Use new coating material CCDia®CarbonSpeed to machine black lead more accurate

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When undertaking machining to various data, diamond coating has unique advantage: Because of the coating material of this CemeCon new development, in production process of black lead electrode, OK now acceptance has better performance and fight wear away protective ability. For example, enhance plastic treatment to carbon fiber, the surface from diamond coating cutting tool is bright and clean be benefited in the stability that spends grade. Mix in crystallization body multilayer in diamond coating market, cemeCon is in world banner standing all the time. This is why a lot of famous tool manufacturer trust W ü Rselen.

The innovation coating of CemeCon coating material is developed, can make the client's application gets optimizing from beginning to end. They are the foundations of the personalized coating solution that develops special applying jointly with the user. The key is the treatment that has economy to various high-tech data from beginning to end, increase like carbon fiber plastic, other composite material or black lead. Picture: In the process that   of SGL Carbon of Bonn technology center has black lead is machined in tool of use diamond coating, even if best outline comes true likely also. Nextpage   is machined in the light of black lead recently a few months, client and CemeCon undertook the again and again is discussed, point out, be aimed at black lead treatment especially, multilayer the advantage with diamond huger than writtening guarantee crystal diamond coating is had coating. What should mention above all among them is to have better exterior quality normally. In addition, moving life can increase substantially, although stricter public errand is OK also,get satisfaction. This reason already enough makes CemeCon engineer has more thorough research to this problem. The end that such doing is a kind of product that development accords with afore-mentioned black lead to machine a standard. The hard alloy that it should apply to all and common type maintains same price level with coating of diamond of traditional crystallization body. The The of ü of product manager Fabian K of CemeCon and Manfred Weigand, made following characterizations to new development: "The coating material that our target is the hard alloy Tu Fuxin that can be as high as 10 % for all and common quantity that contain cobalt. Black lead wears away mediumly character should be ideal, in the meantime, it ought to accord with very strict public errand. Crystallization diamond coating often is formed exceed large body crystal. Accordingly, original it is in besmear Fu process, growing needlessly to prevent alone crystal is very important. " because be these " bunch closes matter " in milling process, groove stays in black lead. The worst is, this may make complete electrode cannot be used. In addition, coating is on whole coating length should completely coessential, and the price of all all these is equivalent to crystallization diamond coating. The of Fabian K ü says: "This is an enormous challenge really. But, this job also got very good get one's own back: Result our research and development call one kind ' CCDia? CarbonSpeed ' new coat material. " the other product on its technical standard and market has the   of CCDia®CarbonSpeed of new coat material that   makes the tool achieves optimum behavior very big different. CCDia®CarbonSpeed special wear-resisting, because multilayer diamond coating has " prevent crack " characteristic: No matter be to be in crystal or coating of accept rice crystal, the crackle that arises in this one process can reach ground floor quickly, as a result of the micromechanism with special CCDia®CarbonSpeed, it eliminated this kind of damaged risk. Meanwhile the heat that its reduce conducts pair of hard alloy to form protection. CemeCon client can be coating of a lot of Fu of besmear of hard alloy ground floor. This makes special pretreatment becomes a possibility, the hard alloy that this also makes the content that it is cobalt higher besmears Fu coating becomes a possibility. Manfred Weigand says: "Enhance plastic, aluminous, metal radical to carbon fiber composite material (MMC) with similar material, existing coating material CCDia®CarbonSpeed and CCDia®MultiSpeed can maintain proper ground floor for coating. CCDia®CarbonSpeed is confined to the processing to black lead. New coat material makes black lead treatment achieves first-rate result: When milling quality is the black lead of EK 82, compare service life to make clear, the coating of CCDia®CarbonSpeed notchs the coating of excel CCDia®HiCo, milling parameter is identical, and can increase 32 % to tatty wear. Need a few measure to be able to make alone layer pass CCDia®CarbonSpeed only, the coating solution that CemeCon has nicety is machined to spare parts of black lead, pottery and porcelain, semifinished product and similar material provides ideal basis. On all price levels that these have in crystallization diamond coating. Of course, adopt 4 measure merely, make the client solution that each sex changes likely, this solution can be aimed at any coating material. Adopt the module system of CemeCon, this accomplishs possibly: The first pace, the user requirement to tool and coating is defined in the standard. Next, according to coating function the design has defined the standard of good layer. Just can have sampling coating and test next, what so that decide,optimize finally is normative. In the working plan that this production technology defends the individuation that is put in every client, return craft of in store coating in this job plan define, regard fundamental coating as material, final even quality is controlled. After although passed a lot of years,this makes, the relevant application of the distinctive composition of coating standard still can undertake accurate and duplicate. If the circumstance produces change, it also can serve as pair of coating to undertake improvement, perhaps machine business to search the base of a solution for other. CNC Milling