The common step of process designing of CAM of software of Cam process designing

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Numerical control process designing experienced manual process designing, APT language process designing and process designing of seesaw pattern graph 3 phase. Process designing of seesaw pattern graph is the CAM software process designing that says normally. As a result of CAM software automatic process designing has rate fast, precision is tall, intuitionistic the gender is good, use handy, facilitating examination and revise wait for an advantage, already became the method of numerical control process designing that at present domestic and international CNC Machining uses generally now. Accordingly, below the circumstance that does not have special specification, numerical control process designing is to point to process designing of seesaw pattern graph commonly. The implementation of process designing of seesaw pattern graph is premise with CAD technology. The core of numerical control process designing is a knife dot computation, to complex product, knife of its CNC Machining the artificial computation of the dot is very difficult, and the development of CAD/CAM technology provided powerful tool to solve this one problem. Three-dimensional model included the product that uses CAD technology to generate the information of complete product surface geometry that place of numerical control process designing needs, and computer software can undertake CNC Machining knife in the light of these geometrical information automatic computation. If graph 1-58 place is shown,the basic course of CAM process designing reachs content. The common step of CAM process designing 1. Obtaining model of CAD model CAD is the premise of NC process designing and foundation, the to program of any CAM must undertake process designing to machine an object by CAD model. The means that obtains CAD model has normally the following 3 kinds: (1) open CAD file. If some document has used Mastercam to undertake modelling ends, perhaps had made the file of process designing, open this file afresh, can obtain requires CAD model. (2) direct modelling. Mastercam software itself is the CAD/CAM unifinication software with a very powerful function, have very good model, can have curved surface and hypostatic model. To a few not be very intricate work, can be before process designing direct modelling. (3) data changeover. When model file be when using other CAD software to have model, should change its into format of Mastercam appropriative file above all (.

Mc9) . The document that passes Mastercam changes a function, can read the modelling document that takes place of other CAD software to do. Mastercam offerred the data port of software of commonly used CAD, and have a level change interface, the file pattern that can change has IGES, STEP to wait. 2. Treatment craft analysis and the main content that program treatment craft analyses and plan include: (1) those who machine an object is affirmatory. Pass the analysis to the model, the what place that defines this one work needs to be in CNC Milling perhaps is machined on CNC Machining center. The craft adaptability of numerical control mill also has certain restriction, to pointed horn place, petty muscle waiting for place do not suit treatment, should use line cut or electric treatment will machine; And content of additionally a few treatment, the likelihood uses general accuracy machine tool to have better economy, if the treatment of aperture, swing tower is machined, can use drilling machine or lathe to undertake machining. (2) treatment area program. Undertake an analysis to machining an object namely, by its appearance feature, function feature and precision, surface roughness asks to will machine an object to be divided into several to machine area. Sound to machining area to undertake program can achieve the goal that improves treatment efficiency and treatment quality. Individual viewpoint: When undertaking treatment the object decides and machine an area to region plans or allocate, referenced objective can have analysis and program more intuitionisticly. (3) program of treatment craft course. The flow that machines to clear root again to finish machining from rough machining namely reachs mental allowance allocation. (4) treatment craft and treatment kind are certain. Be like parameter of craft of cutting tool choice, treatment and cutting means (knife course form) the choice. After the craft that finish is analysed, should fill in watch of working procedure of a piece of CAMCNC Machining, the project in the watch should include to machine feed of rotate speed of property of area, treatment, means taking a knife, use cutting tool, main shaft, cutting to wait for option. Finishing craft analysis and program to be able to say was to finish CAM process designing the workload of 80% . In the meantime, the horizontal in principle that craft analyses decided the quality of NC program. 3. CAD model perfects pair of CAD models to make agree with the processing of CAM to program. The convenient sex that because ground of more of CAD modelling personnel is a consideration,the spare parts designs and integrality, do not consider the impact that reachs pair of CAM treatment, want to reach treatment area to plan to be made to the model surely really according to machining an object so a few perfect. Have the following content normally: (1) what coordinate fastens is affirmatory. Coordinate department is treatment is fiducial, coordinate department fixed position operates the place with certain personnel at suiting a machine tool, maintain the unity that coordinate fastens at the same time. (2) the curved surface that conceals a part not to produce an effect to treatment, the property that presses curved surface undertakes color separation or statified. It is more intuitionistic and clear to look on one hand so; When choosing to machine an object on the other hand, can what through filtering means apace choice needs a boy or girl friend. (3) repair partial curved surface. Vacant to having the curved surface that does not machine place existence to cause position, should compensatory complete. Be like the curved surface of bore, put in the place of narrow groove, should finish these curved surface afresh whole, normative and the cutting tool way that such acquisition is safe. (4) increase safe curved surface, if brim curved surface undertakes proper extension. (5) undertake nap to outline curve. Change gotten data model to data, existence sees the possibility be like smooth curve to also existing actually breakpoint, see the curved surface that seems an organic whole cannot intersect in joint. Perhaps found contour line construction to give first-rate to machine attrib border curve through nap. (6) compose builds cutting tool method to restrict border. To the treatment area of the program, need uses border to restrict size range of pipe bent, first compose builds an attrib border curve. 4. What treatment parameter installs parameter setting to be able to regard pair of craft as analysis and program is specific carry out, it formed the main operation content that uses CAD/CAM software to undertake NC process designing, affect NC program directly build mass. The content that parameter installs is more, among them: (1) the type that cutting means setting uses at specifying knife path and relevant parameter. (2) treatment object setting is the geometrical body that shows the user passes alternate means to choose to be machined or among them treatment partition, semifinished product, avoid let area wait. (3) cutting tool and mechanical parameter setting are the treatment that machines working procedure to choose to suit in the light of each cutting tool is in CAD/CAM software the mechanical parameter with corresponding setting, include control of fluid of feed of main shaft rotate speed, cutting, cutting to wait. (4) setting of machine program parameter includes to reach dosage of means, cutting, row pitch, mental allowance, safe height to wait to position of knife of advance and retreat. This is the mainest one part content in setting of CAM software parameter. 5. After generating cutting tool method to be installed in the parameter that finish, can refer the setting CAD/CAM system to have the consideration of knife course as a result. This one process is completed automatically by CAD/CAM software. 6. Cutting tool method examines to ensure the security of the program, must undertake checking desired result to generated knife course, the examination has without method of apparent cutting tool, have had not had cut or treatment does not reach the designated position, whether can the examination produce the interference with workpiece and clamping apparatus at the same time. The means of desired result has: (1) examine directly. The changeover that adopts pair of perspectives, rotate, enlarge, translation examines generated cutting tool way directly, comfortable reach without cross the border at observing its cutting limits has have without apparently unusual cutting tool orbit. (2) manual examination. Have progressively observation to cutting tool contrail. (3) hypostatic imitate cutting, undertake emulation machining. Machine the effect in the observation on computer screen directly, this treatment process and treatment of actual machine tool are very similar. To the program of the problem discovering in the examination, should adjust parameter setting to have consideration afresh, make again examine. 7. Aftertreatment aftertreatment is process of processing of editor of a text actually, its action is the knife course that gives consideration (knife athletic contrail) with standard format translate into of the regulation NC code is outputted save. After the aftertreatment creates numerical control program, still need to check this program file, particularly right program head and the statement that program rear distributes undertake checking, if be necessary,can revise. This file can arrive through transmitting software on the controller of numerical control machine tool, press machine tool of program statement drive to machine by controller. CNC Milling