Q88 multipurpose bimetallic takes saw blade

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Product category: Cutting tool - bimetallic brings saw blade supplier: Reynolds of Lenox United States overcomes this issue date: In October 2009 item characteristics: Q88 curiums for the metal of Asian market severe exacting only cut application and design, have service life long, stability is good wait for a characteristic, can reduce cutting cost. Q88 can be in cannot achieve optimal curium be offerred below the condition that cuts condition and machine parameter flowing cut continuously. Be in bundle curium cut or when wide cut cutting, surface of relaxed penetrable cutting. Advanced tooth form and distinctive cent tine are designed, utmost ground reduces vibration. Innovation character: Technology of proprietary Q finishing increased saw blade to bear the intensity of material, prolonged service life, because rupture,was eliminated and bring about the possibility of saw blade breakdown. Q craft can produce a more stable tine predestined relationship, reduce obstruction and vibration, prolong the service life of saw blade thereby. Suitable scope: Through optimized Q88 belt saw blade can curium easily steel of the steel that cut carbon, alloy steel, tool, mould steel, and the whole set metal such as stainless steel. CNC Milling