Machining management faintness talks

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The management of machining, for severe drop, provide quantified characteristic extremely. No matter be cost, man-hour, and working procedure arrangement, can undertake relatively meticulous analysis and calculative. The administrative institute that may be other side cannot compare. After all the development of machining is having more than 300 old histories. The standard of machining also is more perfect. The each pace of machining, can have almost corresponding, can have the basis of detailed description. But, I think those who say is, still have an aeriform beating. Also ought to be a part of machining management. It is certain moment, appear not matter; It is certain moment appears however be of exceptional importance. Ha, not be I want ostentation of purpose what highway is aeriform of and so on windy, my personal experience is such. So, not matter and is the phenomenon of two extremes of be of exceptional importance with what be divided for the bound? E.g. , the batch treatment that my present at hand has 78 kinds of large facility machines a line in a few kinds aspirant travel treatment, and having an in part among them is new product new perhaps technology; And the design job that my at hand still has 5 kinds of facility waits to finish. According to development trend of these two years, still can increase of new product ceaselessly with new client. I had not rested almost. Ha, personnel is increasing all the time, nervous still. Having a person hardly is not calcaneal is playing afterbrain spoon. The development of the enterprise why so good, I talk again later. What say today is administrative problem. Say before the elephant, I cannot have used groovy administrative method. The development speed of the company, ask we have the administrative method of a special rule. Of course, to old product and old treatment craft, our as usual has groovy government. Force then to the treatment of new product and new technology went out: 1) administrator (the branch of any branch is long) must contact up and down, the left and right sides is communicated; Ha, too ambiguous. Define even if, when blueprint and the section that add workpiece to come to you when, must make blueprint clear (gibberish) , affirm the requirement that has the sectional treatment that is in by you at the same time. If be not had, the branch related connection is solved (not be a branch) . Attention, right now branch grows should be the organizer that solves a problem. 2) the occurrence of any problem, can have a relevant measure that solve and basis. Can not guess alone, absurd makes conclusions. Have the discussion of two individual above at least, train of thought is unlocked. Discussion both sides must be below the premise of the meaning that affirms the other side understands him, those who will affirm a method is feasible. 3) use all resource. Not OK individual hero creed. Do not kill the weakness that is afraid of oneself to appear in everybody before. Solving a problem is essential. Adept, dilettante, client, supplier, data, manual, and network news is waited a moment. Want to solve a problem only, go. 4) do not want absurd to set an expert, fiction is authoritative. Only product, have a client only CNC Milling