Overall of data of 840D MMC hard disk is simple and easy and duplicate law

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Overall of data of hard disk of summary introduction 840D MMC duplicates and restore a method. Data of keyword hard disk is duplicate in a kind B SINUMERIK 840D of code of label of document of TP31 of graph classification date is Xi Menzi company intermediate numerical control system, its characteristic is computerization, of drive modular, control the digitlization with drive interface. The interface builds its man-machine to go up in F1exOs foundation, easier operation, master, among them MMC102 and MMC 103 contain hard disk, can store much data, be like data of Use Data user, namely data of NC, MMC, PLC; Windows operating system; Xi Menzi application software, be like MMC System; Machine tool manufacturer develops software, if cutting tool library manages,wait. Hard disk is read dish when be contact, switch on the mobile phone to read 0 tracks every time, minutely thousands of turn high speed rotates, cause 0 tracks damage extremely easily, cause hard disk to cannot guide normally use. Accordingly, special be necessary to undertake to hard disk data overall duplicates. 840D MMC hard disk is notebook computer hard disk, this hard disk is divided into 4 areas (3 advocate partition and a patulous partition, be less than 4.

The hard disk of 8G does not support) , can pass WinNT(HMI system software) serve menu with DOS() start (the double) that start. HMI system software (already had been installed beforehand or install by OEM user) move in NTFS partition. Stem from data security to consider, HMI system software, winNT system software, DOS system and service menu installation are in different partition. C area, D area uses FAT16 form, the capacity does not exceed 2G commonly, e area, F area uses NTFS form, the capacity can need to adjust according to the user. Next graphs install partition of the following hard disk to allocate for HMI system software. The hard disk of computer of a notebook that buys newly, want to have partition above all, hang new hard disk on the PC through box of USB hard disk, can use the divisional tool of Windos operating system, also can use other and divisional software to have partition to new hard disk. But the divisional form according to hard disk of graph 1840D MMC, cent becomes 4 divisions, each divisional format changes form and capacity size to accord with the main demand of 840D MMC hard disk. Also can divide this hard disk into two areas, the first divisional capacity does not exceed 2G, use FAT16 format to undertake the format is changed, remain as the 2nd partition, use NTFS format to undertake the format is changed. Can hang this jotter hard disk on the PC as mobile hard disk so far, and this hard disk can be found on the PC. Interrelate with double machine above all reticle general PC (had better use notebook computer) with 840D join rises, serve the GHOST tool of menu through 840D system, regard a file backup that suffixal name is GHO as to share folder to a of the PC data of overall of 840D hard disk, the relevant manual of concrete step 840D already had a specification (but go to to how restoring hard disk data entirely not on the hard disk that the format has changed, the manual of 840D did not make a specification) . After backing up data of 840D hard disk into a file, can undertake overall data restores to be operated to mobile hard disk. GHOST2003 software is installed on the PC, mobile hard disk is hanged on the PC through USB interface, moving GHOST2003 software, click RESTORE menu, GHOST2003 can be like next clew: Selec The Backupimage That You Want To Restore, the GHO file that the 840D overall data that pitch on just makes backs up, GHOST2003 can have graphic representation. Next the clew according to GHOST2003, all the time pitch on " next " , until click " affirmatory " , the system is started afresh, undertake resumptive on backward and mobile hard disk like that. When restoring to be finished entirely, the system can have GHOST2003 to had finished resumptive clew, can unplug mobile hard disk from the PC right now below, data of 840D hard disk already restored to go up to mobile hard disk entirely, as reserve. If want to use the mobile hard disk of data of hard disk of duplicate already 840D,replace former 840D hard disk, can tear open 840D hard disk from MMC first below, take out mobile hard disk from inside hard disk box, will replace former 840D hard disk with this hard disk, the system after installation is over is new electrify, use go up not to have any differences with former 840D hard disk. Tear open the way that MMC and line of data of hard disk connective and power supply cord should notice when outfit, when way is wrong, the meeting when systematic electrify signs up for a fault, cannot find hard disk. Overall of data of hard disk of this kind of 840D is duplicate method simple, economy, need to spend hundreds of yuan to buy hard disk of a jotter and box of an USB hard disk only. Once former 840D hard disk damages, the hard disk that can duplicate him overall at any time is changed. Turn a case as to the partition of hard disk and format, want the first divisional capacity to not be more than 2G only, when undertaking resumptive, GHOST2003 meeting basis is factual circumstance, change a circumstance automatically to undertake adjustment to the partition of hard disk and format. When buying mobile hard disk, use a space actually what the capacity size of hard disk wants to be more than former 840D hard disk only. The GHOST software of other version can is opposite likewise 840D hard disk has overall clone, the measure when just restoring has little difference. CNC Milling