Performance of equipment of numerical control lathe and characteristic

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Performance of equipment of lathe of numerical control of collet of numerical control lathe: This is multichip curium use at undertaking to natural wide board edge, norms is divided repairing piece etc. But subtense is repaired cut, also but norms is divided piece. Norms is much, send makings rate fast, long cut precision tall. The structure is simple, performance is steady, lie between set increase, curium piece without rock, but much person operation, send makings rate faster. Numerical control lathe is had send expect smooth, treatment is careful, do not burn curium piece, senior engineer effect, low cost material, environmental protection, security is strong wait for an advantage, apply to drier and wet makings treatment, it is the ideal equipment that all sorts of plank treatment shape. Numerical control lathe applies to fir, deal, wait for softer miscellaneous wood by wood, Yang Mu. It is to do point to receive board, joinery board, cabinet board, bedplate, build furniture wood to just wait for optimal equipment. Lathe of numerical control of collet of numerical control lathe is like next characteristics: Strong to machining the adaptability of the object, get used to the product sheet such as the mould manufacturing characteristic, the production that is a mould provided appropriate treatment means; Treatment precision is tall, have stable treatment quality; Can undertake the linkage of much coordinate, can machine the part with complex form; When treatment spare parts is changed, need to change numerical control course only commonly, can save production to plan time; The precision of machine tool itself is tall, rigid big, can choose advantageous treatment dosage, productivity is tall (the 3~5 that is general accuracy machine tool commonly times) ; Rate of machine tool automation is high, can reduce labor intensity; Use number information and standard code handle the machine tool of modern numerical control that is helpful for manufacturing management, pass information, used the computer to control a method, for the CAD, make reached administrative unifinication to lay a foundation; Taller to operating the quality of personnel to ask, taller to the technical requirement of maintenance technician. CNC Milling