that once was in Shanghai traffic university makes limited company undertake excellent data is direct the experiment of milling. The bit type precision work that be being written down is use diameter 16mm that F2139 of ball head milling cutter, azotic aluminium changes titanium coating exceed fine grained hard alloy, cutting deepness 0.

7mm, row spacing 0.

5mm, rotate speed 7000r/min. The workpiece of treatment is already heat treatment comes the steel of 50HRC. Treatment had a hour 20 minutes continuously, finished smoothly book a target, of bit hind knife face wears away about 0.

15mm, should maintain can continue completely cutting. The following semifinishing machining adds up to the rough machining before the heat treatment that such hard data milling is equal to is a tradition and heat treatment and be one, big earth is managing a lot of time that include fixed position, outfit to be placed inside, very helpful also to improving treatment efficiency. The figuration milling cutter of rough machining of ministry of root of lamina of cutting tool of compound aperture treatment is compound machining compound treatment is another when improve treatment efficiency very significant step. A few working procedure are amalgamative finish in a working procedure, it is to decrease at least change a knife, spare time. It is a few working procedure undertake at the same time even sometimes, that spare handling time is more. Getting of a flight of stairs is the simplest, also be cutting tool of a the commonnest kind of compound treatment. Major small-sized aperture treatment needs to manage part in orifice, a flight of stairs is gotten even if in bore finished final phase begins to have part, wait for while bore is finished, also finished pour wine cup. A right graph is Waerte compound aperture machine cutting tool. It can finish in primary feed the 3 Kong San semifinishing machining that break different diameter and pour wine cup accordingly: Lower part can the share that the front sees bit finishs small diameter, big diameter two diameters paragraph half essence boring and in of the diameter pour wine cup; Of the half essence boring of the in be being finished partly diameter of face of the knife after upper part can see bit only and small diameter, big diameter pour wine cup. Right the graph below is the figuration milling cutter that Waerte uses at rough machining of ministry of turbine lamina root. If need not figuration cutting tool, walk along a program to undertake machining with general ball head milling cutter, handling time will be very long, efficiency is very low. Figuration milling cutter can be finished model the rough machining of the face, treatment efficiency nature is tall a lot of. CNC Milling