Combination calipers uses a method

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Combination calipers is the simplest compare measure. Caliper is to use those who measure external diameter and plane outside, inside callipers is to use those who measure internal diameter and groove. Their itself cannot numerate directly measure an outcome, however measures length size (the diameter also belongs to length dimension) , reading undertakes on steel straightedge, or get off first on steel straightedge what require measure, go examining again whether is the diameter of the spare parts accorded with. 1, the appearance that caliper opens spent adjustment to check gate above all, gate figure is very great to measuring an accuracy to affect, should notice often the appearance of nap gate, gate shapeliness and bad contrast. Adjust of caliper when spending, answer to strike the two aspect that attack caliper base gently. Adjust the mouth with work measure close with two handgrip caliper first, next of clap caliper outside the mouth that side will come to reduce caliper, knock caliper inside will increase the mouth of caliper. Because the gate injury of caliper estimates a range and this meeting is caused measure an error. Cannot go up in the slideway of the machine tool more knock caliper. 2, outside the caliper outside the use of caliper gets off on steel straightedge when dimension, the measurement of foot of a clamp on the end panel that the face relies on in steel straightedge, the measurement of another clamp foot faces accurate place to need dimension reticle among, and two measure the couplet line of the face to answer as parallel as steel straightedge, the person's line of sight wants straightedge of perpendicular Yu Gang. When the caliper outside using Si to those who take good measure is in on steel straightedge goes measuring external diameter, the couplet line that should make two measure a range is perpendicular the axes of the spare parts, when the circle outside the self-prossessed glide spare parts of the caliper outside leaning, the feeling in our hand should be outside round as it happens is point contact outside caliper and spare parts, right now outside caliper measures the interval between the face twice, be measured namely 0 change than instrument external diameter. So, the caliper outside using measures external diameter, it is the degree of degree of tightness that the circle outside the caliper outside comparing and spare parts contacts. If become when the circle outside caliper glide, the feeling was not contacted in our hand, the caliper outside explaining is bigger than dimension of spare parts external diameter, those who be like the caliper outside leaning is self-prossessed cannot the circle outside glide spare parts, the caliper outside explaining is smaller than dimension of spare parts external diameter. Must not put caliper askew workpiece to measure, have an error so. Because caliper is bouncy, outside caliper exerts oneself to do sth. the circle outside been press is a mistake, cannot go up caliper sidewards card more. To large size outside caliper, rely on it the round measurement outside self-prossessed glide spare parts pressure already too big, should hold caliper in the palm to undertake metrical right now. 3, when the use of inside callipers measures internal diameter with inside callipers, should make the measurement of two clamp foot the couplet line as it happens of the face is perpendicular intersect at inside the axes of aperture, namely two of clamp foot measure a range should be inside the two end points of aperture diameter. Accordingly, the measurement the clamp foot below answers when measuring the face stops on hole wall to serve as fulcrum, the clamp foot above is gone to slightly by orifice inside a few explore outwards gradually, and along hole wall circumferential direction swings, the distance that when edge hole wall circumferential direction can swing is most hour, two when show inside callipers leg measure a face to already was in inside the two end points of aperture diameter. Again caliper by outside come li of inch, can examine the circularity public errand of aperture. The inside callipers that go up in steel straightedge with Si or good measure takes on outer caliper goes measuring internal diameter. Compare inside callipers namely the degree of degree of tightness inside spare parts aperture. When if inside callipers has greater freedom inside aperture,swinging, state caliper dimension compares bore diameter inside small; If inside callipers is put,do not enter, or put into aperture inside hind cannot swing closely freely, state inside callipers size is larger than bore diameter, if inside callipers puts hole inside, the freedom that can have 1 ~ 2mm according to afore-mentioned measurement technique swings distance, at this moment bore diameter and just in time of inside callipers size are equal. Caliper is not captured to measure with the hand when measuring, such feel were done not have, compare inside callipers hard the degree of degree of tightness inside spare parts aperture, make caliper is out of shape and generation measures an error. 4, the suitable scope caliper of caliper is a kind of simple measure, because it has a structure simple, create convenient, value cheap, safeguard and use convenient wait for a characteristic, wide application examines at asking the measurement of not expensive spare parts measure is mixed, mix to the measurement of dimension of forge cast semifinished product especially examine, caliper is the most appropriate measurement tool. Although caliper is simple measure, want us to master well only, also can obtain taller measurement precision. The caliper outside be being used for example compares the diameter of two axes big hours, it is axial diameter differs to have 0 only.

01mm, the experienced worker that has experience also can differentiate reach. If use inside callipers and external diameter 100 minutes,feet is measured jointly inside when hole size, the experienced worker that has experience is sure completely to measure high accuracy with this kind of method inside aperture. Measurement technique of this kind of internal diameter, call " inside card takes 100 minutes of foot " , it is to use inside callipers outer diameter is read on 100 minutes of feet take exact measure, go measuring the internal diameter of the spare parts again; Or inside card has adjusted the rate of degree of tightness that contacts with aperture inside aperture, again outer diameter reads a specific measure on 100 minutes of feet. This kind of measurement technique, it is not only when the internal diameter measure that lacks precision, it is the tweak that measures internal diameter, and, to the internal diameter of some spare parts, the internal diameter measure that there is an axis inside the aperture as a result of it and uses nicety has difficulty, apply inside callipers to build external diameter 100 minutes feet measures internal diameter method, can solve ask. CNC Milling