Brand-new but technology of dislocation razor blade makes screw cutting is benefited

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Recently but technology of dislocation whorl razor blade had new breakthrough, had found the method that makes stabler ground secures bit to go up in arbor, for cutting process medium stability brought those who showing to rise. In the meantime, the breakthrough on this technology is harder, more durable bit material qualitative open a gate, reliable ground shortened treatment cycle time. Will but dislocation razor blade is secured accurately is current treatment in arbor one of main challenges that place of course of study faces. Firm ground clamp is in bit in cutting tool all the time since it is Chongzhongzhi is weighed, when involving tall productivity and spare parts high quality especially, pay attention to the small mobile appearance that eliminates cutting blade more. The function with cutting the cutting tool life that shift often can cause the minim in cutting process to shorten prematurely, capricious blade and cannot machine a result satisfactorily. It is especially in profile modeling turning and screw cutting working procedure more apparent. Recently but technology of dislocation razor blade had new breakthrough, had found the method that makes stabler ground secures bit to go up in arbor, for cutting process medium stability brought those who showing to rise. In the meantime, the breakthrough on this technology is harder, more durable bit material qualitative open a gate, reliable ground shortened treatment cycle time. Whorl tooth form makes mistake the thread machining with respect to bolt clamp arbor, whorl tooth form makes mistake is the mainest reason that causes quality problem, specific cause by the deviation of tolerancepublic errand or exterior precision. Error of whorl tooth form is main by screw cutting process in but the minim displacement of dislocation razor blade is caused, displacement of this kind of minim still can produce more negative results. The generation of unqualified tooth form will restrict cutting parameter and shorten the service life of bit. The main consequence with not stable razor blade is the damaged of cutting blade, the burst that is in in radius of point of a knife especially. Use traditional cutting tool, choose proper close solid bolt or clamp method, stability increases in the meeting on certain level, however bit passes blade holder improve those who will realize stabler clamp or need to be discussed ceaselessly. The most sensitive hour during screw cutting is to begin to be cut when be being cut with the end. Begin to be cut when sharp cutting blade, or when cutting is being exited after end taking a knife, the intensity of cutting force and direction can produce bigger change suddenly, cause very big effect to bit. In two afore-mentioned hour, bit is the most incidental displacement. Those who be located in the whorl tooth form on bit is most advanced the lever that forms to be aimed at whorl, force cutting blade to change the position slightly, make tool carrier the strong point in is out of shape and aggravate instability. Action can make the bit around inside blade holder mobile in the cutting force of the different way on bit, till produce unqualified whorl. In fact, change because of displacement the circumstance of screw cutting razor blade is morer than the circumstance that wear away because of actual cutting tool and changes. To avoid time-consuming machine tool setting and the generation that decrease as far as possible or remove faulty part, bit is in the simple and easy, fast and exact location in arbor is very important. Locating bit and secure when arbor is medium, but repeatability also is very important. Normally the circumstance falls, because there is the risk that produces existence of apparent cutting trace on whorl face, because this is going as far as possible every time,bit displacement avoids in the process of the knife. If be in the process that whorl cutting machines,need undertakes bit changes, so the treatment with the exact acceptability to maintain and coming true location of bit is crucial as a result. Be united in wedlock with this photograph, consider the impact of pair of machine tool machine down time, the knife takes in two between but repeatability also is very important. Be based on a lot of reason, efficiency of high to coming true production, safety operates the quality of the fixed position of screw cutting razor blade in bit chamfer and locking and decisive action reachs since consistent spare parts quality. Adopt the bit locking in the past and fixed position plan, originally bit closely impossibly below a lot of circumstances in bit chamfer. Clip holds force, knife to fill up the method such as clamp and simple and easy dislocation to had meant compromise, bit makes methodological limitation had hampered implementation is not the possibility of traditional solution. New-style but the ILock solution that Shanteweikekeleman develops technology of dislocation razor blade improved bit fixed position and locking quality greatly, turning and milling working procedure life of medium security, cutting tool and implementation produce the respect such as efficiency higher to lead a new standard. With respect to screw cutting character, coroThread 266 reflected a few big advantages of ILock solution, although machining a process medium or below the situation that power of very big cutting produces when dislocation, also can make bit accurate and secure firm in blade holder. Because screw cutting process is allowed the influence of He Wei small instability easily, because a major breakthrough is for this pair of screw cutting. Series of CoroThread 266 screw cutting and photograph of traditional bit clamp system are compared, can satisfy the requirement of taller stability. The knife is filled up to screw cutting working procedure it is very important, because this already was designed,become can be bit to secure the basis that provides security mediumly in arbor. Pass bit in two firm interface and the bolt that secure knife mat from flank, knife mat is offerred for bit must close solid and exact location. It takes the ILock interface of form of an outstanding orbit, corresponding bit chamfer fixed position is on this orbit. The bolt of clamp of fixed position razor blade on orbit holds razor blade in course to go up and lean in radial position and an interface photograph, offerred very tall stability and exact location. Cutting force undertakes machining along the orbit of fixed razor blade from beginning to end, such blade holder are in in any blade strong point won't put in damage risk. Orbit of ILock fixed position is perpendicular at feed direction. Repeat fixed position precision very tall, use ensure axial (feed direction) ± 0.

The razor blade of M class public errand of 05mm precision and ensure ± 0.

The razor blade of E class public errand of 01mm precision. ILock orbit is offerred for bit dislocation speed and operation convenient, and the action with osculatory method and decisive to arriving since function space. Locking orbital appearance and fixed position are the result that passes extensive development, be filled up in the knife and exact strong point defines between bit and make a technology make strong point keeps consistent through brand-new razor blade, because be in,the bit clamp in arbor does not have deviate, because this also can improve clip,hold. The cutting blade demand that uses the possibility screw cutting with qualitative material of new-style razor blade is quite solid and fight wear away, not easy in cutting process fragile crack, without risk of cutting blade cracked. The quantity of heat with quite large generation often can go up in cutting blade in contemporary working procedure, make cutting tool is necessary to have fight plasticity metabolic ability, if continue to use same cutting blade to have this process for long after producing plasticity to be out of shape, can appear so fast hind knife face wears away, appear even point bursts apart. The plasticity of cutting blade is out of shape is the biggest obstacle that efficiency improves through cutting speed in screw cutting. Cutting rate rose, temperature also is met subsequently and increase. Improper knife sheet makes character cutting blade discards as useless quickly and treatment gives unqualified whorl, subsequently occurrence cutting blade ruptures. Below high pressure, sharp, take coating razor blade to also be put in the risk that flake, have only when cutting blade especially very few when one section section is undertaking cutting. Below equal number taking a knife, come true during predicted cutting tool service life balanced hind knife face wears away is the good position when screw cutting. However, in screw cutting, be in especially to answer the mechanical load with whorl tooth most advanced form, should cooperate to use the bit strength of certain level, regard bit material as qualitative one part the need of tenacity. To need from inside the whorl that Kong Jin machines all right, this one requirement is more specific. Boring working procedure always is accompanying the vibration of cutting tool and the problem that invite knife and platoon bits, because this chooses proper tenacity,having conclusive effect to function and dependability. Sharp, hard and durable cutting blade is the requirement of screw cutting. Accordingly, deposit of PVD(physics gas phase) coating material was whorl cutting to offer first-rate cutting blade character. Brand-new solution through offerring taller cutting parameter is mixed the longer, cutting tool life that can cast, to optimize treatment further working procedure provided a means. The newest development of technology of matrix of fine grain razor blade offerred the distinctive matrix that has high fever hardness, the applied occasion that can use sharp cutting blade for need (for example screw cutting, cut off and grooving) and the implementation when use whole hard alloy establishs milling cutter fights plasticity to be out of shape. GC1125 is a kind of new PVD coating material pledges, of the screw cutting that is aimed at steel optimize material to pledge, also show very good performance in domain of other work material at the same time, manufacture efficiency through using higher cutting rate to rise -- fail to make full use of normally consequently formerly in the because of cutting tool material function in screw cutting its latent capacity. GC1125 matrix is very hard, adding its immanent tenacity, can provide safe cutting blade strength. It is the complement of qualitative GC1020 of general screw cutting material, the manufacturing efficiency that is a lot of working procedure optimizes a choice. The elimination of profound shift eliminates the small floating conference of bit to bring a lot of advantages to machine a process. One of advantages are, it makes us capable to develop more durable knife sheet to pledge. With the undesirable consequence that makes up for cutting blade shift to cause before, the phenomenon that reduces productivity because of this is different, we can use the knife sheet that applies to higher temperature and faster cutting speed to pledge now. When involving accurate whorl, need special attention to produce minatory ingredient to bit itself. Be tightened with traditional knife reel and " safe material is qualitative " solution photograph is compared, the perfect combination with the stability of CoroThread 266 and GC1125 coating qualitative material improved the treatment result of screw cutting further. CNC Milling