The control means of spray robot

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[editor's note] the robot control system that uses in industry uses 2 class to control fashion commonly, be versed in among them accuse machine is appropriative main control implement, the harmony that is used at whole control technological process and attemper, controller of the 2nd class is used at the athletic control of spray robot. A kind of labour accuses machine the control pattern that imposes DSP, labour accuses machine is appropriative one class controller, be in charge of systematic government, robot language is compiled act as with the functional;DSP such as man-machine interface 2 class controller, basically be in charge of the athletic control of the robot, included a robot to move to going against solution operation, interpolation operation, articulatory position control to wait for a function. Labour accuses machine and DSP not to have news report directly, exchange data through public memory, labour accuses machine and DSP to all can read access to occupy from inside this memory, in order to achieve the goal of communication. Compare currently general is labour accuses machine the pattern that imposes motion to control card, be about to move in controlling card to insert labour to accuse the PCI of machine to insert groove, labour charges machine and athletic control news report has through PCI bus line between card. Labour accuses machine is responsible the explanation of language of setting of parameter of file management of the system, system, robot, show the harmony that teachs examination, system the course to attemper, breakdown is diagnosed, the robot is kinematic going against the function such as solution and interpolation operation. Motion controls calorie of motion that loads a robot only to control a function, enhanced the real time sex that the robot moves. Man-machine interface function by insert in labour to accuse card of I/O of the appropriative on machine to finish, the form that I/O blocks to run facility the information such as switch of spacing of state, journey to be measured with switch feedbacks to accuse to labour in real time machine, labour accuses machine basis to read the news that takes to make corresponding response. Show teach box and lead plane to have news report through RS232 bus line. Structure of control system hardware included labour to accuse machine, motion to control card, I/O card normally, show teach box, servo the component such as electric machinery. CNC Milling