The application of linear electromotor drive on punch

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Summary: Introduced the fundamental that with linear electric machinery direct drive punch works, structure, function and it detect with control method. With traditional pattern machinery punch photograph is compared, the punch of drive of linear electric machinery (punch of electromagnetism of the following abbreviation) have a structure simple, bulk small, weight light, production cycle short, cost low, control convenient, noise is low can wait for an advantage with the province. Already considered to finish the scientific research prototype under 50kN at present, passed provincial appraisal and won multinomial patent, already threw small lot production now, the effect is distinct. The scientific research prototype of 100kN above tackles key problem as province key science and technology the project is in research. Keyword: Punch of linear electric machinery 1 overview is current, domestic and international punch fetterses, when working like punching machine, need to make its drift makes move back and forth move point-blank. Existing mechanical punch (punching machine) motivation comes from Yu Xuan to turn electromotor, it needs the changeover orgnaization with one complex a complete set of to be whirligig change needs linear reciprocate, to obtain enough strong pressure, still need to deploy store can large free wheel. Consequently, component of this kind of punch is much, the structure is complex, bulk ponderosity, noise is big, manufacturing cycle is long, use not agile, and produce person to harm an accident easily. This kind of mechanical punch, it is put in malpractice to fail to get fundamental change from beginning to end. The new-style electromagnetism punch that article place develops (punching machine of linear electric machinery) it is to use technology of linear electric machinery, electric energy direct changeover becomes mechanical force, it does not need to pass any intermediate changeover orgnaizations, and the reciprocate that realizes drift. Be in domestic and international although have similar research, but have not see the positive result that has this side and product report at present, the electromagnetism punch that article place narrates already passed provincial appraisal, win multinomial accredit patent, already threw small lot production, the effect is distinct. Punch of this kind of new-style electromagnetism and punch of traditional pattern machinery are compared, have a structure simple; Bulk small, weight is light; The mechanical noise of aperiodicity; Pulse type works, have energy-saving effect; Punch tonnage, frequency, rate is adjustable; Can have all sorts of installation kind; Control easily, can realize a variety of protection functions. 2 structures and working principle 2.

1 basic structure is linear the electromagnetism punch of electric machinery drive, its are overall structural sketch map is shown 1 times like the graph. It basically is divided for 3 much, namely part of fuselage section, linear electric machinery and control system part. Graph sketch map of structure of 1 electromagnetism punch pursues 1 in 1 it is airframe, it by electric machinery of workbench, installation and the bearing that control a system and the ball that assures precision 5, guide pillar 6 comprise 7 times with mould bases; In the graph 2 and 3 be linear electric machinery respectively first, sub; In the graph 4 for overall control system. Electromagnetism punch has more than kinds of 10 different structure at least at present, outside dividing the structure of type of ball guide pillar that the graph shows 1 times [5] , still have structure of type of serial or collateral slide block [3, 4] , and there is different drive kind again below every kinds of structure [7] . 2.

The main job principle of structure of above of principle of 2 main jobs summarizes as follows: Insert electrify source, starting mains switch, set punch tonnage. If be automatic punch, need set punch to operate frequency, start punch pushbutton next, make a hand move processing otherwise. Pushbutton puts through, linear electric machinery is primary 2 produce set up an electric circuit electromagnetism power, make sub 3 drive mould bases 7 move downward, punch workpiece. Punch ends, sub 3 next returning is moved in retrorse electromagnetism force and the pulling that restore bedspring initiative position, await the next time punch. If pushbutton is in condition of automatic Lian Chong, criterion drift general works continuously with the frequency of set, shut till pushbutton till. Unless safety cuts off the power,plant need midway stops, otherwise drift gets pushbutton control only. 3 linear electric machinery and control technology 3.

The crucial part of punch of electromagnetism of design of 1 linear electric machinery is linear electromotor. Usually, linear electromotor often serves as drive discontinuous the unit that run is much, its are led continuously often also be in 25% the following. And use linear motor now drive punch, criterion its are led continuously should many tall, basically be to be in successive job status. Accordingly, the design to linear electric machinery and make raised taller requirement. Above all, in the main type of linear electromotor and structural respect, we are given priority to with linear induction motor, its structure includes cylinder model, planar and bilateral model with unilateral model, designed the linear electromotor of special structure type technically still, if crust uses sub type [6] wait for special structure type; Next, on the design of electromagnetism plan, used the computer to undertake much program optimize a design; Finally, in first, a few new attempts were made on sub material and structure. Work through above, make the function of linear electric machinery agrees with completely thereby the working need of electromagnetism type punch. Nextpage3.

Of the linear electric machinery of punch of electromagnetism of 2 control system and power source putting through is through having contact switch - solid state relay (SSR) will come true, the control system of punch is a very important part, it is comprised by 4 fraction namely part of ① power source; ② computation reachs indication share; ③ sparks drive part; ④ breakdown detects with protective part. If the graph is shown 2 times,control systematic block diagram. Graph block diagram of system of control of 2 electromagnetism punch controls a system to be able to achieve the following function originally: (1) punch tonnage is adjustable. (2) stroke is adjustable. (3) optional choose hand is moved and automatic punch. (4) frequency of optional choose punch (20 ~ 300 / Min) . (5) the trouble that has side of all sorts of report, hot, plane detects reach protective function. Have the control system of above function, should notice to solve two problems particularly, this is affirmatory and optimal spark of hour and electric machinery optimal guide a time. To above two problems basically are sheet is used after be emulated through the computer and detecting piece engine control circuitry will solve [8] . If the graph is shown 3 times,should control circuit principle block diagram. Graph 4 for specific line. Graph block diagram of 3 momentum control pursues 4 brunt control line the road pursues we design 4 tests and result and developed 5, 10, 31.

5 with 50kN the prototype of 4 norms, its check data and design to be worth basic conform to. Brunt error is in 1% ~ 5% between. We are opposite Nextpage of electromagnetism punch strong cut force and punch airframe, linear electric machinery into parts first, sub temperature rise was made experiment and detect, test system sees a picture 5, return the pulse power that determined to move and case of total bad news report, test run time is in commonly 4h above. The user runs successive 8h above. Graph brunt of 5 electromagnetism punch and principle of line of temperature rise test pursue 1.

Pressure sensor 2.

Sub measure lukewarm place 3.

Crust 4.

Slide block measures lukewarm place 5.

Core 6.

Strong staff 7.

Acceleration sensor 8.

Primary measure lukewarm dot to be among the test of the force of pair of electromagnetism punch, temperature and specific power consumption, how to determine well and truly its develop one of missions that reducing force is article research. Because the strong pressure of electromagnetism punch is force of a transient state, its punch rate is rapid, transient state course is short (Ms class) , accordingly, the article used a number to signal handles a technology and adopt CAT system, measure the data that exert oneself well and truly thereby, with respect to the test of force the system makes one introduction under. 4.

The tests systematic principle and swing of methodological electromagnetism punch transient state of 1 force checks a system to basically be comprised by 3 parts, namely unit of pressure sensor, enlarge and record detecting element, if the graph is shown 5 times,its check systematic principle. Before the test, undertake static state and dynamic demarcate to pressure sensor first, it is with 10kN electromagnetism punch exemple, the KF of coefficient of static, dynamic demarcate of sensor is respectively 0.

07258V/kN and 0.

07351V/kN, opposite error is 1.

3% , accordingly, can think, pressure sensor has identical static trends to output character. When the test, secure sensor the base in punch of drive of linear electric machinery to go up, undertake punch, get when sensor after the transient state action of compressor, generate one faint pulse signal instantly, enlarge of this signal course, changeover, detect after processing, turn needs transient state power into weaveform, this weaveform can show the volume of force of this transient state directly through monitor. As auxiliary data, an acceleration sensor was installed in punch lever top, the correspondence that uses signal of transient state force and acceleration signal concerns, can very distinguish noise signal and signal of transient state force conveniently come. Graph the 6 test curves that are brunt of punch of drive of 10kN linear electric machinery. Of brunt of punch of electromagnetism of graph 6 10kN determine 4.

The test of force of 2 tests result as above, the result sees a table 1. The test of temperature, we part to put its the part such as online circle, core, airframe, axis with thermocouple 7 on the dot, undertake detecting with temperature measuring instrument next (see a picture 5) . We measure the temperature that took 7 to nod in all, room temperature is 30 ℃ at that time, the stable temperature after the place in the watch writes down electric machinery coil, sub temperature to be 1h. The measurement of electric energy uses kilowatt-hour meter to undertake. Express the contrast of the data of 1 a few tests that is 10kN electromagnetism compressor and mechanical compressor. Electromagnetism punch and watch of contrast of mechanical punch function are additional, from at present small lot production looks, the production cost of electromagnetism punch is lower than mechanical punch also. 5 conclusion pass above discussion, make clear according to checking the production of result and small lot, the design of the punch of drive of linear electric machinery is feasible, controlling a system is stable. The electromagnetism punch that the article thinks to use drive of linear electric machinery and punch of small tonnage mechanical are compared, it has what mention in article a lot of advantages, in a few appropriate occasions, it will compare mechanical compressor more get people reception. CNC Milling