3 water chestnut are versed in 5 treatment machine tool appears on the market again

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Development of heavy industry of 3 water chestnut went to be used at machining to generate electricity traffic of turbine crust, railroad uses machinery of frame, punch, workpiece to machine a machine tool, reach shoot forming machine to fetters the dragon door type that wait machines a machine tool 5 times " χ of MVR · D " . Appeared on the market above all on Feburary 6, 2007 inside column door wide with Y axis mobile quantity is 2850mm/3400mm and 3350mm/3900mm respectively " MVR28/34D χ " and " MVR33/39D χ " . What the large component part such as the doorpost of original series and beam uses is armor plate, and use cast this entirely, raised tigidity. Main shaft revolution is 3750rpm, power of the biggest output is 45kW. The speed rate of Y axis rose 30m/ to divide from the 24m/ cent previously, accelerated rate of the biggest cutting 10m/ to divide. Additional, trade knife unit automatically through improving ATC() with AAC (trade head unit automatically) , still shortened except the time that needs beyond cutting treatment. In addition, still reduced the heat that environmental temperature changes and causes to be out of shape through heating up an analysis, realized high accuracy and treatment of labour high quality. Operate a gender to rise, outside diagnosing function of function and main shaft surveillance except the automatic restoration function that strengthened ATC, breakdown, still used what show through small-sized LCD coordinate is worth to hold an operation dish. Additional, still in doorpost two side were installed can with 0.

0001mm detects for the unit on crossbeam / the staff guage of next feed. Come so, but the or so position that need not consider nek, will allow to decide through two servo motor. And, still made great efforts one time to the thermal capacity of airframe, although run for long continuously, also can ensure precision. In addition, safeguard to facilitate, the dispersive lubricant device before this concentration was in one place. In the meantime, still cutting bits to splatter the side before measuring more doorpost and inside deployed oil respectively dish with conveyer belt device (CoilConveyer) , the processing that cut bits is more relaxed. CNC Milling