Our country sheet covers device of the oldest lubricating oil constant decompression to come out

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By Chinese stone chemical industry Cheng builds university of branch of company, tall bridge, Tianjin and Shenzhen sincere at present sheet covers the our country that amounts to limited company of science and technology to be developed jointly device of the lubricating oil with the oldest treating capacity constant decompression -- Chinese petrifaction is tall, a when finished movement 3 years recently complete open shutdown cycle. Via assessing demarcate, the processing capability of this device, product receives specific power consumption of quality of rate, product, device to waited to all be achieved expect an end. Last month, technology of project of this whole set develops a project, passed the technical appraisement that development department of Chinese petrifaction science and technology organizes. Experts think, technology of this whole set achieves international advanced level, but industrialized promotion application. Technology of this whole set is likewise applicable to the constant decompression device of other type. In development of technology of this whole set, development gives multinomial new technology and will multinomial new technology is compositive, formed include fractional distillation of large vacuumize system, decompression system, turn technology of project of whole set of the large lube that oily line reachs heating furnace to wait inside constant decompression, among them large vapour, the development research of technology of project of system of mechanical combination vacuum, exceed large liquid to distributing implement the builds research, as large as the experiment key to run a department research of unit of cold conditions simulation and application, the technology all innovates inside dependency and apply first. Lube large change phase of device of crude oil distill and fuel plant to compare, decompression distill system has its characteristic more, difficulty is greater. Decompression distill produces lube heat up in a steamer to distribute oil, far more complex than producing cracking raw material with difficulty, technical demand is high, its are versed in Cheng technology can be used at system of fuel decompression distill for the most part. CNC Milling