Homebred robot brand

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New loose robot loosens newly company subject the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it is with the robot particular technology is core one, the high-tech that devotes oneself to to digitlize equipment of intelligent high end to make appears on the market enterprise. The robot product line of the company covers industry robot, clean (vacuum) robot, mobile robot, special type robot and intelligent service robot 5 old series, among them fill of industrial robot product is multinomial home is blank, created breakthrough of on phylogeny of Chinese robot industry 88 first. The company is core with industrial robot technology, formed large automation whole set to equip with a variety of product categories, apply extensively at the car truckload reach traffic of machine of car component, project, orbit, low-pressure electric equipment, electric power, IC equipment, war industry, nicotian, finance, medicine, metallurgy and presswork publish wait for an industry. CNC Milling