What necessary and safe knowledge does machine tool treatment have?

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: According to the report, because personnel of a few technologies operates a machine tool undeserved and cause an accident, person safety is put in hidden trouble. So, in routine, how we should operate a machine tool correctly? What does the safe standard of manipulator bed have again? One, what safe requirement should control system of machine tool equipment satisfy? 1, facilitating operation, decrease to ambulate back and forth, avoid to bow needlessly, on tiptoe movement. 2, fixed position is accurate and reliable, prevent to have a bit shake to produce misoperation. 3, machine tool equipment handles a campaign direction and should be accorded with to set by way of operation component movement, have sign of simple and easy symbol. 4, install necessary each other locks up an orgnaization, prevent to operate a generation not to coordinate an action, and harmony accident is not coordinated when much person is operated. 5, the structure of handle, handwheel, pushbutton and arrange the position to want to accord with a regulation. The pushbutton that start should install the retaining ring that be inside housing or holds fortify to stop to be touched accidentally. Install the handwheel on axial lever, handle, when automatic feed, can injure a person along with axial roll, because this should install automatic emergence device. Is the machine tool machined 2, what does the safety precaution that precaution cuts bits to be harmed to human body have? 1, the basis is machined material property, change cutting tool point of view or add bit unit, choose appropriate feed, will banding cut bits to break a shape or paragraphs of small lump to cut bits, try to keep clear of. 2, on cutting tool installation discharges bits implement, or shield, plate washer is installed on the machine tool, control the flow direction that cut bits, do not send a person. 3, cast iron of high speed cutting, copper, aluminous material, except be in on the machine tool beyond installation shield, plate washer, handlers should be deployed defend glasses. 4, use tool is mixed on seasonable cleared machine tool the scrap of yard place, prevent hand, foot, avoid by all means gathers up with the hand scrap. 3, what safe item should treatment deformation and eccentric part notice? Machine deformation and eccentric part, use flower disc to install card to undertake fixed to workpiece commonly. Because this wants an attention above all,hold calorie of firm. Card claw, pressing plate does not extend flower disc diameter beyond, had better add outfit shield. Want those who notice eccentric part to deserve to weigh next. Match important and proper. Deserve to weigh inside aperture diameter and screw diameter clearance want small. Machine tool rotate speed coming back is spent not too tall, outside when rotating in case, will deserving to weigh from mental efforts action, move, touch with photograph of machine tool slideway, break off screw, maul handlers. 4, machine tool plant layout which 4 kinds of safe device what is its action? 1, the harmful thing that guard uses the generation in making the rotational part of handlers and machine equipment, live part reachs treatment process tries to keep apart. Like leather belt plate washer of cover, gear cover, electric cover, scrap, defend baluster. 2, insurance unit is used raise dependability of work of machine tool facility. Malfunction when some component or appear when overload, insurance unit motion, stop quickly to equipment works or turn into empty running. Be like journey spacing implement, attrition clutch. 3, interlock is used at controlling machine tool equipment to handle order, avoid to the movement is not coordinated and produce an accident. Be like lathe silk lever and polished rod cannot at the same time the movement, want to install electric or mechanical interlock to try to control. 4, pilot device uses demonstrative machine equipment to run a condition, perhaps be when machine equipment movement is wrong, issue the signal such as color, acoustics, remind handlers to adopt an emergency measures to try to handle. Wait like indicator light, buzzer, electric bell. 5, what safe item should manipulator bed notice? 1, good coverall is worn before the job, plunge into good cuff, wear good job hat. 2, serious examination facilities is departmental cent and shield, spacing piece, safe the safe device such as bolt is effective. 3, equipment must effectively ground connection is received 0, local lighting lamp is 36v voltage. 4, before the job, cheer inside each oil aperture lubricant, idling test-drive affirms without reason barrier just can work. 5, when the machine tool runs, forbid to check workpiece surface with the hand bright and clean spend and measure work measure. 6, when the component that hold card, board hand should accord with a requirement, must not add bushing to screw in order to increase moment of force nut. 7, forbid to twine emery cloth to go with the hand burnish roll spare parts. 8, rotational to high speed prejudicial workpiece or abnormal workpiece should be added deserve to weigh, make balance test, salient add shield. 9, change gear, assemble and unassemble clamping apparatus must dump, stop firm hind ability undertakes       10, before taking a knife automatically, adjust and tighten solid journey spacing implement, dial feed handgun. 11, when coming off work, want to put all sorts of handle taking a knife in empty shelves setting, pull down switch, brush try a machine tool to clean sanitation. 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