With diamond coating broach success getting cuts carbon fiber to enhance material

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The airbus A380 that can hold 555 people of guest exceeds large airlines to be in test-fly, its first plane general this year the end of the year delivers to Singapore to throw commerce to move. To reduce plane weight, of weight of new A380 plane structure 22% use advanced carbon fiber to increase plastic (CFRP) make. The assembly in the plane level, need gets those who cut CFRP and aluminium and titanium component part to build receive aperture, the of superstratum cabin board (make with CFRP) must with bearing its aluminous component joins, if use common broach treatment, can drill 90 hole only. For this, company of company of Swiss Extramet hard alloy, German Klenk tool and joint development of CemeCon coating company the bit that is used technically at machining CFRP, fu of this broach besmear coating of CCCDia Fiberspeed diamond. Try in first time when getting, the life of broach achieved 500 aperture, broach is circumferential of place wear away to be reduced significantly, the exterior quality that improved opening and precision (H8) , obtained very good economic benefits. Use bit of coating of this kind of diamond at transport of A400M for military use when the treatment of aperture of φ 10mm rivet, obtained very good result likewise. The wing envelope of A400M and bearing spoke are made with CFRP, envelope wants riveting to arrive on spoke, aperture wants rivet to be gotten into last time in these two kinds of material, when requirement getting is cut, cannot arise statified, achieve the precision of H8. Only useful diamond is multilayer coating ability bears the abrasive with acuteness to cutting tool CFRP wears away. In addition, the chemical stability of diamond coating still avoided workpiece material to produce felt. CNC Milling