Beijing division science and technology rolls out KW2

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Italian ISA company is in Chinese area (contain port, bay, stage) sole agent and Beijing of technical service center limited company of division science and technology, the near future rolls out his electric main shaft of new product KW2-HS 2 axes are successive interpolation is all-purpose angle head. This all-purpose angle head can be secured as machine tool main shaft directly boring mill is reached in door of vertical, horizontal, dragon on machining center. C the two accurate gear wheel that reach grinding to pass by course heat treatment through servo electric machinery deputy reach clearance to eliminate device drive, realize successive interpolation to move (form 5 axes with axis of X, Y, Z 5 linkage) . A axis and C axis all are mixed by the radial of preload bearing of axial ball bearing. Every axis all uses coder of high resolution optics to realize exact location, implementation closed circuit feedbacks. Make sure to man-hour is added in milling every axis won't produce the change of the position and direction because of getting power, there is unit of clamp of a hydraulic pressure on every axis, rise thereby and assured the treatment precision of this all-purpose angle head and dependability. Bearing and gear are used high temperature resistant grease is lubricant. The buy inside the join of all hydraulic pressure and electric unit. When run occurrence mistake or be maintained, electric main shaft can go to the lavatory, apace the bearing from A axis go up to be taken out and be replaced, won't produce an effect to the geometrical precision of milling head. CNC Milling