Mine of metal of 3D laser scanning measurement technique dug

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Summary: As the ceaseless progress of science and technology, our country also begins to use 3D laser gradually scanning technology and relevant scanning instrument. Technology of 3D laser scanning has sex of digitlization, real time, dynamic sex, rapid sex, precision tall and the characteristic such as initiative, still be helpful for measuring the three-dimensional coordinate of the object that be measured quickly, have extremely high resolution, and special apply to what bedding face accumulates to measure the job. The article is main dug technology of 3D laser scanning measures the applied method in the job in metallic mine, offer reference only. Keyword: Technology of 3D laser scanning; Metallic mine; Measure in recent years, our country is collecting empty area to measure application begin to use technology of 3D laser scanning in the process. Because be in,element of a lot of safe hidden trouble exists in selecting empty area, cause safe production problem easily. And, the compose Chengdu that measures an object is complex, the case that distributings to wait in upper ore and scoria is more complex also, the measurement in the past means cannot have suited to measure need currently to wait, because the people of industry of this metal mine begins,take the promotion application of technologies of pair of 3D laser scanning seriously. Because technology of 3D laser scanning has sex of digitlization, real time, dynamic sex, rapid sex, precision tall and the characteristic such as initiative, still be helpful for measuring the three-dimensional coordinate of the object that be measured quickly, measure a result to have extremely high resolution, and special apply to what bedding face accumulates to measure the job. The article is main dug mine of metal of 3D laser scanning measurement technique, detailed content is as follows. Technology of 13D laser scanning measures the method in the job to analyse   in metallic mine 1.

1 make scanning plan, the 10 ~ that get pertinent information to be had according to charcoal of black open air the 15% reflectivity between, the maximum of knowable range finding can be 450 meters only. Accordingly, should install many sites to come erect equipment. The course makes an on-the-spot investigation, vast area can be compared clearly to arrange facility in 6 eye shot, apply laser to scan next mining area. Should use close quarters convention to measure in each check out stand with remote essence of life measures two kinds of way definitely, groovy mode runs a week place to need time is 4 minutes, the time that essence of life allows to measure place of moving a week to need is 12.

5 minutes. The time that checks whole mining area is probably 2.

5 hours. If use instrument of two complete stations, can cost two days of time to be able to be finished at least so measure the job. Apparent, the traversal speed of 3D laser scanner is very fast. 1.

2 processing are relevant information, found three-dimensional model   thereby 1.


Data of 1 flowing scanning. This kind of method can make the distance between dot and dot become even, can reduce the error that measures an interval; Additional, flowing have two kinds of kinds, include successive and flowing with discontinuous flowing. Among them, what discontinuous surface points to is, a boy or girl friend that has perspective and relevant data present in the meeting on further distance. But what successive surface points to is, among them the plane that all report are located in its upper part. Accordingly, discontinuous flowing apply to lamp column and tree to wait, successive and flowing apply to a wall to wait. 1.


2 filter data. This kind of method is to apply Gu dot to come true filter, what should notice is to filter the removed menu of the dot can appear directive, usually people can choose 2 meters. Specific for, if be in,are other aspects inside 2 meters of limits of the dot namely, so it can be accepted filter, disappear thereby. Next, need those who spread out the smallest interval to filter the job. In again specific work, should note the precision level in metallic mine: 20cm. This is representing two the least space should be 20cm. When choosing the software that provision filters, still include a lot of different fields. In actual unit process of cargo bandling, should be chosen according to the need of particular case and oneself. Next, work to the clip of data again. Specific flow is to delete the dot that does not have action entirely, filter again finally Gu dot, can form latticedot matrix plan subsequently, and be color. 1.


3 planar triangle change bit of cloud. In beginning the process that trigonometry chemical industry makes, should make clear the biggest edge of trigonometry net and the smallest part, return the organization that should notice to control TTN and precision. In the procedure that establishs exterior model, should found give two kinds of forms: Planar triangle is changed change with spherical triangle. Planar triangle is changed those who point to is trigonometry network is formed in X-Y plane, also be equivalent to net of 2 dimension triangle, will form laser scanning place with this. But, if get individual scanning data has more complex organization characteristic, can use the form that spherical triangle changes so. Above is the technological process that the model establishs in some station. Data of scanning of much station laser should undertake coordinate record and amend, in just can founding many sites next complete the model that measures an area. 1.

Of 3 coordinate registering the correction with coordinate to be based on what scan when second laser is to show measuring a station do not undertake on known drop, so, the coordinate department of the cloud atlas of dot of a scanning that is come out by scanning is aleatoric, use it to be able to not build whole strip mine directly to measure the model of the area, accurate nodding many cloud atlas to bring into unified coordinate is, this kind of method is called of coordinate match. The correction of coordinate, it is the method that brings into dot cloud to the ground to survey coordinate system. Its unit process of cargo bandling is, with scanning area around or the reference point in scanning area sets mark target, make then the target of reference point mark that there are 3 aboves on the cloud atlas of laser scanning dot of photograph adjacent, accord with compulsively through what undertake to reference point, OK the scanning of photograph adjacent dot cloud atlas is united to a identical specific coordinate is fastened in, this is called the coordinate of global means is amended, of the so OK and effective coordinate changeover error when preventing to undertaking coordinate is changed accumulate. And globose mark target, it is the pellet that uses reflectivity to compare tall material make it, its over park reference point, the coordinate that its ball heart can measure through mine gets, when undertaking metrical, station of every laser scanning should scan at least the mark target ball of two above, after the scanning coordinate that gives mark target ball in computation, according to three-dimensional coordinate changeover undertakes correction to its. 1.

The measures a principle to be measured to the bulk of ore body computation of the 4 bulk that dig mine, its principle is very simple. Cite a simpler case, have the bowl with very small wall of a bowl, if want to know its size, people can give a bowl Cheng Manshui first, criterion bowl body and the bulk that surface surrounds are this bowls capacity. At this moment, a person drank the water of one part, how to calculate the amount that this individual drinks water. Actually, drink the bulk that the itself of around bowl system of water and surface surround namely. And the principle that every months of excavation of mine measures also is such, it is this month with before the bulk that surface of lunar ore body surrounds. 1.

5 metals mine extracts the calculative of the quantity applies the convenience that works to measure, can clip, filter to be clip with flowing all, and the measurement of every time all undertook 6 stations laser scans. Form total drop cloud through two kinds of processing techniques, can first the clip after coordinate is amended, OK also first the coordinate after clip is amended. Each model can be calculated " the bulk that the surface surrounds " , the volume that is handled by computation is opposite the bulk within limits of datum plane ore body. Specific the excavation amount that includes scanning job computation 7 times to go out and bulk, among them, the excavation quantity January is in front use complete station appearance to measure those who build DEM computation to come out. Can calculate according to relevant data every months of output approachs this mine, the production that shows this mine is stable. The 2 models that build tunnel are in the measurement below the well, 3D scanner still can be thrown use. 3D scanning instrument can set a station freely, at the same time also can handstand or tilt. When undertaking metrical the job to subterranean tunnel, the station can be set in the alternate mouth of every tunnel, want the viewpoint after the input and the coordinate that measure a station only, when data is guided after software, the place of flowing, Gu that has data filters and of the smallest interval filter, undertake coordinate is amended by hand next. Because undertaking metrical accession inputted mine coordinate to fasten reference point coordinate, when undertaking matching accordingly, it is OK to undertake on any account moves only. Had three-dimensional model, the contour line model that can inquire tunnel, surface and cubage. The last word is in very complex measurement uses technology of 3D laser scanning and scanning instrument in the job, have absolutely advantage. In the meantime, technology of 3D laser scanning has sex of digitlization, real time, dynamic sex, rapid sex, precision tall and the characteristic such as initiative, for the measurement of metallic mining area the job was offerred convenient. However, the price of instrument of 3D laser scanning is higher, this meeting raises the investment cost that scanning works, accordingly, of technology of 3D laser scanning apply still need further research. Bibliographical reference   [1] Hu Yang, yang Xiaowei, gong Shuai.

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