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Deming of · of Edward at present (Edwards Deming) had said, "If you cannot measure it, uncontrollable also it. " expert of this American quality administration still has said, "You cannot detect the quality of product interior, because of quality already over there consist in. " in other words, do not detect quality, what can do is to be in only ensure previous working procedure is correct and the value that continues to add a product below the circumstance accord with the standard. 20 centuries since 80 time metaphase, in all sorts of product line and assemble the installation on the stage by tens of thousands machine vision is photographed like the system. The industry that has a large number of users in every can discover their form, be like industry of industry of course of study of car line of business, pharmacy line of business, medical apparatus and instruments, electron, aviation, and almost every production industry. Why? Because give a good part to add value to be able to reduce commodity cost, allow manufacturer people get more profit. In fact, the United States can produce a high quality product and the price is reasonable, machine vision is the United States recaptures his to be in afresh one of reasons of the lead position of global manufacturing industry. I am engaged in machine vision professional work already exceeding 15 years, problem of the quality in solving production technically and measure and control manufacturing process. 4 years ago, I change the firm that is used at measuring product of quality of laser light beam to a production, I think these products and manufacturing industry are heaven-made union simply. We manufacture the tool that is used at measuring character of all sorts of quality of beam of light and consistency. In other words, we produce machine vision system, in order to is measured and govern the quality of laser light beam. 8 what graph 1 A) is 43 accept rice for diameter of a beam of light.

Laser of 9 kilowatt carbon dioxide undertakes ModeCheck screen of the analysis shows a picture. 8 what B) measures diameter of beam of light with rear sight for.

Laser of 9 kilowatt carbon dioxide undertakes acrylic ablation. Afore-mentioned pictures all are obtained below same condition. (picture origin: Ophir Photonics group) David A.

Belforte: Old since, I and Gary Wagner diagnosed the circumstance of equipment to undertake for many times discussion in the light of beam of light of the lack inside manufacturing industry, because confront failure time and again,he is, and I am to be based on curiosity. I ever expressed: "Requested, on this problem a lot of readers are at a loss absently. " his attentively compose the article below, let us find everything new and fresh. Adjust output ceaselessly about laser light beam, what need knowledge above all is, its output resembles bulb, changing ceaselessly. When the salesperson that asks us when me made a domain sell how many product to industry, the result is surprising: Outside be being used at examining to FDA besides the sale, do not have other. My answer says, "What do you say? At present various laser are used at making the part of high accuracy and high reliability, list a few a little: If be used at spare parts of aviation industry, car line of business and electronic industry make. These need constant precision and consistency, and the elapse as time, laser is impossible to accomplish of course such. " the salesperson answers say: "The fact is such really, but they think they do not need. The necessity that we try to make their understanding fixed or be measured immediately all the time for years, but effects is very small. " this is in completely expected, my reaction is: "Good, I have a few knowledge to these people and their demand, let me try. " graph meeting generation blaze mixes the ablation of 2 acrylic material the aerosol that cause cancer. (picture origin: Ophir Photonics group) to measuring the misunderstanding of beam of light I discover, because,the beam of light that people thinks not to need to measure them regularly is: ● never has undertaken rightly metrical since their day from installation, the result is OK still also. ● " we have regular maintenance service, I believe firmly maintenance technician undertook rightly metrical. " ● " once we begin to produce inferior part, we close this product line, request a technology to assist. " my move ideas, we speak of the 20 centuries since memory at the beginning of 80 time how can machine vision help: 1) the product that produces consistent high quality; 2) decrease discard as useless product, and 3) when making a client more satisfactory, the answer that we get also is similar. Subsequently we let an user accept our argument. What to happen later? Machine vision user is process engineer, the user with laser system group same. Why didn't they realize use beam of light measures equipment to have profit greatly? Does the case of abhorrent product give without occurrence production when are they using laser? Nextpage should enquire a few users can discover only: Meeting production gives order of laser beam machining inferior / abhorrent spare parts, or be without omen ground shutdown, wait to safeguard. We put forward: "You how do now undertake metrical? " answer is: Use 1) of paper burn candle, or 2) the ablation of acrylic material. In the middle of these answer my one's heart's desire. Paper burns candle most simple. I show be one dimension to paper burns candle to them: The result that burn candle is not to burn wear even if burning, without dimensional deepness. The scattering of laser light beam is sectional it is three-dimensional, and rather than one dimension. Laser how cut or the circumstance that solder or machine depend on the size of power. In addition, paper burns candle not accurate on dimension. This kind burns candle to be able to be in only power is enough undertake below big case, the economic news that has metrical be usinged at getting power density to its is to doing useless work. Let us turn to the 2nd method, "I use acrylic acid plastic will get sectional three-dimensional token. " this is caught by me demerit. Plastic meeting generation sends ablation acrylic acid cancerous aerosol! I feel an any big companies must consider to abide by Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) , because this does not hope,this kind of thing produces in his factory. Nevertheless their answer is however: "It doesn't matter is alarming, we can use fan to go to aerosol eduction outdoor, because this operator is safe. " I am thinking, you this is to joking! And those small-sized factories that do not have fan reply say, they now and then ability ablation acrylic acid is plastic, in often won't be in aerosol because of this operator. About technical hum, assume you do not mind safe issue, so the problem that we will come to talk about a technology to go up. If use pulse laser, rely on laser pulse to cannot get acrylic acid only piece, if use successive wave laser, need the time through a few seconds. As a result of some kind of reason, user people think the first pulse looks as similar as the 100th pulse, the successive wave power of the 1st millisecond distributings it seems that with the first second or the power when the 2nd second ends same. But, this is wrong viewpoint absolutely! Pulse is not similar, especially will initial laser output and the output photograph after working for some time continuously are compared. Let me analyse your laser with the analyzer of laser light beam that be based on camera or is based on slit scanning, show a result to you. This is the method that we use sale analyzer actually. User people the laser that owns perfect property, demonstrate to show real case to them with the spot till us. Besides industrial user, method of this kind of sale is compared other any methods can sell a more analyzer. The meeting when industrial user sees our analyzer says: "We these year of business that doing all the time look all the time effective, so why do I want a change? " graph the ModeCheck that 3 factories configure (picture origin: Ophir Photonics group) why? The reason says below. After knowing character of certain laser function, you can be done a few before the thing that cannot accomplish. Like machine vision system, you can forecast future. Every other period of time, the certain beam of light that carries the laser that understands you checks data, you can be forecasted, say again, forecast, when to need periodic maintenance laser. Machine down time can include a plan, and need not face disastrous product line stop production. If those who use is in in much talk technology,be identical laser, can optimize beam of light to adjust for each craft so. Through long use, soil of optical parts of an apparatus, and dirty optical parts of an apparatus can bring about character of smooth road and beam of light to produce a change. Identical laser parameter is not effective however to dirty optical parts of an apparatus. So you can say, after producing this kind of situation, I can change optical parts of an apparatus. You this is two polarization thinking. Consider the first day with change the imperceptible difference that day? Whether doesn't this differentia affect the product of production constant? Smooth road parameter can produce imperceptible change as time elapse. These changes will change to you continuously the hour of optical parts of an apparatus. Change cannot avoid. You need to measure, be in in order to understand when the rate that this kind of change can grow to make a person cannot be accepted. Another crosscurrent that I hear is, this kind of electron monitoring to quality of beam of light may have some of value, nevertheless to the factory, too costly. So we talk frankly and sincerely with respect to this one problem now. We still hear another crosscurrent about machine vision, too costly and the product that cannot make a tall sex price compare. Accordingly we check investment return rate in detail. We examine cost of the treatment amount of time of product value, unit, flotsam, and the material of investment return rate that the product amount that produces before discovering a problem, blame plans to stay the level such as opportunity cost. Counter of our investment return rate can immediately and easily dope investment returns this time; Nevertheless you yourself also can calculate. If you are had in manufacturing environment more than a laser, you are undertaking soldering with laser, and solder at least, the component that you produce very accurate, so investment returns this time most 16.

7 months. Complain otherly: Too too big, small, not be to suit completely, operator people was used to old technology, in the spot need not what too PC, complex, offerred information and we are used to is abhorrent etc. I had heard all sorts of afore-mentioned complaining. Alas! So I guess doctor of Deming of · of Edward at present " will control craft through measuring " the manufacturer that the view uses laser to great majority people not applicable. How regrettablly, all sorts of helps that can obtain its place to need in manufacturing industry when, missed the good opportunity of development again. Article author Gary Wagner is the president of company of Ophir-Spiricon finite liability, its email address is Gary.


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