The transducer application on main shaft of numerical control machine tool

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1 foreword number controls a machine tool, machine tool of abbreviation numerical control (NC, numericalControl) , it is the Electromechanical unifinication product that will 30 years apply the multinomial technology such as market mechanism, electric, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, microelectronics and information integratedly to be an organic whole, high accuracy, efficient, tall automation and Gao Rou sex are had to change in mechanical production equipment wait for an advantage. The advantage that the article basically introduces transducer of series of An Bangxin G9 to go up in numerical control machine tool. The technical level discretion of machine tool of numerical control of brief introduction of machine tool of 2 numerical control reachs his to machine machine tool crop and the percent that always have an amount in metallic cutting, it is to measure progress of economy of countryman of a country and industry to make one of important marks of integral level. Numerical control lathe is one of main breed of numerical control machine tool, it has very important place in numerical control machine tool, will a few years be taken seriously generally of world each country all the time, got rapid development. Main shaft is lathe an important part in forming, machine efficiency to rising, enlarge machines material limits greatly, promotion machines quality to having very main effect. Great majority of lathe of economy numerical control is cannot of automatic gearshift, when needing speed change, can stop the machine tool only, next the hand uses speed change. And of lathe of complete function numerical control advocate transmission system uses infinitely variable speeds mostly. System of infinitely variable speeds basically has system of servo main shaft and system of dc main shaft two kinds, use dc or electric machinery of communication main shaft commonly. Drive main shaft to rotate through belt-conveyor, or through the decelerate gear inside belt-conveyor and main shaft box (in order to obtain bigger torsion) drive main shaft to rotate. Because range of timing of main shaft electric machinery is wide, but stepless speed regulation, make the structure of winner axle box simplifies greatly. Does the main parameter of lathe of 3 numerical control reach main to transducer functional requirement parameter and function index: ? ? ) 3.

: of parameter of electromotor of lathe of 0kW numerical control? ?3 of Tuan ü β .

0kW; rated frequency: 50Hz; rated voltage: 380V; rated electric current: 7.

8A; rated rotate speed: 970r/min; mechanical drive is compared: 1: 1.

5; processes data: 4Does 5# steel; check function index: actually? ?200r/min of  of children's hair Lin (15Hz of transducer running frequency is controlled) feed function and speed. (2) 5.

: of parameter of electromotor of lathe of 5kW numerical control? ?5 of Tuan ü β .

5kW; rated frequency: 50Hz; rated voltage: 380V; rated electric current: 13A; rated rotate speed: 1400r/min; mechanical drive is compared: 1: 1.

5; processes data: 4Does 5# steel; check function index: actually? ?200r/min of  of children's hair Lin (transducer running frequency 9 ~ 10Hz) rotate speed of; main shaft: 450r/min (22Hz of transducer running frequency is controlled) feed function and speed. G9 series transducer uses 4G9 series transducer advanced magnetic flux controls a technology, electric machinery is when low speed torsion is big, speed precision is tall, the price is reasonable, the function is all ready, have processing of twinkling power cut and speed to dog restart function, ensure the system realizes successive moving mechanism, in order to make sure electric accident turns in highest efficiency condition, accordingly, use G9 high-powered transducer to replace servo of main shaft communication, it is choice of first-rate of machine tool industry. If pursue,1 is shown. Graph Nextpage of sketch map of system of 1 numerical control (1) the volume of characteristic introduction · of G9 transducer is minor, belong to confuse you model product, take up means of control of lesser; · is control ark space sine wave SPWM, control function relatively the improvement that the VF previously controls means to very great performance goes up, satisfy the requirement of machine tool main shaft on low speed torsion especially, torsion starts to be able to reach range of frequency of carrier wave of · of 100% above; when 5Hz 0 ~ 16kHz, the · of electromagnetism noise; that reduces electric machinery offers imitate of 0 ~ 10V to measure interface, can accuse systematic interface with most number compatible, capability of overload of · of versatility strong; is strong, rated output electric current exceeds 150% above one minute; · provides muti_function output terminal signal, for example unusual signal, the signal in movement, speed arrives at signal, breakdown directive, automatic to the monitoring; · of position of main shaft career torsion compensates contented system, main shaft of contented machine tool machines demand in what low speed circumstance falls. (2) debug environment and wiring, debug methodological client to select distribution engine for 3.

0kW/50Hz/380V, choose transducer model AMB-G9-3R7-T3B, Ω of 400W/150 of resistor of apply the brake, see a picture 2. Graph the terminal of applied transducer VS/GND on numerical control machine tool offers 2 transducer to be measured with imitate of speed of numerical control system, VS receives imitate of numerical control system to measure interface signal, GND receives negative signal, signal is signal of voltage of imitate of 0 ~ 10V, control main shaft rotate speed. S1/S2/COM is transducer turning / invert signal terminal, give out by numerical control system normally turning signal perhaps inverts signal, come drive auxiliary relay, of auxiliary relay often open contact to receive transducer S1/S2/COM, the positive and negative that controls transducer thereby turns. Parameter is installed as follows: LF005 and F006 are quicken time and slowdown time, according to the client's requirement, f001=5S, f002=1S;lF030 and F031 are installed according to electric machinery nameplate, f010=9A, f031=1;lF012 upper limit operates frequency choice, the correspondence output at the transducer when imitate signal 10V is inputted frequency, because be to be inside limits of 0 ~ 2000rpm timing, will mechanical decelerate calculates than this after going in, this parameter needs to install 66.

7Hz;lF002 parameter is locomotive signal and frequency origin set, the setting is controlled for outside terminal signal (3) . (3) debug electric machinery of result main shaft to introduce drive of G9 high-powered transducer, satisfy treatment requirement, prolong the service life of cutting tool. As a result of adoption banner magnetic flux algorithm, although be in low rotate speed (low frequency) move fall to also can output the torsion of 100% smoothly, in order to satisfy the treatment need of different spare parts, can replace structure of traditional scroll bearing main shaft completely, and structure of this main shaft is simple, compact, OK the stepless speed regulation with true implementation. The rotate speed of this main shaft measures signal to control output frequency by exterior imitate, craft is machined in what differ (wait like; rough machining, finish machining) the rotate speed with different need, the imitate that can differ by output of numerical control system right now measures voltage signal to give transducer, realize different rotate speed, open at the same time stop signal to also be controlled by numerical control system, raise automation rate! Main shaft of machine tool of numerical control of 5 last words communicates vector of brand of servo, entrance to control transducer and frequency conversion commonly special electric machinery, purchase cost transducer of series of An Bangxin G9 of very tall; is compared with its distinctive function and superior sexual value, rise abruptly quickly on the application of numerical control machine tool, the client that is machine tool industry reduces the cost cost of about one times, and reliability is high, create more benefit for the client. CNC Milling