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Graph the Wayne Wentworth of an applied engineer that 1 graphic representation is Mitsui Seiki company is standing in this 2000mm 5 axes machine the scene inside area of machining center work. He was passing special engineering design in the workbench of feeling, with Yu Rong accept a diameter is amounted to of 78 rotate tilt a lot of aircraft processing factories meet dish of component to design a part first, go searching the machine tool that can machine this component next. But Xikesiji (Sikorsky) another kind of method was used when aircraft company is building center of his technology of new accurate assembly. To ensure the component of a new-style helicopter can rapid put into production, this company understands the market to have the process capability of machine tool product above all, design plan accordingly to undertake be perfectinged finally to the component next. So that work this concept with prototype of a kind of research and development,this company established center of technology of an accurate assembly the form of flow will come true. What achieved a kind newly to be able to duplicate to produce establishment to other so is flexible manufacturing mode. Xikesiji used the method of very different common in the project of development of a product that aircraft company has recently. This company was not used decide the component designs plan to undertake to machining craft the project is designed again next finally first in order to produce the kind of these components, understand the market to have the process capability of the machine tool above all however, make component design accordingly next. You may will call producibility to design (DFM) method of a kind of of the concept new implementation. This kind of method ensured the component devises plan is OK in fact treatment is made come out. And the issue that uses a method normally depends on, the machine tool that predicts to will be used at producing a part does not have corresponding process capability at all likely. Below this kind of circumstance, the component designs plan to make the plan that machines impossibly, below the requirement that nowadays this kind of project is finished by schedule and does not exceed a budget to already made decisive demand, people place does not wish to see this kind of circumstance. But, will this designs a part first next the out of order of machine tool of form a complete set comes over not so easy. For example, sikorsky company must think oneself and machine tool manufacturer afresh cooperate means. Between this exemple, have opportunity of a 5 axes only it seems that the capacity that machining center manufacturer has this company place to need. This manufacturer Mitsui Seiki must develop him adequately special the spirit that is happy to cooperate and the wish that want to break through all technologies to restrict come with Xikesiji aircraft company cooperates. From both sides for, investment of need of this project place and supportive level also are very extraordinary. Inchoate achievement had confirmed the effectiveness of this DFM experiment. 3 of Sikorsky company new-style aircraft of 5 axes Mitsui Seiki is the largest in machining center, the the largest, most complex titanium metal part that before producing two kinds of this companies at present, never has designed. Among them one kind is advocate component of hub of ala coming back, the diameter before machine treatment is 66, weight is 2450 pounds. Add clamping apparatus, component weight exceeded 10000 pounds. Another component is one kind rotates tilt dish of component, the diameter before machine treatment is 78, weight is 1450 pounds. Want machine treatment the titanium metal workpiece of this kind of dimension, big torque main shaft is an essential distinguishing feature. And the 1900mm workbench that special design uses at this one application also is designed in clamping apparatus and came true to reform significantly on tigidity. "At the outset when this project is started, we have to the function of best machine tool that our needs probably idea, but after the detailed knowledge that won respect of machine tool character when us, the cut cutting tool that can use optimization, development goes correct component clamping apparatus to plan to give proper mix to install measure, " Brian DeBlasi of director of development of company new product expresses Xikesiji so. "Similar, each geometry appearance is when engineering design around move how will this one component be machine of this 5 axes machining center is aspirant travel machine is machined and spread out. This kind of conception was formed early before hub of ala coming back designs plan to be finished finally, far also antedate of appearance of particular part geometry decide finally. If we do not have the clear understanding of these pair of machine tool process capability, these projects are designed and machine measure so won't intuitionistic. " he speaks of. When the new-style plane project that pendent geometrical appearance heard of to this may want to undertake for the first time 2005 when Mr DeBlasi, had not established any groups that undertake this one project technically. But, the company needs Xikesiji to make quick response to initiative data, because the company is the sole developer of this new-style plane. Design group clutchs all time built a certain number of planting advocate the model that concept of hub of ala coming back designs. Accordingly, although DeBlasi does not know overall design program will be what appearance, but the exterior that he knows roughly to devise plan at least really. The company is in Xikesiji the experience that makes congener component respect have more than 70 years. "Envisage giant and luxuriant blast area circle, " Mr DeBlasi says. Any parts that he knows to this component will compare company place to had been made are large. He still knows this component uses titanium metal extremely likely to make, but he knows with respect to so much. Mr DeBlasi and Mr Tuscano understood this purpose to develop link individually further jointly. They made assessment whether exist in order to ensure among them to all machine tools inside the factory the machine tool that can make this kind of new-style part. But their the accused knows these machine tools to cannot be used for them, do not allow to interrupt because of current production. And, do not have in these traditional machine tools any one is had make whole the ideal process capability that place of range of products needs hub of ala coming back, this a series of including advocate hub of ala coming back, dormant tilt dish, rotate tilt dish, hub of ala of sleeve and rear coming back. Accordingly, mr DeBlasi referred an E-CAR (electronic capital request allocating funds) , this is the standard cost that a kind of this company uses at capital to throw and proof tool. Although lack the detailed information of geometrical appearance respect, the 5 axes machine that Mr DeBlasi and the group that its form by 10 members at present know to he need to have big torque main shaft machining center, and this center should have the capacity that processes intricate geometry appearance and hard data, can accommodate very great weight to carry close noncombatant duty. "We undertook process capability is analysed, so we know to he needs 3 machine tools in initial stage and need additionally 2 machine tools very quickly subsequently, " Mr Tuscano says so. At that time, to Mr DeBlasi, Mr Tuscano and Ken Catino of advanced project engineer, very know oneself need essentially clearly flexible production system (FMS) . These 3 engineers imagine a FMS to be able to be produced not only all these new-style components, and area of a when still can develop a plan as future special operation. This FMS offerred executive convention likely even to produce the additional productivity of exercise. "We are discussing at that time had been only station machine tool no longer, build inside the factory however in fact miniature factory, " Tuscano speaks of so. "We make all machine tools that offerred quoted price manufacturer assemble become a table, be aimed at two kinds of our device class next, namely 5 axes machine machining center and vertical turn tower lathe, shrink limits narrow to every category 2 make a firm. " the center of accurate assembly technology of company of Nextpage graph 2 Sikorsky is flexible production system, at present this system includes an a VTL, 2000mm 5 axes machine 2 machining center, 1200mm machining center and an automatic splint carry 5 axes chance director of systematic Tuscano administration says, mitsui Seiki company entered 5 shafts the short list of machining center, because this company is in,process capability and the custom-built project that its produce in the light of the machine tool design the machine of a group of people of same interest of the fame of precision respect, experience in respect of metal of machine treatment titanium, its product working way. Think besides other indispensable machine tool is characteristic besides, still one can accommodate 78 diameters to rotate tilt dish workbench; One contains the big torque main shaft of bolt join base, can install those who be used at cut titanium metal to exceed big cutting tool; Deployed cooling fluid of the flow inside programmable main shaft to supply means, this kind of means conduces to disjunction cutting bits; And control equipment of a Fanuc. Mr Tuscano notices the importance that control equipment chooses, because great majority operator is not familiar with this one brand, and safeguard a branch to need the spare parts with appropriate reserve. He still wants to because the control equipment of different type asks to adopt different operation measure,avoid (the move that defines deviation for example) and the error that causes likely. Powerful motive force and companionate collaboration are mixed in Mr DeBlasi, Mr Tuscano after Mr Catino and manufacturer group meet, they understand more to concern the information that can supply machine tool norms. They are very admiring still the understanding level that this manufacturer machines to chance of titanium metal part. For example, the machine tool must have enough rigid talent to be able to bear or endure duratively get heavy cutting load, maintain bulk precision thereby. And, the machine tool still must be had enough great main shaft horse power and torque and the actuating device of large servo electric machinery that use ball guide screw. Be aimed at 3 machine the biggest among machining center that, manufacturer offerred norms proposal subsequently, include to be used at accommodating to rotate among them tilt the 2000mm × 1750mm of dish of component × 1400mm (78.

7 × 68.

9 × 55.

1) X-Y-Z work area; One tilts limits from - come 20 degrees - 110 degrees, most half step is into the value 0.

Splint of 001 degrees custom-built A axis; And can with 0.

001 degrees of paces enter the B shaft that the value rotates. A main shaft of 50 taper still set in norms, rotate speed comes from 15rpm 6000rpm, communicate 37kW/30kW by (50/40 horsepower) electromotor drive. The crucial torque rating of this main shaft is 3332Nm (2457 feet of pounds) . Place an as nose as main shaft ministry to increase cutting tool between join is rigid, this machine tool will use interface of main shaft of double contact of a kind of BigPlus. Change the norms of knife device automatically to the company puts forward and be supplied by manufacturer by Xikesiji, this kind of device that change a knife can accommodate 360 cutting tool, weight of every cutting tool can be as high as 30kg (66 pounds) and length limits till 650mm (25.

6) . "Our both sides notices to listen attentively to the opinion of the other side, transmitted the detail information of huge amount, especially we want how to be placed hold these parts, " Mr DeBlasi says. When Mitsui company understanding arrives advocate hub of ala coming back and clamping apparatus will accept 10000 pounds in the weight before machine treatment when, this manufacturer conveyed pair of workbench to be in when losing 90 degrees of seats 0 what appear very likely.

006 bear the weight of those who play curved phenomenon is anxious. What because discuss its to machine tool manufacturer,the product restricts is unaccustomed, the engineers of the company are opposite Xikesiji of this one problem divulge surprised. But, they are in those who hear a solution to also feel coequal degree is glad. The engineers of Mitsui company designed special 1900mm (74.

8) diametical splint workbench, this workbench can serve as two kinds advocate the clamping apparatus base that rough machining of hub of ala coming back works. "The plan that composes clamping apparatus and workbench knot an organic whole has innovation sex, let us can machine part of this very large ala coming back on this machine tool, " Mr Tuscano says. Mr DeBlasi points out, all respects that share this to cover FMS system to carry out are willing to learn each other very much. Mitsui Seiki company and vertical turn tower lathe (VTL) supplier Phoenix company became what project of this combination sex designs take the plunge to participate in square. "We around move machine of this 5 axes this foundation began machining center to all tools are designed and work plan. We think this is this craft and its successful core place, "DeBlasi says. The birth of center of accurate assembly technology is in establish after the function range that they want to achieve and the quoted price that get all suppliers, mr DeBlasi, Mr Tuscano and Mr Catino submitted this plan capital expenditure to manage a layer. Final, administrative layer approved the earlier investment of a 20 million dollar, include to rebuild among them a 20000 square inside the factory foot area. They name this district for " center of accurate assembly technology " . The main production resource of this center includes: The vertical that a Phoenix manufactures turns tower lathe (VTL) , custom-built deployed the 2nd slide. Its characteristic includes library of splint of main shaft of milling of CAT50 of horsepower of an a workbench of 90, BigPlus 50 and type of a 5 stations. The 5 axes machine of splint of an use 1900mm machining center. The 5 axes machine of splint of 2 use 1200mm machining center. To load / uninstall a station. 2 Fastems automatic splint that for these machine machining center serves carry a system. This system can accommodate 42 splint that for medium-sized aircraft machining center uses and 24 splint that use for machining center of large scale computer, also be this kind of device in up to now the 2nd large size. After the capital outside acquiring brushstroke specified amount allocates funds, one will be established opposite workshop hall embedded the independence of equipment of a large Zeiss CMM 4500 square foot exercise room. Room of these two exercise all provided air conditioning system. The 1200mm with identical stage of Nextpage graph 3 2 the prism state work that machining center uses 5 axes machine at producing a new-style plane, and machining center uses older 2000mm machine at production centrally advocate hub of ala coming back and rotate tilt dish after getting a level, mr DeBlasi wove a personnel provides a plan. The deploy of this plan and carry out the whole to this project to having decisive sense successfully, but have detailed explanation to its,had surmounted the limits of the article. But, the starting conference of Mr DeBlasi; He establishs the pattern of the group; His group rules; The guidance that he works to cooperating with and " share a space " concept; His schedule risk reachs flow chart of risk bring down; And the constituent method of other cohesion sex is considered as the main factor with this project distinguished effect. "We established the 15 people group of origin diversification, include to come from design of engineering of design of design of numerical control process designing, clamping apparatus, cutting tool engineering, craft and quality to control professional delegate, " DeBlasi says. He is attributed to the favorable result of this group the group to need not worry about antagonism phenomenon or the problem that major divides the work when working in coordination. Component and clamping apparatus take shape to be being made in the machine tool and the old production district inside the factory is breaking up afresh build while, this group decided the geometrical external form of the component finally; Clamping apparatus devises plan; Technological process graph; Machine treatment and automation software program; And stock carries a program. After the treatment craft establish of new assembly, the other respect of production process can undertake essence of life is moved accordingly. The CATIA hypostatic model that craft engineers examined a part studied corresponding machine processes work, the detailed design that designed a colleague to complete component geometry form at the same time works. In this one hour, the advantage that masters machine tool process capability beforehand in this final design phase becomes apparent rise. For example, advocate the iteration of first time design of program of design of sleeve of ala coming back becomes quite simple. But, to coming back the analysis of initial design makes clear alar hub, if be not made,revise, whole package will overweight badly. Design group thinks up all sorts of methods that reduce package weight. They realise, to hub of such as ala coming back such component, one of the simplest methods that machine it become many component conformity single monomer component program namely. At first, a few included advocate the proposal of bracket of sleeve of ala coming back, shock absorber and plan of conformity of component of pitch angle handle because machine treatment is too sophisticated was abandoned. But, through rising these component conformity, the design engineers of the company can eliminate Xikesiji the component wear and tear that bolt connect is in, reduced many assembly thereby hardware with weight. Fortunately, as a result of these machine machining center has 5 axes process capability, machine treatment the part that these new conformity become is unchallenged. "The process capability that this masters machine tool place to have in the design namely - the good example of craft guidance plan, " Mr DeBlasi says. "Another outstanding example is advocate hub of ala coming back. We can cancel a few chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position of a sunken ministry, below this kind of circumstance, machine treatment exercise becomes much simpler. His complement says, among them whirl tilts dish it is the part of metal of titanium of the biggest diameter that Xikesiji never has made before the company, this component also experienced a design to revise, go be being mixed besides a certain number of ala costal region close hollowness structure, because process the external form of cutting tool geometry of these structural place requirements,will make machine treatment becomes very difficult. This kind of means has effect quite. The ground analysed group systematization the producibility of every component and be based on technology knowledge to make fine tuning improve to devising plan. As similar as this, the group sets out to appear in order to avoid from treatment craft when devising clamping apparatus plan clearance problem and endeavor to raise clip to install the effect. Plan is designed to be achieved below environment of research and development in the component after be being made clear as far as possible, use CATIA model established Mr Tuscano and his group " treatment process story board " , showed each move of machine treatment process. Personnel of clamping apparatus design gives the clamping apparatus that place of the each pace in the process uses according to design of this story board subsequently. "Their guidance is simple, but the task is complex. I ask they are made can clamp workpiece and the clamping apparatus that still can be close to component surface to have machine treatment, mr Tuscano says. When the component is machined through FMS system, each treatment exercise asks to use different clamping apparatus, perhaps ask to go up to undertake retroflexioning to the component in same clamping apparatus. In have necessary precision while, program of clamping apparatus design is shirt-sleeve the center that with ensuring the position of the component is in measure of each follow-up work faultlessly is in the hydraulic pressure arbor of unifinication. These arbor promoted the repetition in to load process precision and provided additional clamping force, can use less clamp device to be the immediateness with machine treatment bigger put apart thereby ability. The FMS that investment uses advocate an example that the treatment process of hub of ala coming back can regard FMS as working way. To coming back the exercise of the first treatment of alar hub forging turns in vertical tower lathe (VTL) on carry out, undertake thick turning to the two side of this component and undertake thick milling to a few. The plane that milling crosses accords with the requirement of central aperture diameter. These measure will form the preliminary appearance of the component. Leave one stage, the component moves send great opportunity machining center, and the material that herein milling drops 1053 pounds, treatment gives all sorts of hollowness and rotational arm appearance. Workpiece returns VTL to undertake subsequently inside the final turning of diameter and rotational arm. Next, the component is returned machine machining center has precision work. Those the most crucial common difference are achieved in this phase. According to advocate process designing of numerical control of hub of ala coming back member Doug Ventimiglia place is narrated, public errand of company demand parallelism is 0.

005, diametical public errand is 0.

002, the position spends tolerancepublic errand for 0.

005. "The key was using producibility to design skill to reduce the demand that machines to tightening tolerancepublic errand as far as possible at noticing we are extensive still. The main purpose that we make so is the pressure that reduces pair of people, is not the pressure to the machine. The machine can not carry out treatment wearily to work everyday. In fact, we can surmount appoints public errand to ask below the circumstance normally, because machine craft to be able to accomplish this a little bit, " Mr Ventimiglia expresses so. Stand with splint have a change of luck through using the special component to load of marriage / uninstall a station, all machine tools were had " 0 " setting ability. This means these machine tools to be able to install special to load to stand to begin movement in clamping apparatus and component, promoted productivity on the oldest rate thereby. Look into future in Feburary 2011, this center was produced final advocate the first time sample of program of design of hub of ala coming back. Naturally, the proud distinguishing feature that this group became center of accurate assembly technology and the prospective prospect that represented a company. The market position that the member of this group believes a company will more consolidate, because have technology and intellectual property only,got sufficient protection absolutely. The secret of workmanship of perfectness component is in all detail that mean solution of dependable and meticulous geography to concern these parts to protecting what this assures fee of know-how of concerned key technology to reiterate. "What we begin to build at first is a process that is used at prototype of research and development to work, and achievement is mode of a kind of production actually however, this model is had enough flexible, the requirement of any opportunities that can satisfy us to be able to be striven for. This kind of mode can duplicate to produce establishment to our other, " Mr DeBlasi expresses. CNC Milling