Circulate automatically with semi-automatic lathe job

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1- upper tool post; 2- club expects; Box of 3- main shaft; 5- bedspring collet; 6- splicing sleeve; 7- center is worn; 8- makings is in charge of; 9- balances hammer; 10- balance tool carrier; 11- axis odd axis pursues on graph of principle of treatment of straight-cut and automatic lathe is CM1107 odd axis the treatment sketch map of straight-cut and automatic lathe. The splicing sleeve that the club expects the front bearing of 2 is worn in the center 6 inside, back end bearing is in makings canal 8 in. When treatment, the side expects 2 by main shaft the 4 clip inside are expected pinchcock head 5 clamp, drive anticlockwise direction to rotate by main shaft. 3 belts wear main shaft trunk good stuff, fore-and-aft feed is made on lathe bed. 3 upper tool post are installed wear in the center 7 on, the slideway radial that they can wear along the center is mobile. Balance is worn 10 also install go up in central wearing, the axis that circles central wearing to go up when balance tool carrier 11 when swinging, its before, hind tool carrier can attend cutting by turns. When face of the cylinder outside treatment, mobile upper tool post or balance tool carrier, after making tool carrier attains wants radius seat, stop, taking good stuff to make fore-and-aft feed by main shaft box next. When cut off face, grooving or be being cut off, main shaft box and good stuff are not moved, make radial feed by tool carrier. Inside bore or treatment, outside when whorl, can use the accessory that get bore with a reamer. It is but oscillating mast, there are a few cutter spindles and its main transfer machinery on bracket. When the job, the position that the axes of working cutter spindle can swing to be aimed with main shaft axes. Need gets chamfer of transverse aperture, mill to wait, need to use other auxiliary unit will finish. CNC Milling