PLC diagnoses medium application in breakdown of numerical control machine tool

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The diagnostic monitoring function that uses PLC the state information that can wait for the interface of the machine tool, in-house relay, timer directly comes out through echelon graph shows intuitionisticly, brought for maintenance very easy. PLC is analysed to diagnose medium application in breakdown of numerical control machine tool below through two example. L breakdown one: After main shaft changes a knife, manipulator does not have breakdown of the movement that change a knife 1.

1 breakdown equipment: JCS - 018 vertical machining center, system of FANUCBESK 7CM numerical control. 1.

2 breakdown phenomenon: After main shaft is directional, ATC is not had directional show, manipulator does not have the movement that change a knife and without call the police. 1.

3 breakdown diagnose: After breakdown happening, cannot move except manipulator outside making, it is normal that part of machine tool other works. After changing a knife with handiwork, the machine tool also can work normally. Because this considers as main shaft directional signal (main shaft is directional after finishing, send knife library a signal of electric machinery, signal voltage is 24 V) did not send PLC, cause PLC to do not have the instruction that change a knife. Check figure of machine tool join, in CN1 electrical outlet 22, 23 main shaft is measured on date the directional signal that finish, explain directional signal already gave out main shaft. Check PLC echelon figure, if pursue 1, the condition with ATC bright indicator light: ATCP and AINI are satisfied at the same time. And ATCP by OREND, INPI, ZPZ3 journey switch will ensure, AINI by A75RLS, INPI, 180RLS, AUPLS4 journey switch will ensure. Ordinal examination afore-mentioned journey switch, discover A75RLS (manipulator 75º answers journey switch) did not overwhelm. 1.

4 breakdown handle: Adjust link stopper of A75RLS journey switch, make just had pressed this journey switch. Right now, ATC indicator light is bright, manipulator movement returns to normal, trouble removal. 2 breakdown 2: When machine tool cutting is machined, balk the job 2.

1 breakdown equipment: The MPA that company of Japanese Toshiba machinery makes - 45120 model numerical control planer-type milling machine, use system of TOSNUC600M numerical control and DSR - 83 model timing of dc main shaft is unit. 2.

2 breakdown phenomenon: When machine tool cutting is machined, balk the job, PC4 appears on CRT - 00 call the police. After closing machine moment, switch on the mobile phone again, can work normally again, but produce same breakdown again before long. 2.

3 breakdown diagnose: PC4 - call the police 00 numbers for breakdown of main shaft unit. In the signal that transmits to NC in PLC, the address issues main shaft fault signal for the output mouth of E3F6, the partial echelon that v and this concerns pursues, if pursue 2. When malfunctioning, XO85, T010, E3F6 3 relay electrify, r010 cuts off the power. Pass an analysis, judgement is the 51X that main shaft adjusts unit to deliver (advocate electromotor overheat signal) contact closes, make X085 and T010 suck relay close, make R010 cuts off the power thereby, its often shut contact to close, make E3F6 relay electrify, generation PC4 - call the police 00 numbers. The reason of overheat of main shaft electromotor, because cutting deepness passes,often be big or cutting rate is too rapid, bring about advocate electromotor job electric current exceeds demarcate to be worth. But milling of milling head of examination main shaft is normal, dynamoelectric mechanic makes electric current also did not exceed. Judging a likelihood is advocate electromotor forces wind cold bad place is caused, check wind cold electromotor and air channel, full dust is accumulated inside air channel. 2.

4 breakdown handle: After opening air channel to build cleared and in-house dust, trouble removal. CNC Milling