Ultrasonic cleans the application in hardware production treatment

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The finishing engineer that ultrasonic cleans technical advantage to be the industry such as more and more machinery, car, electron, hardware place is hep, her tall cleanness is spent clean the effect, quick production metre to make the application of this technology at patulous and rapid. Enter 90 age, ultrasonic cleans technical function and application to achieve a breakthrough; Large, the small-sized equipment image that the ultrasonic rinsing equipment that turns continuously changed a tradition thoroughly; The development of chemical product was abounded greatly clean craft, new application expands ceaselessly at the domain; Ultrasonic brings what more beneficial pollutes at reducing an environment to clean plan... ultrasonic cleans a technology to need to be people to know afresh. The principle that 1 ultrasonic cleans 1.

The lower part of block diagram of 1 ultrasonic generator is formed " he stimulates type " ultrasonic wave generator (power source) , its action is to pass inversion circuit to change the alternating current of 50Hz into the high-frequency power output that exceeds 2000Hz. Alleged " he stimulates type " it is to show ultrasonic generator has complete circuit control, protection system, agree with to work continuously; As corresponding as its is " self-excitation type " power source, circuit is relatively simple, cost is low, dependability is poor. 1.

End piece is carried on 2 ultrasonic transducer there is piezocrystal between emitter of each lower end (the pottery and porcelain that suppress report) , the commonly used pottery and porcelain that suppress report is titanium zirconium acerbity lead. Should be in the pottery and porcelain that suppress report is polar between bring to bear on when voltage, the geometrical dimension of pottery and porcelain can produce a change, should bring to bear on when high frequency alternating voltage, pottery and porcelain does vibration of high frequency move back and forth with respect to drive transducer whole, give out the ultrasonic of high-power thereby. Stick a group of transducer receive an emissive face to go up, become supersonic matrix (transducer box) . The upper part of block diagram is to clean container (flooey) , the immersion of spare parts need that is cleaned is cleaned with undertaking in the clear lotion in groove. Form a basic ultrasonic to clean a system so. 1.

Of 3 ultrasonic " cavitation " action ultrasonic cleans force to basically originate " cavitation " action. Intuitionistic annals is told, when transducer group with identical and phasic when doing high frequency vibration, just like a tremendous piston, the power when vibration is enough big when (exceed threshold value) , this piston goes out the rip in the liquid countless petty bleb (cavitation bubble) , retrorse vibration makes his rapid burst, this kind of empty generation each cracked rate is such fast, make its have extremely expensive campaign to quicken (> 200g) and blow up wallop, and this kind " cavitation " action delivers the generation on the interface the most easily in solid fluid, can come off thoroughly quickly adherent the contamination in spare parts surface. The craft condition of 2 ultrasonic equipment has wanted to arrive to be cleaned effectively, the craft condition with contented and certain need 2.

1 equipment respect: Power scale: Ultrasonic output must achieve particular intensity talent to produce cavitation effect, this intensity we are measured with power density, lowermost density should is more than 0.

35W/cm2, actual application is used more 0.

4 ~ 0.

8W/cm2. Frequency: Industrial the frequency of ultrasonic rinsing equipment is normally between 16 ~ 80KHz, commonly used frequency includes 20, 25, 28, 33, with 40KHz. 2.

2 craft respect: Temperature: Ultrasonic cleans in using commonly lukewarm (60 ℃ of 40 ~ )   cleans fluid: The choice of clear lotion needs to choose different clear lotion according to cleaning an object. The clear lotion that clear lotion has Shui Jiqing to wash fluid and dissolve the form of a drug two kinds big. At present Shui Jiqing lotion receives wider and wider application: Divide oil to be able to use alkalescent, neutral or acidity degreasing fluid; Can use the weak acid such as phosphoric acid to clean rust and oxidation skin. Fluorine Lyons, 3 chloric ethylene, benzine is good clean solvent, but these material or contaminative environment, or harm human body, or combustible explode easily, in using, be restricted strictly. A kind of ALTENE D6 that manufactures by French ATOCHEM passed the environmental attestation of Europe and United States, and performance is excellent, have applied value very much. 3 why should use ultrasonic to clean the Qing Dynasty with convention to wash method photograph to compare, ultrasonic cleans have the advantage that cannot compare: I rate is rapid: Of ultrasonic clean time to be able to arrive a few minutes in a few seconds normally in finish; Ⅱ cleanness is spent tall; Ⅲ agrees with complex part: The character of sound wave makes the aperture of the spare parts, slit, wall get good processing; Ⅳ uses the Qing Dynasty that environmental protection changes to wash a method easily. The improves this two aspects ceaselessly function that demand of OK and contented big production mixes the dependability of equipment of actual application circumstance that 3 ultrasonic clean to spend a requirement to cleanness of spare parts surface makes polishing is cleaned to cream after ultrasonic wave cleans defatted before eletroplate, polish, before besmear is installed, divide except oil become rusty. And the spare parts volume of hardware products is general and minor, the installation cost that uses ultrasonic to clean is lower also. CNC Milling