The geometrical angle of lathe tool of machine tool of logical choice Cnc

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When turning slightness axis, because workpiece is rigid poor, a few appearance of lathe tool have apparent effect to the vibration of workpiece, the following basically considers when the choice: 1) Cnc machine tool is differred as a result of tigidity of long and thin axis, bend to reduce long and thin axis, force of requirement radial cutting heals small had healed, and the main factor that the tool cutting edge angle of cutting tool is force of influence radial cutting, below the situation that does not affect cutting tool intensity, increase lathe tool tool cutting edge angle as far as possible. The tool cutting edge angle of lathe tool takes K, ° of =80 ° ~93. 2) is reduce cutting force and heat in metal cutting, should choose bigger before horn, take ° of ~30 of ° of Y ° =15. Those who have Mmm of R1 5 ~ should be grind to break bits chamfer before 3) lathe tool, make cut bits to coil smoothly to be broken zigzag. 4) chooses blade is obliquitous, ° of ^ ° =3, make cut bits to flow to work surface, make a bits result favorable. Surface roughness of surface of 5) cutting blade asks to be in R.

0 4 cape is the following, want to often keep sharp. 6) to reduce radial cutting force, should choose lesser circular arc radius (R ° <0.

3mm) . The width that pours arris also should be chosen smally, take edge wide 6, - =0 5, (, for feed) . Angle of lathe tool of 1) of choice of condition of cutting of axis of common turning slightness chooses material of 2) razor blade to be Plo hard alloy. 3) cutting dosage: 5) suitable scope: Apply to the long and thin axis such as turning feed rod, guide screw. Cnc machine tool follows the contact of claw of tool carrier bearing and workpiece to answer with the adjustment of claw of tool carrier bearing proper. Had loosened to be opposite closely too cutting is adverse. The gap between the circle outside crossing a pine to point to workpiece and bearing claw is big.

Make workpiece so easily jumpy, the knife lets when causing cutting. Show bearing claw passes to workpiece pressure too closely big, shift work to lathe tool at the same time, such making that deepness of lathe tool cutting is far from a tip as feed, workpiece cut sex is abate and deepen, the workpiece diameter of result cutting is reduced. When should moving to go up to the circle outside workpiece diameter reductive with tool carrier, below the active force of lathe tool, workpiece fork can let a lathe tool.

Make cutting deepness is reduced, fork of result workpiece diameter can increase. Circulate for many times so, workpiece forms rings body. If discover afore-mentioned circumstances, answer to be amended in time. Correction method appropriate is new the circle outside car bearing place, adjust bearing claw. The spare parts trains the circle outside machining measure 1) to clip workpiece, the car is planar, drill central hole. 2) follows tool carrier in the installation on saddle of bed of Cnc machine tool, amend bearing claw. 3) places to follow tool carrier bearing to be in in the car on workpiece outside round. 4) adjusts the circle outside following claw of tool carrier bearing and work to be contacted gently. 5) receives knife car full-length outside round. One measure 5) repeats afore-mentioned measure 3) for many times, till turning ends. When the problem of easy generation and axis of slightness of car of machine tool of note 1) Cnc, pouring cutting fluid wants enough, prevent workpiece heat to be out of shape, also handle a lubricant function to bearing claw at the same time. Answer when 2) thick car circle of car of primary feed of work semifinished product, can affect the regular job that follows tool carrier otherwise. 3) is in cutting process, want to notice top Zhi Dingsong tightens rate at any time. Its check a method is: Actuate lathe makes workpiece rotates, hold circumgyrate center with right hand big toe and forefinger rotational part, when the tip can stop to turn; should loosen the hand points to, the tip can restore roll, this explains top degree of tightness is proper. Discovery is like when 4) turning oscillatory, the ringer with an appropriate weight can be covered on workpiece.

Or hang base of a gear to wait, remove disappear display vigour so likely to use. 5) long and thin axis is taken makings should straight, increase turning difficulty otherwise. The long and thin axis that 6) turning ends, must a string of 1 rise, bend in case. Appropriate of axis of 7) car slightness uses 3 claw to follow tool carrier and bedspring circumgyrate tip and turning of back feed law. CNC Milling