The other device of numerical control machine tool

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One, at present numerical control machine tool is siding with cutting tool system working procedure and functional concentration machining center way develops. The much process that machining center wants to complete pair of work is machined, must have change automatically cutting tool and the system that cutting tool lays in -- change knife system automatically. The configuration that changes knife system automatically differs along with the type of machining center and differ somewhat. 1. Tool carrier of circumgyrate of type of circumgyrate tool carrier is a kind the simplest change knife system automatically, multi-purpose at numerical control lathe, can install on circumgyrate tool carrier 4, 6, 8 even more cutting tool, by numerical control system control changes a knife. Its characteristic is a structure simple, compact, but dimensional utilization rate is low, knife library size is small. 2. Change type of main shaft head is in contain rotate in the numerical control machine tool of cutting tool, exactly the amount controls drilling machine, change main shaft head is a kind of simpler way that change a knife, commonly used turn the dislocation of the tower will change main shaft head, change a knife automatically in order to come true. 3. What one manipulator type uses knife warehouse in great quantities at present is this is planted change knife system automatically. When treatment, install needs all cutting tool on standard knife handle beforehand, put knife library by certain kind. When need uses some cutting tool, be chosen in knife library above all knife, later change the knife automatically main shaft. After treatment ends, will use the warehouse of knife replace knife that pass automatically again, change a knife main shaft. The stiffness of main shaft of this kind of configuration is tall, the memory amount of cutting tool is large. 2, logarithm of the device that discharge bits charges a machine tool for, it is very important that effectively eduction cuts bits. The action of the device that discharge bits will cut bits to send numerical control the machine tool from treatment area platoon namely besides. Because cut,often is cutting juice in bits, consequently platoon bit unit wants can go to cutting fluid circumfluence inside cooling fluid box, and cut what depart goes out bits to send cut bits to collect box inside. Some numerical control machine tools cut bits to cannot fall into the device that discharge bits directly, often need to use large flow cooling fluid its in chamfer of irruptive platoon bits. CNC Milling