Center of numerical control milling is visible intelligence is automatic the design of process designing software

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Process designing of 0 foreword numerical control is the bottleneck that machine tool of our country numerical control applies all the time: General number of feed inlet accuses the accessary auxiliary process designing in the machine tool, the function is too single, satisfy the high-level secondary of the user very hard to beg; The CAD/CAM of the entrance software criterion price is high, hardware environment demand is high (all ask to be in commonly workstation above) , need undertakes be developinged 2 times adequately, and this kind of software is tall to employee quality requirement, application is popularized generally very hard in our country. The article faces user of machine tool of ordinary numerical control, be aimed at the common part that 90% above take in mechanical spare parts, with milling treatment is setting, one each was designed to use process designing software below Windows98 environment, in order to improve the efficiency of NC process designing and quality, improve NC to machine an environment. 1 demand analysis and design look specimen software basically is to reduce production process go-between participate in, raise automation rate further. Software must have good user interface, the operation is simple, convenient, the parameter that the member that need process designing inputs should as far as possible little, reduce numerical control process designing to process designing member the requirement that needs to more expensive machine machines ability of professional knowledge and experience and computer process designing, simplify numerical control process designing; On the other hand, it needs to have powerful computational capacity, machine a requirement in order to satisfy high accuracy; And, should augment of easy implementation function, can right treatment process (the execution of NC program) undertake intuitionistic imitate, so that debug. 2 overall designs software of this automatic process designing that we design is main by the following 5 parts comprise (if pursue 1, show 2 times) : Process expert system with the aircraft that defines at machining strategy, in order to realize a basis process designing member the concerned parameter of the input and index, decide each labor situation and treatment parameter, decide the parameter of labor situation and M, F, S, T and certain G instruction namely; Graphical editor and coordinate computation part come true by process designing member contrail of input cutting tool, software system is calculated automatically all node coordinate, in order to form the instruction parameter such as G00, G01, G02, G03, G8X; Implementation of emulation imitate part carries out the imitate of the process to giving NC order, to simplify the design of software system, take no account of a spare parts to have nothing to do detail, by process designing member give out the spare parts appearance related to corresponding NC program and dimension, with weak condition / automatic means emulation imitate machines a process; NC program compiles a share, essence is editor of a common text, the member that allow process designing has the operation such as necessary adjustment, printout directly to NC program; Communication part allows to pass RS-232 interface, convey the program to numerical control machine tool directly, and need not turn through disk put or manual input machine tool. A certain number of main problems in 3 specific designs 3. Because the choice of 1 programming language is object-oriented sex of methodological collect abstraction, enclose sex of gender, inheritance, much condition at an organic whole, have remarkable but answer with, Yi Xiu changes, the character such as easy augment, realize the modification of software function and augment very easily, and in object-oriented language, c++ function strong and development is more mature, the Windows system that considers Microsoft company at the same time offerred unified user interface to use a system, very suffer everybody to welcome, this software uses the Visual C++ programming language of Microsoft. But, it cannot state knowledge is mixed effectively undertake inference, the intelligent part to this software (system of machine treatment expert) appropriate chooses to face the task and knowledge, artificial intelligence that expresses to be a target with logistic inference with knowledge and intelligent control to use programming language. Because Prolog language passes syncretic, displacement, clear up, time new moon, match a mechanism to beg solution question, itself deduces inferential machine namely, can simplify greatly thereby the design of intelligent software, the intelligent part of this software chooses Prolog language to come true. 3. 2 treatment strategy decides design cutting tool of the part manages a function to manage cutting tool database and knife library database at the same time, cutting tool database puts place of this machine tool to match all cutting tool all sorts of parameter, knife library database stores the information of the cutting tool in knife library. Expert system basis process designing member the material treatment precision of the input asks to wait, and information of cutting tool of knife library database, decide reasonable treatment parameter truly on level of expert knowledge level, if choose appropriate cutting tool, proper feed rotate speed of speed of rate, cutting, main shaft, reach reasonable labor situation flow, when need, put forward to adjust knife library. Because Prolog language itself is an inference machine, the main job here builds expert knowledge base namely, the organization of the knowledge base is shown 3 times like the graph. 3. Input of contrail of 3 cutting tool and coordinate calculate what the tradition changes in this software design to wait to pursue basically by dot, line, circle yuan of input, when necessary recursive the method of computational coordinate, and pattern of a large number of commonly used graph that give with be being summed up in practice, pursue into group input yuan, be aimed at the case with a few more complex calculation especially. Following graphs are shown 5 times, when groovy input, need to decide a circle artificially 1, 2 computation give the circle coordinate of P1, P2, P3, P4, one by one inputs a graph yuan; And in this software, need make choice of only corresponding figure mode, give out only two the centre of a circle can, computation of coordinate of P1, P2, P3, P4 is finished automatically by software, do not need to be participated in artificially. In the meantime, because be input of mode of make choice of, right now coordinate computation can call established formula directly, such, simplified to input greatly and raised computational efficiency and precision. 3. This software is in imitate of 4 treatment process in the design of this one part, basically take obscure part detail, only consideration and NC program are relevant the measure of partial geometry dimension, for instance, in milling treatment, spare parts appearance but end is carapace of column, honest system, ball, square stage, round stage, ball stage, cylinder, square canister, ball to wait for a few kinds, process designing member can choose from which like choosing menu decide a kind, give out spare parts limits, formed by treatment spare parts. Such, simplified on one hand software system design is complex degree, on the other hand process designing member can be below the condition that needs to input few data only care its more clearly the activity of current NC program. Additional, process designing member the program when can choosing imitate carries out means: Weak condition / automatic means; Can choose proper view, proper perspective, 2 dimension / three-dimensional show; Can adjust scale (offer a graph to magnify / make up little button) ; Process designing member can set observes the window, in order to is dedicated the treatment condition that considers fraction of spare parts some; Can machining simulative at the same time, show corresponding block of screen at the same time; Can show the spare parts figure after the program is carried out instantly, also can call delay time program, imitate process direct proportion reflects actual handling time, and all NC all can give out to machine place to need machine tool time below two kinds of circumstances (do not include to assist time) , this can help manufacturing administrator decide man-hour norm, perfect production runs a system. 3. 5 NC program edits this and editor of common full screen text similar, want option of the following function can: File: New/Load/Save/Save As/Print/ExitEdit: Insert/delet/Copy/Paste/Move3. 6 communication this is an average serial communication order, send NC order to numerical control machine tool directly via serial mouth (if pursue,6 are shown) . The article uses 4 verdict artificial intelligence technology, designed system of expert of a machining, treatment strategy can be solved to decide an issue in expert class, machine of the member that reduced pair of process designing machines the requirement with professional overmuch knowledge, improved order quality at the same time. And, take a certain number of step, simplify software operation, offer good user interface. Make need main engine to process knowledge and computer operation mastery of a skill or technique only OK the NC program that writes a high quality. This software already provided embryonic form first, accept favour of process designing personnel quite, we are devoting oneself to to make farther improvement to its. CNC Milling