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MAG follows design of travel clamping apparatus distinctly, make product line treatment more quick with advanced automation and Gao Shuiping flexible the production system for the target is paid close attention to extensively by people all the time, but the promotion as market demand and constant change, flexible production was gifted more meanings, include to change the knife, treatment function that changes workpiece automatically; Deposit with tray and the workpiece that carriage system is core with carriage function; With all sorts of detect automatically device is measured automatically for core, fixed position and protective function. Adopt the design of special clamping apparatus especially, will realize Gao Rou sex to machine, for flexible product line is had representative use square car component to machine a domain, offerred more the choice of actor, during making transition transfers thereby much breed product in all line production becomes a possibility, win cost effectiveness for the user. MAG follows the design of a clamping apparatus high in flexible product line product line, can be aimed at the product of a series, if 4 crock, 6 crocks engine cylinder body are machined, can finish on a product line, what say normally namely in all line production. As the development of car component market, show what the FMS that the production of car component is not the many fashionable year ago any more can satisfy nowadays, and more incline to makes scale at large quantities of quantities. MAG also gifted flexible the meaning with special product line. The FMS that says normally (Flexible Manufacturing System) flexible product line, the main target that be aimed at is the production of much breed, small lot, so the component such as lid of cylinder body of the engine in regular meeting and car, crock is contacted. But at present automobile industry is happening to change, recombine the amplification with dimensions ceaselessly as the enterprise, the production of much breed, small lot has applied to them no longer, also be the consideration that stems from cost at the same time, at present company of a lot of cars is introducing the product line that large quantities of quantities produce. Among them most the component of core, if engine cylinder body, crock covers the production that wait, produce per year a quantity to be controlled in 200 thousand normally. MAG is the product line that client place provides, have flexible, but can not calling is flexible product line, say it is had flexible, because it is OK,be according to the change of engine model change, and cannot be called flexible the reason of product line is, it applies to large quantities of quantities to produce, small lot of and rather than. If where,large quantities of quantities are reflected in production flexible the concept of treatment, it is the issue that at present MAG needs to consider. Although be big batch production, but also be not invariable, this is to stem from pair of car component to make the consideration that changes along with market demand, because hard to avoid can encounter a product to change model with development, this kind of cycle is 23 years commonly. And the product line of sex of MAG Gao Rou cannot become FMS to still have another reason, it is MAG is distinctive design along with travel clamping apparatus. Along with travel clamping apparatus, suit to go up artificially the cylinder body of makings and the different breed that expect automatically up and down (diesel engine, gasoline engine) production, the application that follows a clamping apparatus makes the product to a series, if 4 crock, 6 crocks engine cylinder body are machined, can finish on a product line, what say normally namely in all line production. This kind of product line is transformed easily, need to change clamping apparatus only, change a program with respect to what realized a product model treatment. Current, the product line that contains the special design that follows a clamping apparatus has been in partial car plant of abroad to use, this technology also will be thrown in joint-stock factory of home at the near future use, if what Beijing runs quickly is Chang'an Ford, new the project of motor product line is medium. Had design of such special product line, processes product can have transition at any time. Contain the product line that designs along with travel clamping apparatus to be able to be used at car, lorry to mix truckload the treatment of the component such as the crock lid of factory of form a complete set, cylinder body, gear-box. The character with modern production the mainest system is flexible, and modular and can making up a gender is landlord of this kind of system want character. In automobile industry, to answer the change of car market demand, each car production makes what the manufacturer makes to the production of the car also be made accordingly adjust. This makes everybody more incline to at buying efficient and agile machine tool equipment. The high production that the machining center of horizontal of SPETCH T series of MAG company expands trend emerge as the times require in the light of the car namely, high grade, efficient, low cost, low safeguarded machining center. Carry this product, MAG motivation assembly established new standard to can configure a gender, built new modular measure. Machining center of horizontal of SPETCH T series is OK the basis manufactures technology, automation carries mode and systematic type to undertake assorted to use, offer best configuration. Space of floor of OK and contented client, specific power consumption and medium are used up, the requirement of the respect such as human body engineering and convenient maintenance. Machining center of horizontal of SPETCH T series chooses series of the odd main shaft that the ground installs and machine tool of double main shaft, the machine tool of different specifications can be assembled on same machine tool, realize the production of top level with be being covered an area of lesserly then. In addition, this product is in not only energy efficiency respect is very advanced, of its lubricant and cutting fluid use up special also economy, assemble less cooling fluid to use up implementation wet treatment, with minim lubricant implementation does type treatment. The design of the machine tool raised human body further engineering and can safeguard a gender. The design of SPECTCH T series from went up to improve manufacturing environment greatly at all, reduced moving cost; Machine tool lathe bed, treatment area and defend pass elaborate design, drench with reducing refrigeration to rush as far as possible system and oily mist the need of processing system, in order to reduce electric machinery, water pump reduces energy loss. Do not work when the machine when, algorithm of MAG advanced control enters the machine Morpheus mode stage by stage, this reduces the sources of energy to use up further with noise / heat is discharged. Standard machining center provided central automatic lubricant system, use NLGI-00 liquid oil. This utmost ground reduced lube to enter the loss of cooling fluid system, added the service life of cooling fluid, at the same time utmost ground reduces grease complement frequency; Machining center of horizontal of SPECTCH T series has minim to lubricate (MQL) the ability of treatment, this is user leave out groovy cooling fluid system and relevant the sources of energy are used up reach relevant maintenance and processing cost. The craft of MAG, treatment solution and automation solution send plan definitely, offer for the user include cutting tool, clamping apparatus and spare parts process designing inside whole joins key project. Meanwhile, the various work that user need includes in the program that MAG offers transmit a solution, to Gao Rou from simple base robot MAG CINCRON clamping apparatus of the gender stores and deferent system. CINCRON, tray of this high speed conveys and storage system is made by MAG design, all over the world each district consign more than 150, compositive hundreds horizontal machining center. This system can let an user assemble and unassemble in loading area various spare partses, the spare parts clamping apparatus that transmits a requirement automatically next arrives machine of the first practicable. In MAG recently in the project, MAG company offers the first to domestic user first by the car engine cylinder body that transmits the task along with the workpiece of travel clamping apparatus that finish product line. The robot that machines unit to realize 5 axes automation to produce company of Methods machine tool assembles and unassemble automatically system and tray identify a system, help client realizes batch to machine production. Company of Methods machine tool is supplier of an accurate machine tool, it offers all sorts of automation solutions that pass elaborate design. Among them a Med processes unit. Of this independence, the solution that passes elaborate design deserves to have system of Fanuc RoboDrill of a 5 axes, use robot of Fanuc Robotics LR Mate 200iC to assemble and unassemble automatically. The 5 axes workbench on RoboDrill system deserves to one is cover inside system of buy clamping apparatus, it uses the general tray that offers on the market. This design that processes unit applies to medical treatment industry, and applicable uses a field at producing the other automation that is a center with 5 axes. Med machines unit to still include system of a tray identifying, it can let an user will contain the tray of different spare parts, ground of one after another is put to feed transmission belt in succession, will identify every tray by this system, move take corresponding machine program. This kind of means can make the user can undertake the batch of a spare parts machines production coming less. Automation system: Modular flexible product line is passed long nobody turn movement, but utmost land raises locomotive rate, improve manufacturing efficiency. Henceforth, as the Chinese labor cost continuity rises, automation, long the demand of system of unmanned movement production will be higher and higher. Of MAZAK company modular flexible product line, from 1991 up to now already to world each district in all consign nearly 2000. Systematic lead plane can be a vertical machining center to 16, horizontal machining center or compound treatment opportunity, through long nobody turn movement, but utmost land raises locomotive rate, improve manufacturing efficiency. Additional, this system is used in consign hind, the enlarge that the client can follow crop expands conveniently greatly system, because this can reduce earlier investment, benefit at investing capital inchoate reclaim. From at present the applied example on the market looks, product line basically has two kinds of kind: One kind is only station (or much stage) general machining center matchs with many tray (or multilayer much tray) flexible form; Another kind is much stage machine tool (it is special machine tool more) coupling rises, distribute the rigid form with shipping unit automatically. Former the small lot in suiting, much breed is machined, and the big batch production that latter suits onefold breed more. What some client place use is flexible the line can deploy 10 tray, belong to monolayer to arrange, two fluctuation makings stands, the manipulator that relies on campstool to overcome him company to produce finishs fluctuation makings job, all preparation work that because this machine tool is adding the jockey between time limit for a project to be able to finish the rest,processes link reduces blame cutting time greatly thereby, the cutting tool of its knife library uses matrix type to arrange, can accommodate the cutting tool of 330 different type at most, can be competent completely much mission treatment. This kind flexible product line is not cutting only time and this two respects compare the time that change a knife stand-alone production reduced the handling time of nearly 40% , compete in the market increasingly intense today, saved time to also win out with respect to what mean competition. This returns the monolayer that is tray merely to arrange, now what campstool overcomes nowadays is flexible product line can accomplish tray three-layer to arrange at most, its and monolayer are flexible line photograph is compared and character, the advantage is more self-evident. Automation production needs to use automation to measure the automation measurement technique that uses a kind of innovation, will help solve much machine tool flexible the problem with manufacturing environment inherent place. Mark Albert2008 year, kurt production company installed an automation to produce a system in its Minneapolis manufactory (APS) . This APS system and treatment unit whole set throw production, the spare parts that enters this system treatment is a course beforehand the cast of spray paint, when leaving this system, already made the component that has assembled. Strategy of its very will effective tool clamping apparatus and advanced and complex measurement the system is united in wedlock together, all sorts of variable that effectively control machines the place in the operation to appear in APS treatment, heat treatment and grinding. Measuring is one of crucial factors that Kurt company automation produces a system to score a success. The form of bench clamp casting that processes without nicety is like picture place to show, this is this cast use in a grinder of automation system assemble and unassemble automatically the statement that the treatment circumstance Nextpage before workpiece makes limited company according to Kurt, people takes the height of tool clamping apparatus of its Anglock brand seriously, it is the precision that is based on them and wear well sex. Because,be this reason, this company claims, 50 come for years, these bench clamp make this company's best-selling product all the time. This company is clear also, this kind of product is sure have very strong price competition ability. High grade bench clamp, very good price, it is to make win the home to hold leadership position and the key that boycott the person that abroad low is modelled on in the market. Whole set investment produces whole APS and treatment unit, the spare parts that enters this system treatment is a course beforehand the cast of spray paint, when leaving this system, already made the component that has assembled. This APS system has height inside buy automation level, can 24h keeps moving, need artificial interpose rarely. System of this one APS is overall decorated a graph to show configuration of L of this system blazing layout. Can see from the picture, grinder of plane of numerical control of two Chevalier CNC is arranged to be in assemble and unassemble at the back of workstation. The quality standard with the spare parts necessary short of that if produce,machining center is located in the left of setting, so use automation production to also be without a meaning of course. For example, the flatness of bench clamp component and parallelism must accord with close together tolerancepublic errand dimension to ask, this is two crucial quality index, although use very perfect manual technology, want to achieve this one standard to also be not easy thing. The flatness that the design of APS already was achieved or exceeded place regulation and dimension of parallelism public errand ask, change in nobody / below the circumstance that works without lamplight, also constant maintains its normal productivity reliably. According to the view of the design of Kurt company and personnel of its project technology, want be complete likelihood to achieve this, strategy of effective tool clamping apparatus and advanced and complex measurement because of APS the system is united in wedlock together. Their combination, all sorts of variable that can control the place in the operation is being processed with grinding in APS treatment, heat treatment effectively to appear. The component of Anglock bench clamp of 8 kinds of different type and different measurement, machine processing on APS, they accord with flatness and the test requirement of parallelism entirely. The position that Docklock pneumatic a powerful person locates the system is in, reach its how to be locking of body of casting of each bench clamp over grinder. These working measure by measure systematic monitoring so, be what makes its scored so extraordinary success after all? It is much machine tool flexible the diversification that produces a system is substaintial. Say simply, a variety of operations of much stage machine tool can increase the opportunity that creates an error necessarily. "Use this to plant muti_function the system will achieve taller repetition precision, the challenge that its face is: The treatment processing of body of any casting of specific bench clamp can adopt a variety of likely producer form, " report of manager of department of Kurt industry product Mr Jeff Lenz says. "For example, the body of bench clamp casting of a kind of specific type, in can using 5 treatment tray among them, it is on an any machine tools of 4 horizontal machining center undertake machining. This bench clamp also can stand in two heat treatment among them one has heat treatment, can be on the any tray of 6 tray, and be versed in in 6 grinding among them one undertakes grinding is machined. Use a variety of likely producer formula, use appropriative measures clamping apparatus of system, tool and SPC software, its flatness and parallelism can achieve our goal. And afore-mentioned all products that these things are Kurt company. " system of APS dekko APS is conspicuous because of its blazing mixture design. This system uses L position, among them L long leg part by a Mazak Palletech FMS (technology of campstool gram tray is flexible manufacturing system) composition, be linked together with 4 horizontal machining center all round its receive. Tray technology lades twice of the station among them one is managed by a robot, this robot also is to be mixed by workstation of a two planar grinder, heat treatment machining center of one Taichun vertical comprises " branch line " provide a service. Although system of this tray technology belongs to the device that the standard comparatives in this manufacturer technology, but this branch line is however develop by Kurt company among them a configuration, use at be opposite machine the accurate treatment that adds workpiece. On the system among them a monitor, showed body of bench clamp casting reading of apparently dimension of 28 public errand and other something makes APS and any other flexible manufacturing system unit differs somewhat, its designed the range of products that is Kurt him company to create to reveal a space distinctly. Unit of the Kurt tool clamping apparatus that project technology personnel uses a level, tool fixture that designs technically, Docklock and other project system and this one treatment assembles form a complete set. In fact, the treatment with effective tool stable to assuring, high grade clamping apparatus; Reliable robot assembles and unassemble; Attemper neatly the demand that arrangement produces with satisfying a product to mix; It is very crucial to all sorts of compositive combination that manufacture technology. Same, what crucial grinding machines operation criterion to be developed by metric branch of this company Kurt Gaging is special measure systematic place control. This one system uses the SPC software of this company. The core part of this system is a when its interior is designed and build metric workstation. When the primitive cast when bench clamp enters phase of final finish machining grinding, this are metric the station can is opposite each operation of body of bench clamp casting undertakes a series of measure, monitoring each craft (include heat treatment and machine treatment, grinding treatment) , need not change among. Nextpage " when body of bench clamp casting secures the treatment on clamping apparatus, a series of LVDT probe will be right peace of the flatness of this spare parts, ply is spent all right undertake metrical. This one process needs the time of 30s about. This are metric device will offer concerned measurement data, include the overall length of body of casting of this bench clamp, because this system operates personnel,complete understanding spare parts is in those who undertake each operation around is exact measure data. " Mr Lenz explanation says. Contact measures probe to move locally in the many keys of body of casting of each bench clamp, determine its height and require grinding amount. Apogee and nadir are found on the casting body without finish machining, the finish machining that is grinder is automatic process designing, the APS system that leads in order to make its reach the most significant operation level by SPC system by quality of SPC software monitoring, Kurt SPC Premium and Manager manager software are full automatic change computerized numerical control of machine tool, CNC and automatic data to collect provided interactive function. Check looks up grinding craft to be able to see this software is how to manage machine tool and other equipment, and how does the other measure in processing unit with APS system interact reach how to deliver consistent result. The grinder of plane of numerical control of two Chevalier Smart B246011 in APS, can machine processing to amount to 60 kinds of different bench clamp configuration. Maintain all measure that these differring to ensure exact location is mixed, locate in the Docklock pneumatic that Kurt company equiped on tray system. This system is sold through locating 4 at 0 o'clock make its secure the bottom in each tray, these fixed position are sold spark by bedspring fixed position, make tray is secured, release them through enraging a powerful person next. According to the view of this company, the fixed position precision that fixed position sells maintains in 0.

0002in (1in=25.

4mm) in limits, and the air cylinder of Docklock can lock up body of bench clamp casting closely calm, undertake grinding is machined in order to facilitate. The process of the fixed position that finish and locking needs a few seconds about. Of every grinder bear board can carry on amount to 3 tray, this wants a basis to the dimension of body of bench clamp casting and operation ask and be decided. Once be laded by the robot when tray,arrive when the lathe bed of grinder, after be being located by Docklock positioner, a metric head is met automatic perch, test and verify the position of each tray, detect the height of body of casting of each bench clamp. The fixed position that measures tray to go up quadrilateral through electronic means sells height and this is finished. This one process is for test and verify whether tray is aimed with workbench lathe bed, and likewise important is to check its to whether be put in any laden problems. The purpose of height of test and verify, it is to decide the grinding that place of body of casting of each bench clamp needs is measured. If height and load capacity are incorrect, the robot will try to undertake locating afresh to tray. If new fixed position did not win a success, tray general by repatriate, spark at the same time the orgnaization is given out to systematic operation personnel call the police, so that take corresponding step. The design that measures a head should bear quite abominable grinding machines an environment. The existence of cooling fluid and greasy filth should be not affected measure an operation or affect its to measure precision. Grinder and measure software and KurtUSB are collected to measure head interface hardware to undertake contacting directly through SPC data between the head. The measurement of the spare parts data starts with what grinding machines / stop dimension to will be passed to send grinder to control a system directly. After finishing each grinding to machine cycle, the measurement that has installed beforehand head general test and verify is final these precision that machine craft. (the precision for measure and master whole measure a process, in predefine and programmable cycle, use an independence to come at the fixed pin of grinder tray test and verify and the circumstance that master measure) . With installation APS the circumstance photograph when before is compared, use SPC software to control grinding to process an operation, can make machine periodic time to shorten 30% . In fact, the exercise of hand tool discharge previously already was washed out, need not latency time, this one word is done not have count this one latency time inside. The collection of data and analysis are collected in the data that passes a few weeks later, this company can identify the area that gives existence issue, the metabolic element that causes because of clamping apparatus, tool and other issue place through eliminating thereby, raise craft level ceaselessly, mr Lenz report says. "Data is collected in much data when us when, we established a kind of distributinging plan that contains a few mode, the technology of a kind of above is used in suggesting to be occupied in this. For example, the sign that data showed every horizontal machining center and every grinder to wait. " Mr Lenz continues to say: "Our measurement is installed ensure we can produce the system of bench clamp casting with a very stable quality, no matter APS processes unit,medium machine tool, clamping apparatus and tool system use what kind of combination. To optimize craft further, if appeared problem, or the feed speed that we get on in tool, clamping apparatus and machine tool made change, we can analyse our easily the effect that opposite produces. " before APS is installed, treatment of the heat treatment that Kurt company uses a convention, machine and grinding treatment unit will produce its bench clamp. Operation personnel must be passed groom specially ability is finished measure an order. The software that Mr Jon Baller is group of Kurt project system develops a manager, his memory says, the job is being measured previously is a slow process. It depends on the change of personnel, an operation personnel and another operation personnel differ somewhat, and each production number also differs somewhat, accordingly, keeping stable and high grade is a very big challenge, he says: "When we design new APS, its target is to use electronic means of precision of treatment of real time monitoring and each technology measure but date from sex. We had achieved this one goal. And, we used our labour force effectively. Now, we need 3 operations staff only, and old manufacturing system, we need 5 operations staff. And, new system upgrades very easily still, because we are in,carry on mix to order goods and increase order goods quantitative respect ever had experienced more change " ask an attention, this are new the system has a lot of advantages, one of the mainest proposals that Mr Baller offers are: "Build to agree with the large system that our bench clamp produces, make we can have an opportunity to show our ability. " in the final analysis, this kind of advantage has very important sense, because it was our company to provide the tool that its need, in order to hold the quality that its compete in global market and value. " a horizontal machining center that fights hill is in the dependability that machines unit to raise evening shift to work those who configured company of a Fastems is flexible after tray warehouse system and treatment unit controller, improved the crop of the spare parts and treatment quality, removed very much not stable factor at the same time. Everyday before dawn 12: 30 when, the evening shift manager of processing factory of Westwood nice spare parts can put out what can choose on unit of the treatment that fight hill to stop switch, be in after believing firmly everybody already left a workshop, shut all floodlight, lock up workshop gate. Mr John Landau is the manufacturing manager of Washington Everett workshop, he admits, be opposite at first a bottle of hill (Doosan) the horizontal machining center of the company and the Fastems with its form a complete set hold system of make an inventory of goods in a warehouse in the palm to move below the circumstance of nightly and unmanned guard feel do not be at ease. However, installing a year half later, he expresses, what make to raise machine tool utilization rate to this system contribute and " surprised " , the utilization rate that works inside 24h of this machine tool now was achieved 94% . Besides improve productivity beyond, this machine tool is almost weekly 7 days, everyday 24h keeps nobody change an operation to move, decreased to debug the time related the setting, cost and energy with workpiece, the not stable change that still eliminated the likelihood on whole production catenary to happen at the same time (pursue as follows) . Fight hill (Doosan) machining center of the HP 4000 of the company horizontal has enough tigidity, can be led in tall feed and puissant cutting Nextpage undertakes below high speed condition the job shops of this 35 people, the nicety of complex component machines the small lot in pursueing aerospace and medical treatment trade technically. Founded 1982 from this company since, the success that company president Mr Gordon Nisbet is this company and continue to develop made contribution. Spring 2010, in economic situation not quite below the circumstance of boom, he decides to purchase this to cover treatment unit, this is an investment with highest charge of this company odd pen, this also is a very big test to them. Mr Nisbet says: "Economic condition constituted menace, but rein in speed also strove for time to us, so that make the company can fit a situation, make its have more powerful competition ability, production efficiency, benefit and but foresight, can develop in the round better. " this company is affirmatory, next development plans that achieve these goals are implementation automation. Resemble a lot of other job shops in that way, to any specific works, before deciding its cycle begins, the operation business of Westwood company people have a series of measure needs examine and verify: Cleared the setting previously, change clamping apparatus and motherboard, assemble and unassemble cutting tool, upload next course, spark start the first cutting tool and the lesser measure that implement a large number of other using up to produce time. If consider relief, bait, so its machine down time and relevant charge even will taller. In fact, if stop in the evening everyday machine, can lose the manufacturing time of whole evening shift so. To any equipment, working batch, type and dimensions decided the norms that some lead plane and workpiece store. The treatment of the spare parts of prism shape aluminous metal that is aimed at nicety of tolerancepublic errand dimension, the requirement uses machine tool of linkage of axis of X, Y, Z, the cutting tool measure that its use is in 20 ~ 100 between. The batch limits that the spare parts machines from 1 ~ 250 or more, but upright normally at 25 ~ 100 between. Size of measures typical public errand is 1/10, exterior quality requirement is very strict. As a result of the unpredictable sex that aerospace industry works, it is good that accordingly job shops wants precondition 30 or more treatment, when so that be in,needing, can process any work instantly. This company set project of many treatment exercise beforehand, store ahead of schedule the FPM that is in Fastems company is flexible according to above these ask inside tray library container and other requirement makes this workshop reachs such conclusion: Need can have depth feed of puissant cutting, high speed and the rigid horizontal machining center that high speed runs, its repeat treatment precision to should hold the range of tolerancepublic errand dimension in 1/10 in. This machine tool should deploy by system of tray of computer pilot automation, and this system should expand quite, that is to say, when necessary the capability that job shops needs to increase tray, below probable condition, can join configuration controls a function newly. Through careful consideration, this company introduced machining center of a HP 4000 horizontal from Doosan company, introduced a FPM750 from Fastems company model flexible tray warehouse system (FPM) with treatment unit controller (as above pursues) . The main shaft rotate speed of machining center of horizontal of this 4 axes is 14000r/min, its are highest feed rate is 1181in/min (1in=25.

4mm, similarly hereinafter) fast shift speed is 2362in/min, its machinery function agrees with the treatment requirement of this workshop workpiece. Commanding a respect, the system of Fanuc 31i CNC that its distribute to have software of AICC Nano II high speed offerred 200 block to book positional computation, in order to maintain its the high speed in process of much axis linkage and tall feed rate move. In addition, 30hp of this machine tool (1hp=0.

75kW) main shaft, can make its undertake needs thick cutting is machined, in the meantime, its have the ATC of 262 cutting tool to change knife device automatically to have sufficient capacity, reduce the time changing a knife between exercise to the greastest extent. Those who stand by treatment unit is Mr Landau, and Mr Jason Vise is debugging setting station to work. Mr Landau says: "One of this advantages that machine unit controller are OK remote control management. This makes this company and 3 suppliers of crucial system can upload a program through Internet, debug call the police or monitoring operation. " the joint efforts that serves cent of this locality of company and Doosan company to sell the project technology personnel such as business through machine tool of Fastems company, Doosan company, CNC, the 48 tray FPM that this machine tool configured to be comprised by 3 administrative levels is flexible tray warehouse system. This FPM includes to lade the spare parts uses debug a setting station and a stacker crane that carry tray back and forth between container. And the control system that processes unit has function of cutting tool monitoring, can store class action kit, have inside debug setting data table, blue print and other and crucial data, the staff member can use them through the password (as above pursues) . Before this system takes a plant, debug installation technician Mr Jason Vise is busying all the time prepare for this system the job. His say: "All spare partses are aluminium makes work, because the abhorrent sex of black metal stuff may be brought about,be in a few problems produce during operating line of business without lamplight. What cannot forecast in a few schedule still include to duplicate a part in the job that is chosen. Prepare these spare parts aux will be able to to make they complete the treatment of these spare partses quickly quite ahead of schedule, won't affect other jobs consequently. " begin in production before long, the advantage with new unit treatment becomes very apparent. Mr Vise says: "A of spare time main factor is this ability that machines unit controller, it can arrange the priority that the job plans according to crucial variable, what include the life of cutting tool of delivery requirement, process designing and cutting tool among them is practical. "These all attempering plan, the key that inputs to each type of work according to us is variable, arrange automatically in controlling a system. " " the according to a series of complex conditions flexibility that arranges a plan automatically afresh, make inventory decreased, cash flowed momentum to rise. " Mr Landau says. He listed an instance, to satisfy two different and urgenter job need, this control system suggests skip over leaves a job. "The dimensions that works according to these 3, periodic time and delivery ask, decide we can be finished with consign two lesser jobs, and still enough time plans to carry out by original work, the date of delivery that won't ask to place causes any incur loss through delay. " the HMC horizontal machining center of Doosan company has the advantage with distinct oneself. Mr Landau says: "The tigidity of this machine tool, make its can undertake more puissant cutting with rapidder rate and higher feed rate. " a special treatment project since his after-thought, the case that this involves measurement of a batch of narrow common difference treatment. After new horizontal machining center is installed before long, workshop general treatment transfers the treatment on this new horizontal machining center from a different machine tool. Set of its feed rate is on 150% levels, new machine tool finishs the handling time of every spare parts to be 225s, than before the handling time of the machine tool shortens 50% . In addition, the sort of special cutting tool is combined, agree with the spare parts is led in taller feed and treatment moves below higher rate, and the exterior quality of material rose nearly 50% . The cutting with relatively clean whole is machined, leave out major handiwork goes burr craft, reduced the handling time that the operation needs 2 times, make the handling time of every spare parts falls from former 7min to 1min the following. Compare with the machine tool photograph previously, this workshop must lower feed rate, in order to satisfy the requirement of dimension of spare parts public errand, because this spare parts is installed the coping in gravestone type clamping apparatus or be far from tray workbench. "Cutting tool can leave bearing surface enough to be apart from the job far, resemble a very long lever, " Mr Landau explanation says. "The tray workbench that we see and coupling the error between is too big. However, on the machine tool of Doosan company, although move with the speed of 150% , still won't produce deviation phenomenon. " these benefit particularly remarkable, a whole that because the surface of the spare parts includes radius of a 3D and combination of a straight wall,becomes. This needs X, Y and work of Z axis linkage. In these athletic processes, can save many periodic time, include the consideration of cutting tool method among them, and a lot of CNC systems are to cannot handle these content. Below similar case, CNC system can restrain process designing feed to lead normally. However, this is unchallenged to Fanuc CNC system, have 200 block because of it before look up ability. "Besides productivity and spare parts quality rise besides, the what issue that this treatment unit still decided to the company should notice in setting respect afresh. " Mr Vise says. Related to before change shifts duty photograph is compared, use every week 7 days, everyday the duty of 24h, decreased to treatment is interrupted unitly and stay machine intermittence time. Mr Landau complement says: "It is more easy that its produce control, carry out more effective. We had eliminated the change of a lot of dots in producing chain. Aborning, we did not see those who resemble appearing before the sort of aiguille phenomenon. What we see is taller with straighter linear chart, this is a first-rate thing really. This is a first-rate thing really.. CNC Milling