Industrial robot operation and application carry out a tutorial

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Content brief introduction " industrial robot operation and applied practice tutorial " introducing industrial robot on the basic and theoretical foundation such as kinematic, control, the robot of EduRobto- Ⅲ education with ABB IRB140 robot, MOTOMANSV3 robot and own development is an object, introduce their operation method, include a hand to move show religion, control of process designing leaving a line, computer. " industrial robot operation and applied practice tutorial " also introduced the advanced application content such as robot sensor and robot workstation and product line finally. " industrial robot operation and applied practice tutorial " the academic content such as the operation of robot of industry of general of do one's best and the fundamental that use practice and industrial robot, structure, operation, process designing organic union, make the reader achieves orgnaization of achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, electron, pass the compositive Electromechanical unifinication such as feeling, control to study a target. " industrial robot operation and applied practice tutorial " deserve to have practice practice, the teaching material of course of practice take as an elective course that suits to regard major of Electromechanical of institution of higher learing as of all kinds student, also can serve as the reference book that is engaged in the relevant technology personnel that industrial robot is operated and uses. Catalog foundation of the 1st part is theoretical introduction of the 1st chapter 1.

1 industry robot is summarized 1.

The basic composition of 2 industry robot and technical parameter 1.

The classification of 3 industry robot and use form of orgnaization of the 2nd chapter and kinematic analysis 2.

The orgnaization form of 1 industry robot 2.

2 pose are described and neat second commutation 2.

3 industry robot is kinematic 2.

4 works space and operation flexibility 2.

The regulation that 5 coordinate fasten control of robot of the 3rd chapter and motion plan 3.

1 robot position is controlled 3.

2 industry robot controls a system 3.

3 motion plan the main operation that practice of the 2nd part operates robot of industry of ABB of the 4th chapter 4.

The safety precaution in 1 real operation 4.

2 systems are basic composition and its function 4.

Of 3 robots start and shut 4.

4 hands are moved operate robot 4.

5 automatic production 4.

6Signal of I / O 4.

7 systems backup, restore with restart process designing of robot of industry of ABB of the 5th chapter 5.

1 program packet (the composition of Programmemory) 5.

Window of 2 process designing introduces 5.

3 process designing dictate 5.

4 routine (Rotltine)5.

5 programs check industry of MOTOMAN of the 6th chapter to the robot is operated basically and be controlled remotely 6.

1 brief introduction 6.

The open of 2 power source and shut 6.

3 show religion reach emersion 6.

4MOTOMAN robot controls robot of industry of MOTOMAN of the 7th chapter remotely to leave a line process designing and emulation software 7.

1ROTSY software brief introduction 7.

Robot of education of the 8th chapter operates Cheng of exemple of 2 use methods basically and control software 8.

1 education robot controls a system 8.

2 education robot is operated basically 8.

Service instruction of 3 control software 8.

4 instructions system 8.

Practice of the 9th chapter practices example of 5 teach programming 9.

1 industry robot is overall comprise an experiment 9.

Precision of 2 robots motion is measured 9.

Experiment of 3 kinematic foundations 9.

Scale of space of work of 4 industry robot 9.

Experiment of 5 teach programming 9.

At 6 o'clock control an experiment with continuous method 9.

7Head portrait of caricature of ABB robot scale the 3rd share is high use sensor of robot of industry of the 10th chapter 10.

The classification of sensor of 1 industry robot 10.

Sensor of 2 inside information 10.

Sensor of 3 outside news 10.

The workstation of robot of industry of the 11st chapter reachs citing of application of sensor of 4 industry robot product line 11.

Of workstation of 1 industry robot form reach design principle 11.

The forming that life of 2 industry machine produces a line and design principle 11.

3 robots use medium auxiliary unit bibliographical reference CNC Milling