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Research and development of successful land of American LMT-FETTE company gives Multiedge4X bit (sunflower razor blade) . This all sides no matter 12 blade razor blade used innovatory design in geometrical appearance or dimension, can improve milling efficiency effectively, sufficient play milling cutter is in the latent capacity in high speed milling. This kind " statified cutting craft " the function that break bits has very large dominant position, through dividing a cutting, make cut bits to become narrower, reduced cutting resistance consequently, improved the cutting performance of cutting tool thereby. Use this kind of bit, can increase milling feed, and won't lower bit life because of this. Additional, because discharge bits function greatly rise, vibration is reduced, multiEdge4X is very stable when treatment, can acquire better exterior cutting quality thereby, in rough machining while the exterior quality that can obtain precision work. The compound coating that bit uses -- QN coating, by AlCrN and TiN two kinds of coating are comprised. Process steel when, of this kind of coating and razor blade statified the cutting function that cutting combined together to improve bit greatly. Bit returns the TiAlN coating that material of iron of useful Yu Zhu machines additionally. CNC Milling