Perfect numerical control is straight-cut and automatic lathe GD 16

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The point arrives from small lot the production of large quantities of quantities, box of adjustable cutting tool makes achieve new-style machine tool structure to be able to satisfy the treatment of each angle, no matter be,conform to the principle of simplicity sheet arrives complex turning part. The turning diameter with the biggest GD16 is 16 millimeter. Straight-cut and automatic lathe is in numerical control of GILDEMEISTER Italiana GD in automatic lathe domain, assure highest productivity for the client. Its design serves the workshop environment at the tradition, GD from numerical control straight-cut and automatic lathe can improve efficiency, convenient production manages. The great ability high-speed that the straight bobbin of 5 numerical control uses at machining a diameter to be 16 millimeter moves quickly speed (minutely 30 meters) the character that the axial acceleration with all and linear axis pays main shaft to be the same as main shaft to have static state and trends euqally. Technical data and Mm 16 of diameter of characteristic the biggest turning are the biggest R/min 12 of main shaft speed, 000 demarcate are dynamoelectric output (laden and periodic 100/%) KW 1.

Are 5 main shaft perpendicular is journey Mm 160 all does the axis move quickly the acceleration of all axes of speed M/min 30 does M/s² 10 cutting tool count: ? Pool ǖ crouchs demarcate of 5+3 of? motivation blade holder dynamoelectric output (laden and periodic 100%) KW 1.

The stationary cutting tool of opposite of 5 treatment photograph counts 18i of series of Fanuc of system of 3 numerical control to control systematic Fanuc Series 18i: GE Fanuc controlled user interface of the Windows on systematic join to assure to operate simplification, combinative PCMCIA interface makes data conveys and communication contact is very convenience. The innovation that applies on servo electric machinery and digital pilot actuating device controls a technology, made sure computational procedure is quick, accurate, transmissibility rises, the voluntary program function that understands easily and operation are sequential imitate sex makes operate simplification complexly further. CNC Milling