Technology of critical process of industrialization of scroll function component reachs equipment development and application

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Academic research achievement uses the three-dimensional software that build a model Pro/E and finite yuan of software MSC.

MARC, built the three-dimensional model of ball guide screw, undertake kinetic emulation analysis to the working status of ball guide screw. Emulate through the computer, obtained a law to be in to sectional contact horn, ball the spin speed in answering bead chamfer and revolution speed, mirror a ball guide screw well and truly to be out of shape deputily thereby the influence of pair of kinetic function. Carry academic research, if make conclusions,reach: 1.

The linear velocity of circular ball center is not tall, diameter of ball of quite tall however; adjusts rotation rate impact of ratio of roll coming back is not big, but osculatory horn is right the effect of ratio of roll coming back is more apparent, when osculatory horn is 38 ° , the slip rate of ball of the smallest; lets ratio of roll coming back the accretion that helix rises horn and ball diameter and rise. 2.

The osculatory pressure of ball and guide screw raceway and be out of shape the osculatory pressure that is more than ball and nut raceway is mixed be out of shape. Increase as what contact horn, osculatory pressure and be out of shape reduce, helix rises horn not to have distinct effect to contacting character, the change that osculatory character compares to curvature is very sensitive, as the accretion that curvature compares, osculatory pressure and be out of shape rise significantly. 3.

Ball and return to implement collision point of view is older, initiative rate is higher, criterion impact force is larger. Through reducing collision angle, use ball of small diameter steel or ball of pottery and porcelain, and use a project plastic make return to implement, can reduce impact force effectively. 4.

Raceway machining error increased ball guide screw deputy attrition moment of force, have to the influence of attrition moment of force " average effect " . Because be contacted in ball guide screw deputy in build very hard shoot film drifting oil completely, because lubricant and undesirable and the coefficient of friction that cause is too big,so the likelihood is the main reason with bigger moment of force of deputy attrition of ball guide screw. 5.

Type of the deflexion that carry a department returns the ball guide screw to the structure deputy noise basically originates ripple of guide screw raceway spends the vibration that arouse, its noise is less than guide screw of intubate type ball apparently deputy, and acoustic quality has marked improvement, it is deputy first selection returns guide screw of high speed ball to the structure. Main technique innovates 1.

Deputy nut returns guide screw of high speed ball to optimize a design to be reached in nut body when ball to the structure circularly return when to the middle of device high speed runs, whorl raceway and return to interface place and return to device time bead the wallop that the passageway gets and wear away the biggest. Time bead the tangent direction pass in and out of curvilinear edge corkscrewed yarn is returned to device, because athletic way produces what change and cause to bump force,can reduce steel ball. Be in to assure steel ball raceway of whorl of double circular arc and time bead the smooth glide between the passageway is crossed, to answering bead the internal diameter of raceway undertakes section plans to close, implementation steel ball uninstalls the effect with to load stage by stage. Answer through control bead the clearance of passageway and steel ball, make sure steel ball does not produce wedge to tighten a phenomenon inside the passageway, reduced attrition force again at the same time. Meanwhile, combine nut carrying capacity and function of cold, hot-working, designed nut integratedly to reach return the structure to device. 2.

Linear slideway structure optimizes high speed roller design (1) passes pair of slide block to return to implement the structure undertakes optimizing designing, make roller is in enter and leave return to implement before be uninstalled stage by stage and bear the weight of, in order to reduce impact, reduce noise. Return through optimizing to implement return the curvature radius to groove, reduce centrifugal force as far as possible, make roller is returned to more smooth. (2) is returned through optimizing to passageway structure, slide piece is being satisfied bear the weight of below the premise of the requirement, the structure is more compact, return to more fluent. Because ensured scroll body is in oily film to contact condition, reduced the noise when high speed moves consequently, make motion smoother. (3) is mixed with pressure of the osculatory character of roller, hertz integral quality is optimize a target, return with roller diameter, slide block to implement wait for geometrical parameter and material function to be variable, use optimize numeric algorithm to undertake optimizing, improve roller slideway deputy structural design. Guide screw of high speed, accurate ball deputy (KD4016X2200 and technology of KD40202450) critical process 1.

Technology measure concerns to the firm position of passageway aperture and whorl raceway to assure to return, when machining nut, choose Che Xi complex equipment, ensure treatment goes out return a passageway fiducial aperture and whorl raceway precision are tall, pass auger, the means such as enlarge and bore with a reamer machines retrorse via, made sure aperture reachs exterior surface roughness to the parallelism of whorl center. In the light of return to implement the treatment of passageway, use milling cutter of hard alloy of custom-made high accuracy entirely. Through using Che Xi compound craft, will assure to return the exact position relationship to passageway and whorl raceway by machine tool of high accuracy numerical control, improved the treatment precision of the product and treatment efficiency significantly thereby. 2.

Circulatory system is optimized be aimed at a characteristic of deputy high-speed of series ball guide screw, optimize designed circulatory system, include what axial sidelong wears nut to return reach installation to the passageway from beginning to end of Yu Luo's mother of two end return to implement. Through returning to implement join is returned to passageway and whorl raceway, form what ball rolls to close passageway. Circular loop: Method of this circulatory system and helix raceway are flowing and successive join. Radial observation, circular method cooperates helix of ball guide screw to rise horn to be the same as whorl raceway observation of axial of flowing join; , circular method and direction of tangent of helix raceway edge join. Return to implement: As a result of ball guide screw deputy often be in condition of high speed movement, to returning to implement concussion is very frequent, its impact resistance and reliability are very so fundamental. Reach in mechanical model imitate finite on the foundation of yuan of analysis, to returning to implement returned curvature of Xiang Qu line to undertake optimizing designing, raised ball to return further to the fluent sex when. The project through choosing high strenth is plastic, rose to return significantly to implement intensity, satisfied use requirement. To ensure beautiful agree in order to achieve visual harmony, chose orange yellow. Nextpage3.

Assemble craft to improve made deputy ship-fitter of guide screw of high accuracy ball art. Clean through relapsing to the product and undertake be choosinged accurately matching to steel ball, ensured ball nut is primitive the accord of bottom clearance, assured A, B thereby the osculatory drop of two ball nut is consistent, make its tighten force to accord with beforehand assemble craft to ask, athletic condition is achieved optimal. 4.

Crucial working procedure controls deputy to ball guide screw production to undertake whole process dogs record, carry out strictly by craft, strict working procedure examines. To " essence of life grinds raceway " this one crucial working procedure, set quality reference point, control ovality and taper strictly. When measure, use the Germany that measures head and steel ball size to agree to import ball head micrometer to replace traditional 3 needles to measure a law to undertake metrical, measure precision to achieve 1 μ M. 5.

The surface roughness requirement that because the geometrical precision of deputy raceway of guide screw of ball of high speed nicety reachs raceway,chooses emery wheel correctly is stricter, the ball guide screw after essence of life is ground reachs ball nut raceway, its surface roughness should achieve Ra0.

Above of 4 μ M, because this chose granuality,precision of tall, figuration maintains the fine, hardness that wear bead quality it is good, certain to have from acute sex and the emery wheel that has the larger space that hold bit, the guide screw raceway that ensured treatment goes out accords with design requirement. To the grinding of nut raceway, actor chose tooth form to maintain the Rodden with good sex emery wheel of series of elder brother roc, undertook grinding of high speed small feed, raised the surface roughness of precision of raceway flute profile and raceway thereby. 6.

The nap of emery wheel the raceway outline flute profile to obtain high accuracy, used figuration grinding treatment, for this actor chooses the King Kong gyro wheel that ordered high accuracy. Union uses experience actually, undertook improvement to the structure of King Kong gyro wheel, the circle outside assuring King Kong gyro wheel and end panel are jumpy do not be more than 0.

002mm, eliminated to install the error that clip causes thereby. Carry out a proof, this method repairs the emery wheel that go out to be able to raise precision of dimension of dentiform of guide screw raceway significantly, satisfied design requirement. Roller is linear slideway deputy (LZG45KL2F22, LZG55KL2F22 and technology of LZG65KL2F22) critical process 1.

Technology measure passes the treatment craft line that optimizes slideway and slide block, decreased to hold clip number greatly, rose to machine the treatment precision of efficiency and product, product percent of pass rises apparently. The move back and forth that through adopting reasonable allocation essence of life grinds allowance and holds fixed number does not have the measure such as scintilla grinding, raised raceway surface surface roughness, eliminated Zhen Wen. Use special tool, control the machining error of working procedure of early days of good slide block, the verticality that assures photograph adjacent face, parallelism ≤ 0.

02, make slide block returns Xiang Kongda to ask to the design. 2.

Return to implement because the design rolls linear slideway deputy often be in high speed sharp movement condition, its are consequently overall function and reliability are very fundamental, be opposite especially return to implement it is quite important that partial design is made. Through three-dimensional emulate, optimize designed crossed across type to return to the structure, use high strenth project plastic, solved effectively return to fluent sex problem, satisfied use requirement. 3.

Assemble technology elaborate design to assemble craft, product classics is cleaned repeatedly, after the test, its tighten force to reach beforehand move, dead load is accorded with assemble craft to ask, athletic position is good. 4.

Measure of control of crucial working procedure rolls point-blank slideway deputy by slide block and slideway two large crucial parts are comprised, its precision basically includes: The parallelism of linearity of surface roughness of the precision of raceway figuration face, position precision that each raceway and datum plane reach between raceway, raceway, slideway and raceway and datum plane. The finish machining of slide block, slideway uses figuration grinding means, use figuration King Kong namely figuration of nap of emery wheel of gyro wheel general and raceway of grinding of in order to face. its datum plane installation is on clamping apparatus, after corrective fixed position, nap of diamond gyro wheel gives place to need truncate figuration emery wheel to participate in grinding. 5.

After essence of slideway of right choice emery wheel, slide block is ground, ask its raceway surface roughness achieves Ra0.

Above of 4 μ M, in the meantime, the geometrical precision of raceway and its figuration face also should satisfy design requirement. Grinding of reciprocating type figuration is used when grinding, excision rate is consequently high, negative charge is big, calorific amount is large also. According to afore-mentioned requirements, chose granuality precision of tall, figuration maintains the fine, hardness that wear bead quality it is good, certain to have from acute sex and the emery wheel that has the larger space that hold bit. Choose pottery and porcelain to combine the emery wheel of single crystal corundum, dropped cutting negative charge, avoided burn, can absorb vibration. 6.

The nap of emery wheel is used at the figuration emery wheel of grinding of slideway, slide block, to its nap is finished by diamond gyro wheel. The actuating device of the geometrical precision with diamond good gyro wheel and tall tigidity, ensured satisfactory nap result. When nap, need ensures the linear velocity direction of the direction of going from place to place of cooling fluid and gyro wheel and emery wheel of place of emery wheel contact keeps consistent, carry with refrigerative fluid to nap the contact is in. CNC Milling