Manual of function of commonly used transducer

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This book is equivalent to comparing encyclopedia of general transducer operation instruction handbook originally, it is the reference book of the project technology personnel that uses transducer originally. In a lot of transducer manuals are aimed at in the book, often be clear about not quite to the explanation of a variety of functions, with the word very non-standard, the member that often make use a person cannot understand transducer lucidly the meaning of all sorts of functions and usage. At this point, this book do one's best has explain the profound things in a simple way explain and explain, understand the main function of commonly used transducer deep in order to help the use person of transducer quite, understand its implication, master its to use a method. Author: Publishing house of Zhang Yan guest: Book number of machinist trade publishing house: 7-111-14979-3 publishs date: 2005-04 price: 27 yuan of postage: 5 yuan of catalog of frequency of the first chapter give with relevant function electromotor of the 2nd chapter controls a function characteristicly of transducer of the 3rd chapter add, the outer terminal of transducer of the 4th chapter reachs decelerate function the system of transducer of the 5th chapter controls control function function transducer of the 6th chapter CNC Milling