Alterable model Wen Cheng technology acts the role of the application that go up in car inside and outside

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Alterable model Wen Cheng technology serves as a kind of relatively mature craft that note model, entering automobile industry from industry of traditional home appliance, communication in. Cooperate to apply to high standard lukewarm shaping modified project is plastic, this technology will be acted the role of for car inside and outside the design brings more originality. The article made analytic introduction to the manufacturing advantage of this craft. In recent years, the exterior trim inside the car notes model increasingly Xiang Bihou demand of more complex, strength reachs thinner, structure higher the way with more elegant exterior develops, make traditional constant fixed die thereby Wen Cheng technology gets used to this one development to ask hard, because it restricted the development train of thought that designs staff greatly, make new design originality gets coming true hard. For this, the alterable model Wen Cheng that already got applied extensively in large LCD monitor and electronic communication industry technology was introduced now in automobile manufacturing industry, for example, the inside and outside of the new model such as North America Ford is acted the role of even if use this technology to be produced to come out. Decide modular Wen Cheng technology unlike traditional constant, alterable model Wen Cheng technology can be in the process of Injection Molding, need according to what produce actually at any time, change the exterior temperature of the mould, optimize the purpose of function of the product that note model in order to achieve. Graph the 1 working level that reflected alterable model Wen Cheng skill and its and constant are fixed die the contrast of Wen Cheng technology. Graph the working phase of Wen Cheng of 1 alterable model technology and its and constant are fixed die the contrast of Wen Cheng technology is in alterable model Wen Cheng process, its warm up level but be able to come true by a variety of methods, gas of heat of heat of the Wen Jia that be like water, oily Wen Jia, high temperature heats, steam heats, report heats, electromagnetism induction heats and aeriform combustion heats etc. Because water is warm heating highest temperature is too low, oily Wenjiarehui produces oil gas problem, electromagnetism induction heats to be not applied to large make, aeriform combustion heats to shaping the demand of equipment is higher, give priority to because of the method heating commonly to heat with steam with report on this market. As technical development, still appeared at present infrared ray heats reach stimulate beam of light to heat directly wait to heat newly technology. Lukewarm to alterable model shape drop in temperature level, the method of implementation is compared normally onefold, basically use cooling water to cool drop in temperature. Because have a lot of advantage, make alterable model Wen Cheng technology notes model for the exterior trim inside the car shape brought revolutionary progress. Here, heat with the report of Korea NADA company control technology (E-Mold) for exemple, the applied advantage in introduce alterable model Wen Cheng technology to act the role of production in car inside and outside. Shape Wen Cheng of shorter alterable model technology passes cycle to rise to drop in temperature blandly quickly, can will shape periodic control is inside shorter time. General, of small part shape cycle is in 30s less than, of large component shape cycle is in 60s less than, although a few shape the crystallization with particularly high temperature plastic, its shape periodic also but controlled in 120s less than. Graph 2 showed fuel cell space implement shape circumstance of periodic temperature change. Graph space of 2 fuel cell implement shape the exterior trim inside the car of piano lacquer effect that circumstance of periodic temperature change wins common spray paint to come true hard notes model the trend of a development that escapes spray to already made car trade at present. Now, car interior trim the design experience that the design also drew lessons from crust of Gao Guangze home appliance, gao Guangze lens side effect introduces in the design. For example, the interior trim that uses to model of SUV of a few motile, the architect employs alloy of Gao Guangze ABS or PC alloy makes dashboard controller and draw a frame round of face of auxiliary facia consolt, and the interior trim such as plaque of door armrest outfit, use land of sex of PMMA material innovation at car exterior trim, wait like plaque of door center pillar. These material changed tradition of car interior trim inferior smooth, gentle design style, make its more lively, alter feeling and keener. The graph shows the interior trim that is Ford Xin Yihu 3 times. Graph the interior trim of 3 Ford Xin Yihu increases model the standard Pi Wen with masses car is Pi Wen uniformity exemple, k31 and K48 skin grain are its have representative fine Pi Wen and thick Pi Wen. In the experiment, used day of lake of Shanghai bright and beautiful beautiful plastic limited company offers inferior smooth class PC/ABS HAC8250Z serves as base material, use alterable model Wen Cheng technology and constant to decide modular Wen Cheng technology to undertake processing to this material respectively, result, shape via two kinds of the product that technical production gives inferior smooth pitch has clear distinction, see a table 1. Nextpage is reduced shape internal stress, reduce warp, increase model the internal stress that heat-resisting function notes the generation in model process is the main reason that causes car component to produce warp after shape normally. Making after shaping, because stress is released hard, brought about craze consequently, be out of shape wait for a lot of problem. If use alterable model Wen Cheng technology, can be in the process of fuse-element fill antrum, through be in modular lukewarm control the above of melting point temperature of material, will prevent the generation of internal stress effectively. The graph is shown 4 times for Bao Bi the stress of poriferous structure is out of shape circumstance. Graph 4 thin walls are poriferous structural stress is out of shape marked improvement model frit wiring exterior, raise frit wiring intensity to use alterable model Wen Cheng technology, improve model effectively the outward appearance that handles in frit wiring position. The door armrest Control Panel that shapes with E-Mold is exemple, place is PC/ABS with material. Aborning, the alterable model Wen Cheng that used controller of open E-Mold temperature respectively technology and the constant that shut controller are fixed die Wen Cheng technology. Introduce alterable model Wen Cheng when, because the plastic fuse-element sharp edge end when charging a pattern maintains,be on higher temperature, the member that sentences in frit lapping defect so is arranged more orderly, the cross-linking between the element is more close together, mirror in model on the exterior, behave the lapping defect that it is frit to disappear gentlier even, mirror on mechanical function, the intensity that behaves the wiring that it is frit is higher, if pursue 5, the graph is shown 6 times. Graph sketch map of 5 frit lapping defect pursues 6 with alterable model Wen Cheng technology shapes photograph of 100 times microscope raises the frit lapping defect of the Gao Guang side that give and Pi Wen face model can eletroplate component of the exterior trim inside a lot of cars needs property, be like: Medicinal powder door of handle of hot grille, door, end is acted the role of, dashboard acts the role of lever of circle, shift gears circle and inside door catch hand. In the process of plating on plastics, thick changing is very important one link, thick the adhesion that the stand or fall that die will affect film directly, brightness and integrality. Thick when changing, pass the oxidation of CrO3, deliquescent give butadiene, in colophony apparently form 1 ~ the anchorage hole of 2 μ M. The oxidation of butadiene is decomposed gift colophony surface wait for polarity radical with carboxyl, the adherent force of the adsorption that is helpful for colloid palladium and follow-up film. Thick before changing, model level level of the surface will be affected directly thick the quarter corrode result that turns juice. In the polishing level of mould surface same situation falls, use alterable model Wen Cheng technology, can make model the surface is slicker, thick the quarter corrode after changing is evener, model leftover stress is less. Relative to the craft noting model at the tradition, model eletroplate fine rate is higher. Graph 7 shape to differ technology is right thick the electric lens picture that changes an effect. Nextpage realizes the tall burnish surface of material of the fine that contain Bo to be in car component, to achieve the requirement that designs intensity, be like PA+ Bo fine via often can be being used or the material such as PBT+ Bo fine. Normally, these spare partses can be used as structural member only, because exterior float fine makes,its are used on exterior face hard. And use alterable model Wen Cheng technology, the Bo fine that dominates data effectively appears problem (show 8 times like the graph) , can use data of the fine that contain Bo thereby the inside and outside of car of direct Injection Molding is acted the role of. Through using distinctive material modified method, day of lake of Shanghai bright and beautiful beautiful the piano that plastic limited company used E-Mold technology to realize PC+30% Bo fine is inky bright effect. Anyhow, the advantage that place of alterable model Wen Cheng technology has the effect of tall burnish surface that some can achieve product of content of tall Bo fine this kind is other shape technology hard look forward to reachs. In traditional design, the structural member that particular to having strength asks, the crystallization that can choose the fine that add Bo normally project plastic or polycarbonate alloy material, these material have very good bending strength and impact strength normally, but, because Bo fine content exceeds 30% normally, accordingly, should use constant to decide the model is lukewarm when shaping, the float a rope for towing a boat that makes an appearance cannot be eliminated, outside restricting material of the fine that add Bo to be in thereby watch an application that go up. Use alterable model Wen Cheng technology, outside can realizing material of the fine that add Bo to be in watch an application that go up, also perhaps can achieve structural member and outward appearance unifinication design. Such design can reduce the amount of component not only, also can reduce the design difficulty of partial component, reduce ship-fitter order, control cost effectively. The graph shows the Bo fine that is PC+30%GF material 9 times to appear state microscope photograph. The Bo fine of graph 9PC+30%GF material appears because state microscope photograph is alterable a lot of advantage of modular Wen Cheng technology, at present already partial leader plant introduced this technology in the design, try to implement more design concepts, rich inside and outside is acted the role of material choice. Watch 2 showed a few more successful application case. Actually, the E-Mold technology of Korea NADA company is in alterable model is lukewarm there also is its limitation in shaping application. Above all, because use, is to bury report to heat beforehand great mould skill, cannot undertake transforming using to existing mould so; Next, heat prefably the plasticity of strong figure is lesser, cannot come true to lead curved surface and deep aperture side with yeast for making hard liquor cooperate, restricted its to apply; The rise of mould cost is brought about individual make smooth booth shapes cost raises, make its are in small lot is special the application on the product is restricted by cost. The place on put together is narrated, alterable model Wen Cheng technology regards a kind of relatively mature Injection Molding as craft, entering automobile industry from industry of traditional home appliance, communication in. Cooperate to apply to high standard lukewarm shaping modified project is plastic, this technology is sure to be the exterior trim inside the car the design brings more originality. CNC Milling