New-style vertical notes model machine to show a thousand years each

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The demand of plastic products market of formal diversity is bigger and bigger, the requirement is more and more accurate also, of the equipment that note model upgrade replacement also subsequently faster and faster. One when serve as plastic inject machine kinds big, vertical records model machine in recent years ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, for of all kinds and plastic products, especially plug-in unit shapes the production of goods provides better platform. Inc. of 100 model enterprise passes the Taiwan of machine of IMD double color that accepts electronic market favour 20 old development, already became Taiwan vertical to record the plant of the biggest production of model machine, the large vertical that its produce records model machine, show gender and stability by Wu Chong tall, the price is reasonable, already had the tendency that replaces partial Japan to record model machine in recent years. Among them, dial of vertical of 2 workstation, 3 workstation notes model machine to had thrown the illuminative inside IMD model to produce range, for example, 8-19 inch jotter crust, mobile phone, mobile phone of the IPhone on the market, Blackberry, Smartphone, PDA and Hua Shuo (ASUS) jotter, all use 100 model to note model machine to appoint a brand as its. Its characteristic expression is in the following respects: Fire an unit: Double (much) color (makings) shoot, shoot a capacity to be able to match according to demand choosing, firing rate is as high as 300~1500mm/sec, anthology match complete closed circuit of hydraulic pressure servo to shoot accuse loop and controller of high speed computer, can achieve minim and tall nicety to note the demand of model. Lock up modular unit: Press type to lock up modular orgnaization system continuously, mechanical wear rate is low, the force that lock up a model 40~ 700T, choose configuration according to demand, vertical adds up to modular vertical to be shot, IMF is filmy but perpendicular embedded mould, fixed position essence produces displacement deviation not easily definitely, the mould gets optimal protection, rate of manufacturing good people and efficiency are taller. Electronic-controlled and unit: Use controller of computer of advanced and high-ranking industry, have high respondent capability and essence to allow to control, more add far end surveillance and control system, master produce to raise high yield character at any time can. Double color of energy-saving vertical IMD notes servo of 100 model oily report model machine can satisfy minim and tall nicety to note model demand. Motive power unit: Use efficient servo motor, save electric power 40-60% , make chance stage performance, practical, hold control gender and market demand more join closely. Automation unit: Entire line, built-in, take out, model a guest to make those who change is full automatic change conformity. Inquire number: Machine of vertical of 516 100 divisions has distinguishing feature each 100 divisions machinery is dedicated to producing of all kinds and plastic machine, pour model plane side in vertical especially, developed of all kinds the product that is aimed at diverse demand. If can set hardware or glue, make originally double lubricious product has the distinguishing feature that buy a place more or become trichromatic the V120R2-GII-2C of machine of vertical disc double color of the product. Two groups shoot an unit to provide power directly by independent oil path respectively, do not suffer interference of other action oil pressure, moving stability is reliable, can make two motions at the same time, shorten periodic time, increase produce can. Tall nicety turns modular unit duplex operation two-way 180 degrees of move back and forth rotate, introduce drive of servo electric machinery, move the model is fast, smooth, locate smooth, essence allows. Get used to the 100 divisions machinery at product of cent face inject double slide of column of CE edition inorganic records model machine. CE edition notes model machine C55SD-GII without column double slide erect type flank shoots horizontal stroke flying a model, more suit to inject at cent face product. Expect the after before the canal is mobile, clear makings and change shoot the mouth to go to the lavatory, screw 3 (4) Duan Wen spends control, it is better that made model turns the result. Without the design of guide pillar double slide, wu An fits a pattern, particularly convenient and longer the extraction of insert is put. Shoot a horizontal height that can get on next adjustment to shoot the mouth, the setup that Yi Wumo has. Combine a model fast, have low-pressure safety lock modular plant, safety in operation. Locate the crock is designed alone, slide locates more essence of life is accurate, honest. Japanese OMRON high end feels color of type liquid crystal to display screen, cooperate Japanese OMRON GII-Control System (the 2nd generation controls a system) , can undertake 0.

The minim set of 1mm. High accuracy P.


D temperature is controlled, each paragraphs of temperature all shows in computer, make temperature control handier, accurate. Each main action unit all uses high accuracy to import electronic feet and pressure feeling to measure implement control. Apparatus of security of special design mechanical, cooperate smooth act of 4 class safety; The Europe mark protective cover with original structure; All-around electric equipment protector, unusual detect stop machine function to wait, have exceedingly good drill to accuse gender and security, ensure the safety of the person that work. The length that special device also is 100 divisions machinery, if glue of silicon of LSR of vertical double slide is special machine V85SD-GII-LSR. Double slide deserves to be designed with 1 on 2 lower mould, convenient take / put reach clear LSR mould, but machine person works at the same time, improve 50% above efficiency. Nicety presses type to lock up modular orgnaization continuously, ensure the force that lock up a model can reach smooth equational cloth adequately. Lock up modular exhaust function 2 times, configure function of vacuum machine vacuumize, can eliminate a product adequately to surround air. Special sandwich pattern plate is designed, include to heat up cold water board + adiabatic Bo fine board, because the mould heats up the machine stability that transfer and causes and service life problem,independent carry water system was solved, reduced needless energy waste. Inquire number: Machine of inject of balata of Austria of precision of promotion of much technology of 517 Ma Pu Lan produces Shangma Pu Lan (MAPLAN) the company holds to high quality principle, products of contented high quality rubber produces the demand of business. Series of MAPLAN Edition machine has the quality of European equipment, have extremely high gender price to compare at the same time, not only the development of the machine and design undertake in Europe, every machine component also is made in Europe, in the meantime, each machine model uses optimal configuration, cover an area of an area very small. Series of MAPLAN Edition machine distributes unit of inject of stock MAPLAN FIFO. What this unit uses maturity is advanced / give a principle first, this that is to say, above all the material that model turns will be injected above all, decided L/D assured the uniformity of place preparation sizing material. Another advantage is to expect the canister arrives note the distance between the mouth shorter, the loss of pressure of the inject in noting model procedure so is dinky. Note the mouth to be in from beginning to end at cooling condition, do not need to rise to note the mouth, eliminated to note the risk of mouth leak thereby. MAPLAN FIFO notes model unit to be able to ensure the extremely tall precision that note model is mixed extremely tall but repeatability, the bulk of the unit that note model uprights at 750-3200cm3 between, yi Wuqing manages, simplified to change makings course, shortened thereby machine down time. Design of unit combining a model helps sb to fulfill his wishes hydraulic pressure structure, solid advocate force plunger combining a model is propping up area of antrum of almost whole pattern, assure the stability of the machine. The mould can combine a model with extremely tall parallelism, make sure goods has extremely high quality thereby, can achieve extremely high precision demand. Unit combining a model has force combining a model to be the type of 160t, 250t and 400t. To the control part at the machine, used current balata to note the control system PC5000touch with the most effective press. The multitask that uses innovation - process technology, in all control process and extremely tall precision can be achieved below all condition. Inquire number: 518 CNC Milling