Razor blade of P, M, K

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This is razor blade of 3 kinds of when Sandvik company develops new-style hard alloy. ① P kind bit is machined with Yu Gang's turning, the characteristic is bit two sides all can be used, can use at heavy-duty and puissant cutting; Bit is before horn, cutting force is small; The stable range of bit bottom is wider, cutting is smooth. ② M kind bit is machined with the turning at stainless steel, the characteristic is cutting blade sharp, the chamfer that break bits is mouth type, cutting force is lesser, the chamfer that accumulate bits is lesser also, produce burr not easily. ③ K kind bit is machined with the turning of Yu Zhu iron, the characteristic is geometrical appearance applicability can extensive, already formed series of razor blade of GC3000 of cast-iron turning appropriative. CNC Milling