The machine tool of old old numerical control of imitate servo drive is transformed

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Summary: Pass specific example, debug from systematic type selecting, electric wiring, installation wait for a respect, provide a kind of means to configure the machine tool of old old numerical control of imitate servo drive to transform. Keyword: Numerical control machine tool transforms setup of system of methodological numerical control to debug Jinan the milling machine of boring of calm diplodocus door that limited company of group of 2 machine tools uses system of French numerical control 1 times deserves to 4 servo control an axis (library of X, Y, Z, knife) with a main shaft, servo controls an axis to all install exterior increment coder, actuating device of servo of imitate of 611A of use Xi Menzi and 1FT5 servo electric machinery, main shaft uses actuating device of 611A main shaft and electric machinery of 1PH6 main shaft. At present numerical control system yuan ageing of parts of an apparatus, fault rate is high, the system often dies machine, restrict production badly, for this, the decision undertakes transforming to this machine tool. One, transform program 1.

Function of electric machinery of electric machinery of servo of actuating device of servo of imitate of 611A of Xi Menzi of machine tool of choice of numerical control system, 1FT5, 1PH6 main shaft and rigid structure are still fine, mechanical wear is lesser. Because this is managing cost, make transform cycle the shortest, make full use of existing natural resources, principle of choice of numerical control system is: ① satisfies requirement of control number of axle. Part of ② numerical control offers enough PLC input and output point. ③ NC part suits mill, cut, boring, operation, process designing, debug safeguard convenient. ④ sex price is compared tall. ⑤ can be offerred - 10V ~ + 10V imitate quantity controls signal, control 611A drive module. ⑥ can be used outside outfit coder, implementation servo axis half closed-loop control. Compare integratedly, the choice is based on PROFIBUS bus line, the Sinu of compact unifinication - system of Merik802D numerical control. 802D system is controallable 4 feed axis and a main shaft, configure 3 handwheel and two PP72/48 input to output module, offer 144 inputs dot and 96 output point. Transforming technical difficulty is the union of 802D system and actuating device of 611A imitate servo, choose module of interface of ADI4 imitate drive now, this module is controallable 4 take imitate set to be worth interface actuating device, 4 inputs are used at coder of TTL signal increment. 2.

Design of circuitry of module of interface of electric join ADI4 is simple, system of a 802D joins through Profibus bus line module of 2 ADI4 interface, control feed axis and main shaft respectively, electric wiring sees a picture 1. The 4 TTL signal of use ADI4 module inputs join increment coder, optional means has: ① 3 2500 lines and coder of a 1024 lines. Coder of 9000 lines of ② , 18000 lines, 1024 lines, 2500 lines each 1. ③ 3 2048 lines and coder of a 1024 lines. Coder of 9000 lines of ④ , 18000 lines, 1024 lines, 2048 lines each 1. This second transform choice way ① (as option function, ADI4 module can join grating feet, criterion input of 4 TTL signal is: 3x2500, 1x9000; 3x5000, 1x18000; 4x2500; 4x5000) . As a result of PROFIBUS bus line deferent input outputs signal, undertake positional adjustment (speed is given and positional feedback signal) , link is very accordingly important, should notice the following. (1) the bus line address of PP72/48 by set of S1 of switch of the address on module. The bus line address of the first PP72/48 is " 9 " (leave factory set) , if choose,match the 2nd PP72/48, bus line address should set is " 8 " . (2) bus line equipment (PP72/48 and driver) do not have limitation orderly in the permutation of bus line, but do not allow to appear on bus line identical address. (3) PROFIBUS screen net should maintain good contact with lining of plug interior metal, note position of switch of plug terminal resistor. Nextpage2, installation is debugged 1.

The join of initialization file hardware that installs a machine tool is finished, before debugging will the first, the PROFIBUS-DP address of 2 ADI4 is set respectively for 16, 15. To simplify 802D system is debugged, box of 802D system tool offers the initialization document of the machine tool. Software of use WinPCIN communication passes into initialization file 802D system, undertake systematic initialization, move is as follows. (1) from WINDOWS " begin " in software of communication of the WinPCIN that start. (2) in choosing WinPCIN " binary system " communication means, choose to send, winPCIN occurrence choice sends file window (graph 2) . (3) find CONFIG folder, choose the initialization file of need. (4) manufacturer countersign is inputted in 802D system, enter communication picture, choice " binary system " means and with WinPCIN identical baud is led, choose next " read in start " . (5) choose " OPEN " , begin Chinese installation. Does 802D screen hint " read the data that start? " , bolt by soft menu " affirm " , transmission proceed. In transmission process, 802D has a certain number of second start automatically, time about 4min. Initialization configures parameter of craft of systematic coordinate and lathe, milling machine, and the treatment technology that installs a machine tool circulates. Be like this second transform a machine tool to use coder of 3 2500 lines and square wave of TTL of a 1024 lines, use WINPCIN to configure TOOLBOX mediumly file ADI4.

INI and 1-ADI4.

WPC is transmitted to 802D system. If PROFIBUS-DP telecommunication cable is normal, after transmission file is successful, the PW on ADI4 diagnoses indicator light green light to shine, EXCH green light is bright, conversely PW green light is bright, RDY red light is bright. Initialization is finished, undertake sequel is operated. 2.

PLC debugs software of use Programingtoolplc802 process designing to undertake PLC is debugged. There is program of PLC of milling machine standard in Sinumerik802DTOOLBOX, according to demand of machine tool action, program of modification standard PLC, undertake debugging to 802D system through transmission line download next. (1) use " 802D debugs cable " the COM1 of join computer and 802D. (2) 802D must enter online means: → of parameter of communication of set of → of join of STEP7 of → of systematic → PLC chooses " join open " , online interface sees a picture 3. (3) tool of process designing of the PLC that start, enter communication picture, set communication parameter, will compile without by accident PLC applies a program to download to 802D. (4) after download is successful, the PLC that start uses a program. (5) can use graph of Programingtoolplc802 monitoring echelon and in-house location position, still can use " across cites watch " whether does examination address conflict. 3.

PLC calls the police PLC of editor of software of text use TextManager calls the police text, pass into a system through 232. The system offers 64 PLC user to call the police, every call the police corresponding address of a NCK, will this " buy 1 " can activation correspondence calls the police, "Buy 0 " cleared call the police. 4.

Machine tool data debugs a basis the machine tool is characteristic, each axis decreases setting machine tool speed ratio, each axis allows athletic speed, each axis to add decelerate parameter, each axis to answer 0 parameter, each axis to losing the parameter such as soft spacing. 5.

Backup of parameter backup data is very important, the machine tool is debugged basically end, can undertake parameter backs up. 802D system provides a variety of data backup meanses, if systematic data can be in,card of systematic interior, PC or computer hard disk back up. 3, the function of milling machine of boring of door of numerical control dragon after transforming the effect is perfect, the operation is handy, treatment product quality is stable and reliable. Still have the machine tool of old old numerical control of actuating device of many configuration imitate servo at present, enlist in army old, electron of numerical control system yuan parts of an apparatus tends ageing, and actuating device of servo of machine tool imitate and mechanical part are passable use, afore-mentioned example are this kind of equipment transform provided a kind of means. CNC Milling