Fretsaw of CX100 hard alloy piece numerical control blade is ground machine

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Fretsaw of the CX100 that company of German VOLLMER machine tool produces hard alloy piece blade of numerical control of tine top tooth flank grinds a machine tool to use CNC four-axle linkage, ground complex tooth form to offer postulate for blade. The main characteristic of this machine tool is blade grinds precision of time weak point, treatment choiceness of tall, structure; PMC small processing controls a system to machine application to create a condition for much; A few data inputs and the operation guidance that graph article supports make an operation handier; Tine supports or any tooth form of tooth flank can machine the blade inside the loop to grind in; But the complex tooth form that blade grinds 4 kinds to have different bevel and tooth depth; The blade that every blade wears the face grinds speed and blade to grind the journey all but stepless adjustment; Whole sealing structure, but effective and dustproof, blade grinds place to use aggrandizement water-cooling, can satisfy blade to worry the demand of precision. The grinding speed with the different applicability that four axle control raised a machine tool and method make grinding surface quality much better CNC Milling