Exceed research of data of strong cutting tool

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Natural with synthesis single crystal diamond is natural with diamond of artificial complex single crystal it is commonly according to application the domain undertakes the product is classified, they can use as cutting cutting tool, long grind machine and the mould that pull silk. They are become to be used at by the design bright and clean to the surface degree, the accurate treatment that geometrical appearance and dimension have higher demand uses a field. The workpiece surface of cutting of cutting tool of single crystal diamond shows consecutive record, and get together the discontinuous position that the workpiece surface of cutting of brilliant diamond cutting tool presents a micron to measure level, the state of workpiece surface is concerned with the grain dimension of material of diamond cutting tool more or less, although be opposite,workpiece and the accurate character that machine cutting tool need to have serious consideration, but have a total principle, that asks metallic surface is bright and clean namely spend excel 0.

The case of 025 μ M needs to use cutting tool of single crystal diamond and the opportunity that have tall tigidity and high quality support to machine a tool. Natural diamond can be applied successfully at these domains by the proof already. However, the development of technology of high pressure of current high temperature makes preparation gives the diamond of artificial synthesis single crystal that has certain measure to become a possibility, at present the largest size can amount to 8mm. The typical case that uses diamond of high-pressured technology preparation is DeBeersMONODITE series. The crude green body that synthesizes cutting tool of single crystal diamond artificially is along parallel at 1b synthesis diamond (the plane that 100) face or the chip place that amount to 8mm along length of brim of a thick 2mm offer curiums place is made. The advantage of material of this kind of project depends on its dimension, appearance and function having good consistency, this is impossible to come true in natural product. Additional all sorts of dimension especially the distinction of character of the lack of natural diamond, different diamond and the choice to diamond, orientaton mixes large size the requirement of the professional skill such as the pretreatment with most advanced cutting tool is right the price element of natural diamond produces main effect, restricted its application in more extensive field greatly thereby. The application that synthesizes material of cutting tool of single crystal diamond artificially currently got rapid development. Get together brilliant diamond (the application of cutting tool of PCD)   diamond expands quickly already industrial domain, machine industry in car and lumber especially, those who make traditional WC cutting tool is high-powered replace a product. As a kind accepted price is low and the product that usable point length amounts to 70mm, the applied development rate of PCD is very rapid. The function of PCD basically relies on the treatment process that its applied circumstance place involves, but the name with proper choice or grain dimension also are met to its function produces an effect. Standard brand includes 002, 010 mix 3 kinds 025, they are initiative average size is grain respectively 2, 10, 25 μ M. As a whole, the name is bigger, its wearability is better; In adjacent point treatment capacity falls, the shop sign is less, its point quality is better. Diamond cutting tool processes medium application in floor of layer shape wood in recent years, domain of a when synthesize single crystal diamond artificially new application is lumber treatment industry, this basically is it has high wearability. PCD cutting tool applies at the machining of MDF and thick chipboard already in lumber treatment, the demand of the floor board of wood of shape of high wear-resisting layer that has alumina coat to the surface currently is bigger and bigger, but ongoing when grinding brim of this kind of board, be opposite the cutting tool that includes PCD inside raised special requirement, because board wear-resisting layer can cause the passivation of point, bring about the disintegrate of alumina wear-resisting layer. So cutting tool must often nap, till new and abrade or change, this certainly will brings about very long shutdown time. According to the report, when this domain applies, synthesize the function excel PCD of single crystal diamond artificially. Diamond   PCD, PCBN mixes deposit of chemical gas phase to synthesize single crystal diamond artificially all is complex falls in high temperature and high pressure, and CVD diamond issues preparation in low pressure. Carbolic radical gas and hydric mixture are decomposed below high temperature and the pressure under atmosphere form diamond deposit to be on matrix. What deposit goes out is to grow to get together wonderfully interactively brilliant diamond, it is shown columnar structure and very compact. Differ as what lay chief condition, CVD diamond also presents a different grain measurement and structure. CVD diamond does not need metallic activator, because its thermal stability is close to natural diamond. Can mix to grain dimension according to need deposit technology undertakes choosing. Use an occasion in what be not cutting tool for example, if heat up control and optical window, to the function of CVD diamond the requirement is different from cutting cutting tool apparently. The CVD deposit technology that according to different application need chooses to differ can synthesize a grain dimension and difference of exterior form appearance very big get together brilliant diamond. Because to the function of cutting tool the requirement is varied, the CVD diamond ability that wants a variety of different grain measure possibly so satisfies the need of all sorts of application. Actually, CVD diamond cutting tool has two kinds of forms: The first kind is the layer that deposit on proper matrix ply is less than 30 μ M (filmy) , for example the thin coating that the point of ISO razor blade and broach of fried dough twist is two kinds of models. The 2nd kind is the does not have underlay diamond layer that deposit ply amounts to 1mm (thick film) , if need, it is OK drill rod solder is on matrix. If CVD diamond film wants to reach the level of filmy to CVD deposit and combinative strength satisfaction, criterion the property of base material and preparation appear very important. Till at present, this technology still is qualifying the facility of CVD coating, because this is current,in CVD preparation film the major work of the domain devotes oneself to the research to it. Good base material is WC, be the same as diamond because of its mechanical function relatively match, and tool manufacturer is right the cutting tool material of WC radical is very familiar, be willing to serve as base material with it very much. It is the coating on matrix to imposing the 2nd restriction of the cutting tool stuff that has coat go up in point necessarily form a circle, this will restrict the ply of coating, the point that is necessary to have coat to adding consequently undertakes handling (like abrade) . To at present till, the market of filmy diamond product still is not very big. CVD diamond thick film and this is contrary, CVD diamond thick film can be passed special, handy on the matrix that the solder of technical drill rod of easy travel asks in place. However the intensity that solder of this kind of drill rod nods is equal anything but at PCD intensity, using at discontinuous cutting when the machining process of this kind of high demand, this kind of link appears very weak. Otherwise, aux will be able to of CVD diamond thick film applies a domain to be the same as PCD competition in whole machining. It is compared with PCD photograph, its are main the thermal stability that the advantage is it is better, its defect is taller brittleness is mixed not conductivity. Devoid conductivity block up it is used at discharge to corrode (EDM) cutting and processing technique, this technology processes trade in diamond cutting tool, got applied extensively on the production that uses cutting tool in lumber treatment especially and nap. But can use the material of thick CVD cutting tool of EDM cutting to had been made, undertaking assessment to it at present. Its potential application domain still has the machining of pair of tall wear-resisting workpiece, of the tall purity that basically used the diamond in CVD diamond thick film in this kind of circumstance and the wearability that bring from this and thermal stability rise. The cost of CVD diamond thick film is at present higher, as technical development, its make cost can be reduced stage by stage, final meeting enters field of industry of strong tool of unfavorable balance of trade. CVDCBN of CVDCBN     and diamond are different, diamond is comprised by single element, and it is compound, include chemistry metric inside numerous problem makes its unfamiliar senior technology more sophisticated. Although pass old research, actually all CVDCBN coating are polyphase and microcrystalline material. The CVD diamond that is the same as high quality is compared, CVDCBN more elephant " kind diamond carbon " (DLC) . Development besmears the application that has DLC coating cutting tool is very possible, although so far, foreground of this kind of application has not been shown apparently. The place on conclusion put together is narrated, the diamond cutting cutting tool of all sorts of different forms can complement each other well. Also put in the applied domain of a few mutual across however, need to have logical choice to cutting tool product in these domains. Appear the most likely of alternate application have the following two kinds of products: ① is natural with diamond of artificial complex single crystal; ② PCD and CVD diamond thick film. Diamond of artificial complex single crystal has developed a relatively advanced standard, already international standard has identification to product quality. In natural diamond, large size diamond is relatively scarce, and the success that synthesizes large size diamond artificially uses a field newly for open up (if lumber processes trade) offerred a possibility. The CVD diamond thick film that can process form has very high mechanical intensity and good heat performance, its rapid development shows CVD diamond will produce positive effect in tool industry. With synthesis diamond replaces the natural diamond, development rate that replaces PCD with CVD diamond to depend on technology and economy the element of two respects. The accredit of manufacturer of the relation of the price and function, tool and final user to CVD diamond degree shapes especially, abrade the easy degree with craft of drill rod solder final result that will affect its to develop. But having a bit is affirmation, that is mixed to taller productivity necessarily namely the way of taller cutting speed develops. As more the workpiece data that processes wear-resisting, harder increasingly grow in quantity, the application of cutting tool of of all kinds diamond also will increase continuously. CNC Milling