Hill tall: ? Does Xi of land of graceful  of さ of Xia Yong of rotten shaming Chun Ximu show paddle?

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What hill tall cutting tool introduced to be used at composite material to machine is brand-new solution, include the cutting tool of new-style JC800 composite material of ABC and its Jabro: JC880 establishs milling cutter of double helix of milling cutter of milling cutter, JC850 ball head, JC840, JC870/JC871 " diamond " milling cutter of milling cutter, JC860 beehive material. JC800 series is hill tall Jabro is newest the milling cutter of integral hard alloy that roll out, use technically at machining material of carbon fiber, fibre glass, beehive, MMC the composite material such as metallic radical. JC800 series uses newest DURA film, compare with photograph of common diamond film, can raise the adhesion of wearability and film and matrix substantially, improve the life of cutting tool thereby. JC800 series includes 5 kinds of products: JC840 is Zun Xuan / cutting tool of dextral double helix angle, machine exterior quality to composite material when the client when the demand is higher, the axial cutting power that Zun Xuan produces when dextral can quits cutting, decrease as far as possible burr and statified phenomenon. JC850 is milling cutter of head of small helix corner kick, use at the copying such as landing gear, structural member. JC860 is beehive material special milling cutter, use at processing the data such as paper beehive, aluminous beehive, titanium alloy beehive. JC870 and JC871 are pineapple shape milling cutter, use at machining carbon fiber, fibre glass, metal radical all sorts of composite material, composite material such as glass, for small lot production offers a solution. JC880 establishs milling cutter for small helix angle, use at machining fibre glass and carbon fiber. When cutting blade length has particular demand, also can use at machining plank, blade of milling cutter cutting cent is used for a few paragraphs. Beyond question, JC800 is one individual character valence comparing is extremely tall and apply to the series of standard cutting tool that almost all composite material machines on the market. CNC Milling