The application of AC60 general transducer on numerical control engraving tool

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1, the choice of means of functional requirement control of engraving tool is controlled with VF, multistage VF curve. Frequency source measures set for imitate (computer control plate outputs 0 ~ 10VDC) , need to be received from VS1 port only can. Top moving rotate speed is in commonly 24000r/min, the running frequency of conversion transducer is 400Hz (the high speed electric machinery of 2 class) , cutting rotate speed of lowest is 2000r/min, introduce AC60 series general-purpose can satisfy its to ask namely. Quicken and slowdown time basis client oneself demand, be in commonly 3-5s, compare because of the rotate speed that move tall, taller to requirement of apply the brake, had better match resistor of apply the brake additionally so. Need fault signal outputs signal and breakdown restoration signal. Breakdown is inputted (TA/TC) breakdown restoration (from X1-X6 random one terminal definition is 4) 2, wave motion of the speed inside the limits of performance demand total rate of engraving tool is small. Low speed moment of force is large, can assure cutting of low rotate speed. The time that increases decelerate as far as possible short. Debug a result to look from the spot, cutting rotate speed of lowest can be under 500r/min. Use peculiar define V/F curve oneself, the OK and very good different torsion that controls high low speed promotes, accordingly the requirement on engraving tool of can very good contented high speed. Debug parameter specificly (in the light of rated frequency 400Hz, rated voltage 380V, rated rotate speed 24000) : E-01 of value of set of name of function of date of function of value of set of name of functional date function runs a command to give passageway 1E-17 to define curvilinear 4E-02 frequency to give oneself advocate frequency of passageway 2E-20 carrier wave 1.

0KE-13 quickens time 3H-01 from set frequency 15HZE-09 from 5H-02 of time of slowdown of set voltage 13%E-14 400HZH-03 of the biggest frequency places F1120HZH-05 of frequency upper limit from set frequency 2100F-09 from 400HZH-04 of frequency of upper limit of set voltage 230%E-10 from set voltage 380%H-06 from set frequency F3300H-07 from set voltage V4100%H-08 from set frequency F4400HZ CNC Milling