The design of base part pattern is analysed

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Base is a spare parts that looks very simple, but should have done it, still a lot of design skill. Product feature analyses this product is lower part of monitor of flat color television " base " , material is PC character. Model is more compact, but to Injection Mold Tooling, method giving a model is very trival. Because of crust all around what all be 5 ° is inclined, 4 screw drawing of patterns is restricted badly. The initial tentative plan of mould structure is done " inclined top piece " it is the directest think of a way, see a picture 2. As a result of 4 screw drawing of patterns is to use ejector sleeve to come true, from the graph 2 can see, inclined top piece with ejector sleeve be mutual interference, if be in inclined top piece go up a breach, escape ejector sleeve, but as a result of inclined top piece the level wants to move when drawing of patterns 9.

2mm, punch of ejector sleeve outboard will be opened. Additional, because the bottom of the product encircles R0 along Zhou Youyi.

The round horn of 5, so inclined top piece go up to have necessarily sunken below 0.

The modelling of 5, when inclined top piece support up when rising, regular meeting has an inward level to move, but this sunken 0 below.

The place of 5 should was full of plastic hind can hold back inclined top piece the level moves. So, with inclined top piece plan won'ts do. The 2nd train of thought is to do " inside shrink slide block " . If the graph is shown 4 times, if 2 inside shrink slide block to intermediate shift, to 4 screw vacate the position, the product is OK and normal drawing of patterns, but this plan also will face two problems, the first it is inclined shovel piece must be in fixed die at the same time, if be put in movable mould,will not arrange the cooling water route of movable mould core at the same time. The 2nd be two inside shrink clearance of slide block orbital is met for certain " auger makings " , such moulds will not work normally. So, the slip orbit arrangement that must want to slide block shrinks inside method general is in fixed die at the same time. Cent model above all we will fluctuate first the model parts simply, see a picture 5. On graph 5() below graph 6() shrink for the slide block inside implementation core orgnaization, modular core can be broken up. Fundamental part is such, the cooling water route that still can arrange ideal and ejector sleeve top give an orgnaization. One when remain is like a graph 7. Graph 7 it can be broken up 3, be slide block and inclined shovel shrink inside the design piece " basic model " , as a result of product formative reason, have at the same time " edge " , do not have at the same time " edge " , so inclined shovel piece the rake of 2 side is different, it is 4 ° at the same time, across is 10 ° , see a picture 8. Graph 8 inside shrink slide block and inclined shovel piece shrink inside the design slide block and inclined shovel piece the design is the crucial location that covers mould design originally, the design of all and other part is obedient at inside shrink slide block and inclined shovel piece design. As a result of in front mentioned account, these 3 are to be arranged to be in fixed die at the same time, one among became inclined shovel piece, 2 make it of two side inside shrink slide block. Finally, these 3 designs see a picture 9. The condition when graph 9nextpage flies a model sees a picture 10. Graph 10 at this moment slide block can have departed with the product, see a picture 11. Graph 11 come completely from the emergence in the product till slide block, the product follows move after movable mould core, in athletic process, slide block shrinks to go up inside sunken " T chamfer " with inclined shovel piece of the protruding that go up " T chamfer " it is not detached from beginning to end, see a picture 12. Graph 12 considering these 3 hardwares is the central position in the product, refrigeration is attached most importance to especially should, be in so inclined shovel piece in installed " pond " and " lie between water piece " , see a picture 13. Graph of 13 both sides inside shrink slide block is made with beryllium copper, can improve the efficiency that heat conducts so, inclined shovel piece be to use the alloy steel of wear-resisting to make, hardness is spent for HRC52. Fixed die benevolence the design requirement according to the client, this mould is one model of 2 acupuncture point, considering runner and crosscurrent should as far as possible short, want to consider slide block of 2 inter block has enough mobile space again, be apart from the center of 2 acupuncture point the design to become 130mm so, see a picture 14. Graph 14 break up to request an audience graph 15. Graph this 15 fixed die benevolence with fixed die of casing fixed, we adopted a such design. Because consider inside shrink slide block and inclined shovel piece between the space that has an opposite campaign (45mm) , and inside shrink slide block is to be added to be in fixed die benevolence go up, fixed die benevolence it is to be secured to be in fixed die on casing, and inclined shovel piece it is fixed be in fixed die on motherboard, so, every time flies a model, fixed die casing is met with fixed die motherboard departure 45mm. So fixed die benevolence must want to secure in fixed die on casing, but fixed die the floor of casing is opened, the method that groovy screw secures is not effective. We used the fixed method of next graphs, in fixed die benevolence the opposite made a step, tighten up screw from step place, see a picture 16. Graph such 16 fixed methods can make fixed die Ren Fei often is stabilized, can obtain the shortest main trend to again at the same time. Fixed die casing and fixed die the slip join design of motherboard used average level mould bases to add the construction that holds guide-post bushing of add guide pillar, athletic distance is by 4 spacings screw is controlled, see a picture 17. Such graph 17nextpage structure is simpler, treatment is convenient, also leave out the charge of custom-built and special mould bases (the mould bases that is not mark commonly should increase price 30% ) . Slide block shrinking to slide slide block shrinks to slide orbital is designed inside orbital design inside is the structure that uses formula blocking groove, from the graph 18 can see have on modular casing for " orbit " the breach of installation, those who had machined " orbit " can very insert from lateral breach conveniently go in, secure with screw next. "Orbit " the alloy steel that uses high grade wear-resisting is made, hardness is spent for HRC58. Graph the design that 18 mainstreams notes model result to obtain first-rate, if pursue,used the runner of 19 is covered. Graph 19 its need note model machine to configure appropriative lengthen nozzle additionally. Runner is covered with of modular benevolence cooperate to be in the taper that used 3 ° , in order to avoid fixed die casing and fixed die board the runner when departure is covered be pulled wool and generation flash. Runner and the conceal type runner that what into makings mouth the runner system of this product uses is convention see a picture 20. Graph 20 plastic go up from the product additional enter on a flake, after the product comes out, excise it again, such effect that note model is better. Graph the model with the efficiency that 21 fixed die refrigeration note model to produce to rise and even control is lukewarm, in order to reduce the internal stress of the product, fixed die the part used sufficient refrigeration. Fixed die benevolence refrigeration was to use 2 " odd loop " if pursue 22. Graph 22 2 place " inclined shovel piece " it is significant cooling position, the relation of product punch part as a result of the structure, shrinking inside is to do those who be less than refrigeration on slide block, whole punch caloric 50% lean " inclined shovel piece " among " pond " take away. Its canalage is from fixed die go in motherboard, if pursue 23. Cover for escape runner, a circle was circled on calm pattern plate, because want to consider the worker of the machine that note model receives the convenience of refute conduit, if pursue,can do so only 23. Graph the connect that 2 23 fixed die conduit export is the opposite a side that arrangement is pouring model machine to operate face plate, such tone mechanic receive refute conduit to go to the lavatory quite, conduit connect puts less in the mould as far as possible above and below, the water pipe fittings of superpose is being installed tear open from time to tome water rusts easily on the mould. The conduit connect costume that is put below tears open inconvenience, and plastic conduit can affect a product to fall down. Be like a graph so of 24 decorate more appropriate. Graph 24nextpage is fixed die the state after the part is assembled finally is 2 office are set on cent face conic essence positioner. Locate as accurately as movable mould part, the product wall that comes out with assuring to note model is large even and pretty good see a picture 25. Graph a crucial movement of this 25 moulds is fixed die casing and fixed die the empty shelves that motherboard wants apart 45mm, force " inclined shovel piece " with " inside shrink slide block " apart 45mm. The pulling force of this movement is to rely on 4 " nylon pulls a hammer " will come true. When flying a model as a result of " nylon pulls a hammer " action, movable mould board draws movable mould circle closely, when fixed die 6 on casing " spacing screw " reach the designated position, at this moment inside shrink slide block has shrunk reach the designated position, movable mould board ability and fixed die casing is apart. "Nylon pulls a hammer " tensile invalidation, criterion " inside shrink slide block " movement also invalidation, product will by " inside shrink slide block " blow bad. Fixed die on casing with " nylon pulls a hammer " of suitable aperture inside exterior requirement is very smooth, such " nylon pulls a hammer " tensile ability is reflected adequately, and " nylon pulls a hammer " life can be lengthened. The designs movable mould whole outward appearance of movable mould sees a picture 26. Graph 26 movable mould benevolence see a picture 27. Graph 27 movable mould benevolence close in the mould condition and 2 inside slide block and inclined shovel piece join closely, include 2 side the cant of 3 ° and underside, if clearance is met greatly " get makings " , make inside slide block cannot work normally. Graph 28 we put it transparent look, by the graph 29 can see there are 2 places on every movable mould benevolence " pond " with ejector sleeve aperture. Graph the water-cooling of part of 29 movable mould sees a picture however 30. Graph the top of 30 products goes out by the graph 31 visible, the top of the product goes out simpler, rely on 4 ejector sleeve to come true. Graph the appearance of mould of 31 a complete set of requests an audience graph 32. Graph 32 CNC Milling